Here are the all of the big announcements from The Game Awards 2020

Game Awards 2020
Game Awards 2020 (Image credit: The Game Awards)

The Game Awards 2020 took place today, and as always, tons of announcements were made regarding the future of games. There were many surprises at the event, including looks at the next Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and Perfect Dark.

You can take a look at all the major announcements from The Game Awards below.

Perfect Dark

The Initiative's latest game has finally been unveiled, and it is a brand new entry in the Perfect Dark series. In a brief trailer for the game, it looks as if the game will take place in the far future, in a world devastated by various disasters. It's unknown exactly what caused these disasters or how helpful the corporations in charge are now, but players will have to get to the bottom of it when the game launches.

Back 4 Blood

Turtle Rock is no stranger to the world of zombies, having given us the monster shooter Evolve and being derived of former Left 4 Dead developers. Its latest game, Back 4 Blood, looks to be another co-op zombie shooter that channels the spirit of Left 4 Dead.


Scavengers not only got a new trailer, but also a fully playable beta was announced tonight. Players looking forward to the upcoming survival shooter can give it a shot now on PC, and experience some of what the game has to offer.

Hood - Outlaws & Legends

Initially announced back in August, Hood: Outlaw & Legends was given a release date to go along with a brand new gameplay trailer tonight. Launching on March 27, 2020, Hood: Outlaw & Legends will put players up against both NPCs and real players, all in class-based combat.

The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol is the latest game from Striking Distance, Dead Space creator Glen Schofield's newest studio. It's no surprise that the game looks so much like Dead Space, then, as Schofield says the game will be a brand new, third-party, horror-driven title. Schofield said that his aim is to make one of the scariest games ever, and judging by the creepy trailer, he may just achieve that.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

A new snippet of gameplay for the upcoming Warhammer 40,000: Darktide was shown off tonight as well, giving players a look at some of the enemies they'll be facing off against, as well as some of the players and weapons they'll be wielding.

Open Roads

The next game from Fullbright, the indie studio that created Gone Home, has finally announced its next project, Open Road. Along with Annapurna Interactive, Fullbright has enlisted the help of actors Keri Russell and Kaitlyn Dever to take part in the game, which seems to center on a mother and daughter who embark on a road trip to explore some family secrets.

Dragon Age

The next Dragon Age has been teased for some time now, but BioWare has finally shown us a brief look at the game tonight. Not much is known about the game, including the name of it, but we did get a glimpse of some familiar faces, including Solas, who showed up at the end.

Endless Dungeons

Endless Dungen is a brand new rogue-lite tactical action game, and has players recruiting a team of heroes that must protect themselves from waves of monsters.

Crimson Desert

A brand new trailer for Pearl Abyss' Crimson Desert was shown off tonight, giving players a look at the game that will launch on both PC and consoles in 2021. The trailer showcased some incredible looking environments, along with a look at some of the fast-paced combat that the game will feature.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is the first paid update for the incredibly popular game, and will add tens of thousands of new locations as well as incorporate first-person shooter mechanics into the world of Elite Dangerous. Now, fans can have their first look at how it will work, thanks to the trailer above. Pre-orders for Odyssey are available now, and the expansion will be available everywhere that Elite Dangerous is.

Black Ops Cold War Season 1

The world of Black Ops Cold War is set to invade Call of Duty: Warzone later this month, and fans now know what they can expect thanks to a new trailer. In a brief look at the first season pass for both Cold War and Warzone, players will be going back to Rebirth Island, which many may recognize from Call of Duty's first battle royale, Blackout. The season pass for the game will launch on Dec. 16.


Season is a third-person atmospheric adventure game that will see players traveling around on bicycles, exploring the world around them for the first time. Players will be able to collect artifacts and memories in order to learn about what the future may hold.

Ghosts 'n' Goblins Resurrection

Ghosts 'n' Goblins Resurrection is the latest entry in the iconic franchise, and has players once again gearing up as Arthur to take down a ton of enemies. Ghosts 'n' Goblins Resurrection launches on Feb. 25 on the Nintendo Switch.

Ark 2

In a very shocking reveal, Ark 2 was announced tonight, and the game will be starring none other than Vin Diesel. A sequel to 2017's Ark: Survival Evolved, Ark 2 seems to expand on the story of Ark, and shows off even more of the chaotic, dinosaur-fueled world of Ark.

Fall Guys Season 3

Winter is officially upon us, and the world of Fall Guys is set to celebrate that during its third season. In a brand new trailer, players can check out some of the skins and activities they'll get to experience when Season 3 of Fall Guys begins on December 15.

Evil Dead: The Game

The Evil Dead franchise is an iconic one, and now fans of the series will finally be able to play as some of their favorite characters in Evil Dead: The Game. The game, which is being developed by Saber Interactive, looks to be similar to Saber's other title, World War Z, and will see players fending off the undead horde along with friends.

Road 96

Road 96 is the next game from the makers of Valiant Hearts, and seems to center on the journey of refugees as they attempt to make it somewhere safe.

It Takes Two

The next game from Josef Fares and Hazelight, It Takes Two, officially has a release date, and will launch on March 26, 2020. In a new trailer for the game, more was shown off as well, including some of the hijinks that players will find themselves into once they are turned into dolls. It Takes Two will also feature a "Friend's Pass" system, which allows two players to play the game so long as one of them owns it.

Evil West

The next title from Focus Home Interactive, Evil West looks to be a Wild West game that has players take on vampires and other types of monsters. The game is set to launch on PC and major consoles in 2021.

Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus is a new game from Bandai Namco, and is set to arrive in Summer 2021 for the Xbox Series X | S. An action RPG that's set in a futuristic city, Scarlet Nexus sees players battling against enemies using psychic combat and other types of weaponry.

Master Chief joins Fortnite

After leaks popped up earlier this week, Epic confirmed that Fortnite and Halo would be crossing over with each other after all, with Master Chief joining the world of Fortnite.

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story

Ruined King is the first single-player game set in the League of Legends universe, and players now have a new trailer for the upcoming game. In the trailer, a narrator explains to players the town of Bilgewater, and shows off some of the characters and combat that Ruined King will feature. The game is set to launch some time in 2021, and will released on both consoles and PC.

Mass Effect

Probably the biggest reveal of the night was the first look at the next entry in the Mass Effect series. In a very brief trailer, a woman looks to be traversing a huge environment and comes across some sort of artifact or piece of armor, before a tagline saying that Mass Effect will continue popped up.

What was the announcement that stood out for you the most? Let us know. I think the Xbox Series X is probably the one you'll choose, however, let us know.



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