Microsoft News Roundup: Canceled mid-range Surface Duo, Discord on Xbox, and more

Surface Cronos images
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Another week means another wave of stories from the world of tech. This week we saw leaked images of the canceled mid-range Surface Duo, Discord making its way to Xbox consoles, and more. Since so many pieces of news break each week, we gather them together in a roundup to kick off the weekend.

Canceled mid-range Surface Duo leaks online

Surface Cronos boot

(Image credit: eBay)

A canceled Microsoft Surface Duo appeared online recently in the form of a since-deleted eBay listing. Our senior editor Zac Bowden verified the legitimacy of the listing and shared details about the device this week. The product, codenamed "Cronos," featured rounded corners, a plastic exterior, and lacked the Glance Bar of the Surface Duo 2. It was originally set to ship later this year but has been canceled.

Cronos would have been a more affordable Surface Duo, thanks to its mid-range Qualcomm processor, dual-camera array, and flat displays. For comparison, the Surface Duo 2 has a Snapdragon 888, a triple-camera array, a plastic and glass exterior, and two 90Hz curved displays, all of which drive up its cost.

If you'd like to chat about the canceled Duo, make sure to hop on over to our official Discord.

Discord on Xbox

Discord voice chat is finally on the way to Xbox consoles. Microsoft and Discord announced plans for the integration this week, and the feature is already rolling out to select Insiders. Discord is one of the most popular communication platforms in the world, especially among gamers. Support for it will allow people to chat in their favorite Discord communities during gameplay without having to use multiple devices at once.

The functionality is so in-demand that we've already created a guide for downloading and using Discord voice chat on Xbox consoles. You can also check our gaming editor Jez Corden's hands-on video of Discord on Xbox. His excitement is clear after watching just a second of the video. That's likely a common feeling among Xbox owners.

Halo Infinite's Art Director departs 343 Industries

Halo Infinite concept art.

(Image credit: Nicolas "Sparth" Bouvier)

After 14 years of working on Halo, Nicolas "Sparth" Bouvier has moved on from 343 Industries. He was the art director of Halo Infinite and worked on Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians as well. Bouvier also created the cover art for several Halo books and comics.

"All good things come to an end," Bouvier said. "After close to 14 years on Halo, I have decided to pursue other opportunities outside Microsoft and 343 Industries. It's been a hell of a ride, loved every minute of it. Wishing the absolute best to 343, you guys are and always will be amazing."

The Halo franchise has lost several big names over the last few years. Former Creative Director Tim Longo left 343 Industries in 2019, as did Lead Producer Mary Olson. Former Studio Head, Chris Lee, moved on from Halo Infinite in 2020. Additionally, former Lead Multiplayer Designer Andrew Witts and Head of Design Jerry Hook have left Halo Infinite.

OneDrive for Windows 11 copies Android and iOS

Microsoft OneDrive for Android on Galaxy Flip

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While not the largest piece of news, several people showed an interest in OneDrive for Windows 11 copying a feature from iOS and Android. Starting with Windows 11 Build 25163, which rolled out to the Dev Channel this week, people will be able to upload content to OneDrive through the Share menu.

OneDrive will appear as a share target, allowing users to put photos and files onto the cloud without opening a separate application. This functionality has been available for OneDrive on iOS and Android for quite some time, but it's finally making its way to Windows.

Review roundup

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