Microsoft’s upcoming 'Surface Dock 3' drops proprietary connector, adds Thunderbolt 4 support

Surface Dock 3
The rear ports on the new Surface Dock (Image credit: eBay)

What you need to know

  • Images of Microsoft's upcoming Surface Dock have leaked.
  • The leak reveals a slimmer design and USB-C in place of Surface Connect.
  • The device is codenamed Bergamo and is expected to launch soon.

Update 4/4 at 12PM ET: Microsoft has officially announced its new Surface Thunderbolt 4 Dock, which is now available.

Microsoft is gearing up to ship a new Surface Dock soon that features a slimmer design and Thunderbolt 4, while also replacing the proprietary Surface Connect cable with a universal USB-C one. My sources say the device is codenamed Bergamo, and is expected to start shipping in the next few weeks.

Microsoft has released a number of Surface Docks in the last decade, beginning with the Surface Pro docking station in 2013. It redesigned the Surface Dock in 2015 to make it compatible with all Surface PCs with a Surface Connect port, then released the Surface Dock 2 a few years later that added support for USB-C with the same design.

The front of the new Surface Dock (Image credit: eBay)

The upcoming Surface Dock features a new design slimmer than the Surface Dock 2. It has a USB-A and USB-C port to the front and maintains the same I/O selection as the Surface Dock 2 on the back, which includes two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports, a 3.5mm headphone jack, an ethernet port, and a DC connector.

I'm told this model will be the first Surface Dock to feature Thunderbolt 4 capable USB-C ports, providing faster data transfer speeds. Images of the device were spotted in a recent eBay listing, and I can confirm the device in the photos is the real deal.

Since the new Surface Dock uses USB-C instead of Microsoft’s proprietary connector, the device will likely work on non-Surface PCs too. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t, plus other Surface accessories, such as the Surface Precision Mouse and Surface Keyboard, already work fine with non-Surface PCs.

Will this new dock make our best Thunderbolt 4 hubs and docking stations list? We'll have to wait to find out.

Surface Thunderbolt 4 Dock | $300 at Microsoft

Surface Thunderbolt 4 Dock | $300 at Microsoft

This new dock from Microsoft has a plethora of ports, delivers up to 96W of power to PCs, and brings Thunderbolt 4 connectivity to the Surface Dock lineup.

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