HERE update brings account migration, makes Drive+ and Transit free for Windows Phone 8

HERE's suite of navigation services picked up an update today that allows you to transition from your Nokia account to HERE's own services. HERE is also giving Windows Phone 8.0 users access to Drive+ and Transit for free after doing the same for Windows Phone 8.1 users earlier this year.

HERE states that all your data will be synced to the new account:

"Create a HERE account and import your favorites from your old Nokia account so they're synced with your mobile devices and"

The migration is not mandatory as of now, but will be over time. According to HERE:

"You can also start the import process later within the application or complete it on But, because Nokia accounts will soon be discontinued, it's important for you to migrate your Collections now."

Additionally, Drive+ now offers voice-guided navigation in additional countries and territories that include Algeria, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Cyprus, Iraq, Libya, Mauritania, Mauritius, Paraguay and Saint Helena. The service is also available in Angola, Bangladesh, Nepal, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Zambia and Zimbabwe, but HERE mentions that not all roads in these countries have been mapped yet.

The update is now live for HERE Maps, HERE Drive+, HERE Transit and HERE City Lens for Windows Phone, and will shortly be available for HERE Maps on Windows 8.1.

How many of you will be moving from your old Nokia account to a HERE account?


QR: HERE Drive+

QR: HERE Transit

QR: HERE City Lens

Thanks everyone for sending this in!

Update: Added HERE's statement regarding account migration.

