LG's new portable briefcase screen lets you take your entertainment literally anywhere

A screen contained in a briefcase on display in the back of a car whilst people eat.
(Image credit: LG)

What you need to know

  • The StanbyMe Go is a portable touch screen inside a briefcase.
  • It comes with a built-in battery and speakers.
  • LG has the price starting at $999.99.

Of course, portable displays are nothing new, but LG has decided to take it to the next level by putting a screen in...a briefcase? That's exactly what they have done. Introducing the LG StanbyMe Go Portable Smart Touch Screen. Perfect for anyone that wants to game or watch movies on the go, at the beach, or even camping in more remote locations.

It's a touch screen but also comes with a remote and the option of using voice controls. The briefcase houses a battery that lasts for up to three hours on a single charge and built in Dolby Atmos speakers that alter the sound pattern depending on whether you have the screen in portrait or landscape mode. 

A screen in a briefcase with its own battery and speakers.

(Image credit: LG)

Other features included with this nifty little screen:

  • Outdoor Brightness control for those days you spend in the Sun.
  • Create ambience with themes such as a crackling fire or a beach scene with the sound of crashing waves.
  • 27" 1080p/60Hz screen with Dolby Vision.
  • Get your entertainment from many of the installed apps including Netflix and prime Video.
  • LG Channels gives you access to up to 300+ TV channels.
  • Connect wirelessly via Apple Airplay, Bluetooth or Screen Mirroring.

LG's David Park, Head of HE Product Marketing had this to say in the official press release:

"Content viewing is no longer confined to the living room or even the home, but until now, consumers have had to sacrifice screen size in favor of portability. LG StanbyME Go makes the full-scale viewing experience travel-friendly and offers a versatile option for streaming, listening, remote working and more.”

I can see gaming being one of the things the StanbyMe Go would be useful for but overall, it sounds like it covers a lot of bases to warrant that high cost. For those that pre-order the LG StanbyMe Go they will also receive the LG XBOOM 360 Bluetooth Speaker for free, which has a value of $249.99. 

LG StanbyMe Go - $999.99 (Pre-order)

LG StanbyMe Go - $999.99 (Pre-order)

LG is taking the idea of a portable monitor to a whole new level by packing on inside a briefcase. Because why wouldn't you do that? 

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