Razer's back-to-school sale has big gaming laptop deals, free backpacks, & more

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The next semester is right around the corner, no matter how much you want to be in denial about it so you can just enjoy the rest of your summer. Prepare for some of the big purchases you need so when that first day of school does hit you won't be caught unprepared. Razer is here to help, too, with a Razer Back-to-School sale that includes big discounts and free stuff.

Razer's Back-to-School laptop sale Up to 23% off

Razer's Back-to-School laptop sale Up to 23% off

All the laptops featured in this sale are discounted, and they all come with free stuff whether that's a free Razor Skin, a free Rolltop backpack, or free RazorCare. What you get depends on what you buy.

If you've really been eyeing a new Razer gaming laptop, this might be the time you finally bite because there are tons of potential ways to save here. For one thing, you can save directly on the laptop you buy with up to 23% off these machines. The largest discount comes from the Razer Book, which is on sale for $1,299.99 in Razer's store and down from a regular price of $1,700.

While other options might be quite as well discounted, they do come with a lot of free stuff, some of which is worth hundreds. For example, you can get this Razer Blade 15 bundle discounted to $3,699.99 from a price around $4,080. You get a Razer Recon 15 Rolltop backpack that goes for $130 on its own, a Razer Skin of your choice for the laptop that would normally cost $60 but is free if you use the code SKINS22 during checkout, and an upgrade to RazerCare Essential, which is extended protection for your laptop that would normally cost $250. That's an extra $440 in value.

If you make a choice that doesn't include a free Razer skin or you just don't like the Razer Skins for whatever reason, you can use the code BACK2SCHOOL instead and get a free lanyard worth about $10. (You can only use one promo code at a time.)

Some of the options let you upgrade to RazerCare Elite at a discount, which is Razer's best protection. All these laptops have a limited warranty anyway. The RazerCare options just help you by extending that coverage, ensuring you can use your new machine without worry even if you have to run from class to class this school year.

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