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3 things we just don't like about the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is expected to launch October 17, and while Microsoft is bringing lots of awesome new features and changes to the table with its latest release of Windows 10, there are a few things that I am personally not too pleased about. As we do with every Windows 10 update, here's my list of things I just don't like about the Fall Creators Update.

Design Inconsistencies

With the Fall Creators Update, Microsoft is starting to implement its new design language known as the "Fluent Design System." Microsoft says the implementation of Fluent Design is a journey, that will take several releases to complete. As a result of this, the design language in the Fall Creators Update is nothing short of inconsistent, more so than it has been in the past.

There's now a total of three design languages in the mix on Windows 10 right now; legacy (the classic pre-Windows 8 look), Modern Design Language 2, and Fluent Design. A lot of people won't mind this, and I assume most people won't even notice, but if you're someone like me who appreciates design and takes note of that, then the Fall Creators Update is going to be rough for you.

For example, the new Fluent Design "reveal" effect is being implemented randomly throughout the Windows Shell. You can find it in My People, but only in some of the menus. You can find it in Edge, but only in some of the menus. You can find it in the Action Center, but only in the Quick Actions. You can find it in Settings, but only on the main Settings page.

The random, patchy implementation of reveal is the worst offender when it comes to inconsistent design in the Fall Creators Update. Acrylic is another contender albeit less offensive because it's a lot harder to notice, but it too has been randomly implemented. You can find Acrylic in Start and Action Center, but not in flyouts or the taskbar.

I personally would have preferred if Microsoft had just skipped implementing Fluent Design into the Windows Shell with the Fall Creators Update, and waited for it to all be ready in Redstone 4. Of course, Microsoft likely decided against this to keep new design changes gradual for users who do not like dramatic UI changes, but as someone who notices design; the Fall Creators Update is maddeningly inconsistent.

My People Implementation

I really want to love My People, but the entire experience just feels unfinished at best. Let's start with its user-interface, which looks like it's still in alpha. The My People hub looks like a Windows Phone 8 app, with a pivot-style menu at the top that you can switch between and an ellipsis menu at the bottom with access to more options.

Not only that, and this is less Microsoft's fault, but there just doesn't appear to be developer support for it yet. Now, I understand the Fall Creators Update isn't out yet, and maybe on October 17 lots and lots of developers will update their apps with support, but I'm highly doubting they will. My People has been available to developers for months in Insider builds, yet I've seen just a pair of third-party apps with support.

While the problem is partly due to a lack of app support, the other major issue is that even if there was hundreds of apps with support, it really needs to big apps to take advantage of it, like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and GroupMe. It's great if smaller, lesser known apps and developers take advantage of it; but unless the big guys do, no one is going to care.

And I really want people to care, I want My People to be a success for Microsoft. You don't know how badly I want one convenient hub where I can contact all my friends no matter which service they prefer. Hopefully My People will get the support it deserves from Microsoft and third parties over the next couple of releases.

Missing obvious options

The Fall Creators Update is all around a pretty nice update, but it's still missing a selection of options that should have been in Windows 10 since day one. For example, I still can't select multiple tiles on Start to unpin, resize or move around. This is an option that was present and useful in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, but removed with the debut of Windows 10.

It was removed because Microsoft rewrote the Start experience, including live tiles, with Windows 10, and just never got around to re-adding that functionality. Insiders have been requesting its return for years at this point, yet it's still not back. Other obvious options that just aren't here include the ability to turn off "Set tabs aside" in Edge.

Yes, I constantly accidently hit the set tabs aside feature, which throws all my tabs in to the side area. I then have to go in and restore that browsing session, requiring me to reload all the tabs I had open. It's so annoying, and as someone who doesn't use the set tabs aside feature at all, why can't I turn these buttons off?

I've also noticed that syncing settings across devices, such as wallpapers, passwords, and more, is really flaky in the Fall Creators Update. Microsoft may be working on a new system for the syncing stuff, but right now I find that more often than not, it doesn't work as reliably as it did before.

What things don't you like about the Fall Creators Update?

That's my list of mingling issues that I have with the Fall Creators Update. We want to know if you have any issues or problems too! Let us know in the comments.

