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Dell is well known for offering a wide range of high-quality monitors for all sorts of budgets, from the most affordable to the higher-end gaming-specific Alienware range. In fact, we rate them so highly we have a guide to the Best Dell Monitors if you're not quite sure what model is right for you.

Right now there are a bunch of great budget monitors in their Spring Sale with up to 46% off so you can grab a decent monitor and expand your horizons (literally) for as little as $69.99. If you're after a total beast of a screen there are some Alienware items in the sale too.

All of the monitors here purchased directly through Dell come with the 3-Year Premium Panel Guarantee, meaning you can request a replacement if you suffer any pixel issues during the warranty period.

First up you can grab a 22-inch Dell display for as little as $69.99, if you're looking for a monitor for general web browsing, work and watching videos this is a great choice.

Dell 22 Monitor - SE2222H $129.99 $69.99 at Dell

Dell 22 Monitor - SE2222H $129.99 $69.99 at Dell

With this monitor, you get 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, a 60Hz refresh rate, and 2ms response rate. It has a bright 250nit display, HDMI and VGA inputs and a VA panel. This is the best value deal in the sale at 46% discount.

The Dell 2421HN is currently $65 off full price, and for $94.99 you'll get wide viewing angles, accurate colors and decent contrast. This monitor will also support AMD FreeSync Technology so more suitable for gaming than the previous model. 

Dell 24 Monitor - S2421HN $159.99 $94.99 at Dell

Dell 24 Monitor - S2421HN $159.99 $94.99 at Dell

This monitor uses an IPS panel with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, a 75Hz refresh rate, and a 4ms response time. It has AMD FreeSync technology, two HDMI ports, and a one-year warranty. It's also VESA mountable.

S2421H Model $169.99 $139.99

If you're looking for something that bangs a little bigger for your buck, this 27-inch monitor is down to $119 representing a $70 saving. There's normally a considerable jump in cost when going from 24 to 27 inches so this is a great deal if you want all that extra real estate. This monitor also has ComfortView technology to protect your eyes from long nights staring at the screen hoping creativity will strike.

Dell 27 Monitor - S2721HN $189.99 $119.99 at DellS2721H Model $199.99 $129.99

Dell 27 Monitor - S2721HN $189.99 $119.99 at Dell

Another fantastic deal if you want solid specs that are lighter on your wallet. This display gives you 27 inches of screen to play with, plus a 1080p pixel resolution, 4ms response time, and a 75Hz refresh rate all on an IPS panel.

S2721H Model $199.99 $129.99

The Alienware 34-inch Curved QD-OLED is not for the faint-hearted or faint of fortune, but it is an absolute beast of a gaming monitor and it can be your's for $100 off. A spectacularly beautiful ultrawide screen with those all-important deep blacks will ensure you have the best visual experience in games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Forza Horizon 5. Quantum Dot OLED technology combines OLED and QLED to bring a wide range of colors to your viewing experience. 

Alienware 34-inch monitor $1,100 $999.99 at Dell

Alienware 34-inch monitor $1,100 $999.99 at Dell

The AW3423DWF is an ultrawide monster of a gaming monitor that exhibits the best of Alienware's hardware. Boasting features like AMD Freesync Premium Pro and VEDA Adaptive Sync you can expect a smooth gaming session on this beauty, all encased in an ultra-thin bezel with customizable AlienFX lighting.

We have an array of monitor buying guides here at Windows Central, and other amazing deals, but Dell have proved reliable time and time again with their products and we advise you don't wait around long if you want to snap up one of these amazing deals. 

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