  • What's the need to migrate the account?
  • Elimination of Nokia's name(account)..!!
  • Also, it requires to have a Here account, I can't use Nokia account.
  • They are migrating from Nokia accounts to Here accounts...its been in the process for a while I think ever since they went ahead with making Here a subsidiary of Nokia..
    There's an article about it on out a month or so back with reasons as to why the whole change...
  • I'm guessing they're going to shut down Nokia accounts.
  • The old Nokia accounts where transferred to Microsoft. As Nokia has no longer any relationship with Microsoft, they want users of their HERE services to have the accounts within Nokia's control. It makes sense. It's not Microsoft's business to handle user data for services that aren't theirs ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ye switched ships to Android @DJCBS..??
  • He uses an Xperia now.
  • I've switched to a Sony Z3 Compact a few months ago already lol I always said I would only remain with WP as long as Nokia was around. Nokia left so the moment Sony released the new Compact, I switched. ;)
  • @DJCBS So why are you still here?!!
  • Again? I've probably explained it 1000 times already. 1 - I still own a Windows PC, a Surface Pro 3 and an Xbox One. 2 - I still use my Nokia 1020 as a dedicated camera and the extremelly defective Nokia 930 to play Age of Empires.
  • And Microsoft will release a new Lumia..So switch then also..!!
  • I will never EVER buy anything coming out of Microsoft Mobile. ;) Furthermore, I would not switch from Android back to Windows Phone as I prefer Android. Microsoft would have to have taken its own platform more seriously for the last 4 years. They didn't and they still don't. Windows Phone 10 will not perform any miracles and Microsoft has given more than enough signs that they're fully platform agnostic. So why should I switch from a superior OS where I can keep Microsoft services provided by Microsoft itself in better versions of their own apps, back to a constrained and still underdeveloped OS that either lacks a ton of apps or has endless Betas and poorly supported apps? Sorry. Microsoft had its chance with me for 3 years, while Nokia was around. They failed to deliver me a mobile OS as good as Windows and they almost destroyed my favourite OEM in the process. I have no interest in supporting their mobile efforts anymore ;)
  • Well everyone has an opinion. My own opinion is that Android is still laggy and extremely irritating to manage regarding battery life. Tried recently to go back since I switched to Sprint and had no choice. Picked up a M7 and M8. After dealing with several crashes, navigating thru horribly written apps that are covered 25% of the screen with ads and the horrible camera that the M8 has I happily broke my contract and instead went with TMo on my 1520. Personally I prefer an OS that might be slightly less mature but much more efficient and streamlined.
  • As I watch Android owners around me struggling with lags, crashes, and various mysterious instances of their phone just not working right, I have to say that the price of giving up your privacy to Google is way too high for what little you get.
  • +920. Thumbs up. Please educate him. He's on a suicide mission.
  • +1
  • Woah. Was the diatribe really necessary?
  • "never EVER buy anything coming out of Microsoft Mobile" - Sounds like you have closed your mind before you even try it. - It's sad really. "I would not switch from Android back to Windows Phone" - Times change. Who knows maybe you'll get tired of the crap in the Android ecosystem too and start looking for a better option. Apple maybe? Then in a few years you'll be looking for other options again when you can't handle Apple's crap either. Back to Windows Phone? "why should I switch from a superior OS" Again times change. Superior is relative and will change over time between the different operating systems. People's needs are different. For my needs Windows phone is by far the most superior. Apple and Android don't even come close. Your needs may also change over time, and you might find that Windows Phone is again your best option. "I have no interest in supporting their mobile efforts anymore" - That's too bad. You made such a huge contribution to the platform that we are all sad to see you go. Check back from time to time as I'm sure you will really like what's coming, and I would be disappointed to hear that you missed out. "Windows Phone 10 will not perform any miracles" Really? Please quote a source, or is this just your miss-guided assumption? I guess what I'm trying to say is: Have your opinions and express them even, but this is not the place to get mad and stomp your feet like a child. I find it so funny when people make claims like you did.  
  • Well ye stripped down his comment well but WP is still behind SourApple and FlavourlessLollipops..!!
  • I would probably just move any favs you have to Bing maps as it looks like Windows 10 will have native maps integration and still use the same underlying map data. Really no sense in having yet another separate account to keep track of.
  • @theefman this is just what I've been contemplating lately since all my saved locations are in Here maps and Cortana doesn't access those, but accesses the Bing Maps, where I didn't have anything saved. I liked Here Maps alright, but I don't see a point in maintaining two sets of favs. I haven't played around with Bing Maps saved locations, I hope they have categorization like Here does. Edit: at least on the phone it doesn't look like Bing Maps has categories :-( Guess I'll be sticking with Here
  • Yes, no categories as you say on Windows or WP but the integration with the OS and Cortana is more desirable, IMO. Unless Here updates their apps to add Cortana integration so you can set reminders and other geolocation actions I'm happy to sacrifice categories.
  • Migration just transferd all my "Favorite" addresses. Finally getting City Lens with Windows 8. Yee Haw!!!
  • ?? Haven't been free all the time?
    Have had it on my 1020 (and 920) since beginning of time...
  • its now free to more people
  • I briefly had a Lumia 720 and that had Here Drive and not Here Drive +. Had to pay for global license, I guess the non+ only came with a regional license which gave turn by turn for just 1 country.
  • Same thing happened with me when I went for a vacation to Dubai I upgraded to Here Drive+ because Lumia 720 came with Here Drive. After I came back to India they made it free for WP8.1 users.
  • for nokia phones they were free, but for other than nokia phones they werent available
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Here Drive+ was free only for those who had a high end Lumia device...
  • WRONG.
  • You are right! The rest of the Lumias had Here Drive. No "plus" sign
  • Yeah, I never knew they werent free. Pretty sure my wife had both on here HTC 8X.
  • It was free for 8.1 users, not 8.0
    (according to the article)
  • And this update brings transparent tiles too
  • also, now here city lens is available for HD720p resolution lumias.
    (wasn't previously available on my 730)
  • Transparent tiles also.
  • not available in store
    did the update trick works now
  • There are 2 HERE Drive+ one works one doesn't..!!
  • Okay do now why can't is it saying Maps and Transit not available in the store?
  • Will it be mandatory to change my account to here services or can I keep the nokia account?
  • My guess is, eventually, it will be mandatory. Most things associated with a Nokia account are either disappearing or being re-branded
  • Yes he's right..!!
  • Straight from the source: "Nokia accounts will soon be discontinued, it’s important for you to migrate your Collections now." So, mandatory.
  • Yeah. Mentioned that in the article as well now. Thanks!
  • Your Nokia account belongs to Microsoft now and Microsoft will probably merge it with Outlook. This HERE account is controlled by Nokia so your data will be kept by Nokia and not Microsoft. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have Here Drive+ in the UK but never had a Nokia account. Hoping it stays the same but maybe e not?
  • You don't need an account to run HERE services. The advantage to having an account though is to have your collections (favorites) be available to any device you connect to HERE. That's cloud computing.
  • Thanks. Not needed currently but nice to know it's an available option.
  • Download app links are broken.
  • Which OEM..??
  • Here maps for me.
  • Which device I asked..BTW look below..!!
  • Oh my bad. Lumia 925.
  • Huh. Dunno what was causing the issue. I checked it again, and it works. Can you try and see if it is working for you now?
  • I tried the link below. It worked.
  • Nice to know..!!
  • link broken.
  • These links work for sure..Switching accounts are mandatory..And you get support for new countries and transparent tiles..!! Flush the confusion folks..!!
  • thanks for the links brother. tysm
  • Thanks for the links. Only the HERE Drive + link was working from the article. This worked though!
  • Happy to help..!!
  • Sonic dash got updated again
  • Thank you for the off topic comment. Very helpful to all here!
  • That too of an ass of a game..!! Just a different UI from that of Temple Run,,Subway Surfers,,Despicable Me,,etc.,,etc..!!
  • Have to admit that Wayze has replaced Here Drive+/Commute as my daily driver. After upgrading to my 1520 and the latestes developer update, Here was unable to complete even short trips without locking up. Wayze also has better traffic avoidance, Commute just has traffic info, but won't route you around it based on traffic conditions. I really prefer Here products look and feel, but ultimately the point is to get you to your destination safely and efficiently, which is something Here is struggling with in my situation.
  • Problem with Wayze... Even though it is a good product, and I like it myself for the traffic... The support for Windows Phone has been dropped thanks to the Google purchase of Wayze. They will never update the app again for us, so if what it is now works for you, then that's good, but there will never be any additional features or improvements to the app. Also that may mean no app when everything upgrades to Windows 10 in the future. Who knows if this will change.... Maybe if windows phones ever get a bigger market share and more people complaining about updates... We shall see what the future holds.
  • Why can't I download Here Maps? Had it on my phone until I update it couple days ago.
  • All links broken man.
  • Wasn't Drive+ already free? Confused.
  • Not for Non-Nokia devices..!!
  • I'm pretty sure my wife had Drive+ on her HTC 8X.
  • My bad then..
  • I wonder if and when Korea will ever be supported.