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • continue on Pc is not coming to edge on windows mobile but it will on android and iOS, 
  • We don't even have start page. While android and ios versions already in preview gets much more.
  • Get over it and move on!
  • Roamit app is your friend.
  • Hand off and reading list to in edge too
  • I don't like that Cortana quit working, and OneDrive placeholders option disappeared, causing my PC to spend several days downloading all of the more than 600 GB of stuff on my OneDrive before I realized what was happening.
  • Its like they've just put Windows Phone on maintenence and dont really have any future plans for it...
  • Yep, b/c MS said W10M is no longer their focus
  • I guess some people refuse to hear this.  I guess MSFT needs to have a banner page come up on our phones each time we turn it on saying "This OS is dead.  Don't expect anything more but security updates".   If you want a mobile Windows we will need to wait for the one core version AND some hardware advances.  Maybe in a couple or few years
  • why would they bother? Windows phone OS is officially dead. They are not going to add ANYTHING to it. its an absolute waste of time.  I hate that just as much as anyone, but it's time to accept it. WP is DEAD. GONE. NO MORE FEATURES. NO MORE UPDATES. done. stick of fork in it. there is NO MORE WINDOWS PHONE. RIP. put it in the ground. buy apple or android phone and move on. there is no other choice. Yes, you can hang on to whatever phone you have, but there is no point in doing so. Get used to Apple and Android as your options. it's NOT going to change. Your current windows phone WILL quit working sooner or later. Not to mention, with NO UPDATES.... that means:  NO security updates.    Holding on to windows phone is like trying to hold on to windows 98/XP. a Terrible idea. 
  • i don't know what universe you are in but we are still getting windows mobile 10 updates ..i think im gonna stay on what i have least for now cuz im still getting the updates i need and i don't want to take someones "say so" as a fact rather than an opinion. Microsoft is as usual, never clear on what they want to do, so it never really dies, it simply gets absorbed into something else eventually that is. The universal systems/oneCore and all these things were an objective to complete because hardware was an issue to implement a fully functional system in various form factors without being limited to applications that cannot run in its best form, that limitation 'Was an issue regardless yet times change.
  • Um, have you not watched the news for the past few days?  That rat-faced Belifiore said -- buried in a stupid tweet, like a 12-year-old -- that WM10 is finished, will only get 'security updates/bug fixes' going forward.  Basically WM 6.x and WP 7.8 all over again.  Walking dead OS.  I own a 950 and three prior WM phones, plus 3 Surfaces, plus a Zune 30.  No more.  Done.  Divesting myself of every drop of MS hrdware and software I can except my free 50 GB of Sky Drive, I mean One Drive, storage I have earned for being a fanboy fool since Mesh.  Google Borg, here I come.  MS, f--k you!  You can only kick a consumer so many times.  "We will continue to build Windows Mobile 10 devices and apps even if no one else will...."  HA! LIES, ALL LIES!!!! 
  • I really dislike the new arrow to dismiss notifications. The X was good, because it's consistent and closed the toast. But an arrow seems to indicate "go to."
  • I agree with you, the X was a better idea.
  • actually, they explained this. changing it to arrow is to improve consistency as the X before was not to close but to dismiss the current toast and send it into the action centre, hence the arrow is more fitting.
  • I know the explanation but I disagree with the reasoning behind it. Just my own opinion of the behavior. Can't please everyone.
  • I just wish the x would just delete the notification.
  • "Options Options Options" we always need more of those : )
  • You can just swipe it to the right with your mouse instead...
    i like this method better than hitting the rather small X instead, just try it. the only thing that bothers me is, after you swiped it away it stays in the notification window, so i have to dismiss it 2 times before it isnt shown anymore... i'm kind of a neatfreak, so every time a toast pops up i interrupt what i was doing to get rid of the messages :/ But the missing X is no problem to me... swiping is easier and faster. period
  • I think so too myself, people who use it will realize this and provide feedback and they will put it back to what it should be eventually so no wories mate, just give it some time to kick in.
  • Sorry, Accidental click on the ! (Report) button. 
  • Difficult to scroll notifications using touch in tablet mode
  • They could tweak it a bit. I also wish that we can just really slide the Action Center like how we drag on W10M. The way they behave on Windows 10 Action Center is really unnatural gesture.
  • It's difficult not by design but because it's BUGGY. There's no tweaking or adjusting for it. This wasn't an issue in 15063 because you can touch the actual notifications (not just the whitespace) and still scroll up and down the Action Center. It's not the only thing that's buggy with 16299.15. Try swiping to the right on the virtual touchpad really fast from left to right. It'll stop some way around 75% of the screen (if it's not happening, you're not doing it right. I saw at least one other person complaining about this on Reddit). The virtual keyboard doesn't extend all the way to the bottom of the tablet screen, so it's possible to hit the system tray while typing on the keyboard. And the keyboard lags like hell compared to the CU. Hopefully Microsoft makes one more update to address these issues before next week. They CANNOT release 16299.15 to production because touch effing sucks on tablets like the Surface Pros.
  • *the big apps... "While the problem is partly due to a lack of app support, the other major issue is that even if there was hundreds of apps with support, it really needs to big apps to take advantage of it, like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and GroupMe."
  • Well that's to be expected, there are only around 500 million desktop Windows 10 users, too few to use apps. The Surface Phone will fix that. Or maybe Andromeda. Wait, CShell? No WoA, that'll do it. The day is saved! /s
  • Huh? I was letting Zac know of a typo.
  • Since Windows 10 came out, it has a problem with different menu designs that are not consistent. Some places it's a black menu and others its a white menu.    
  • Yes! And right clicking on the white menus is very messy.
  • So true, though what's worst is that they stopped tweaking and making the UI consistent in Windows 10. They just stopped on literally just enlarging and tweaking some context-menus on few areas, but system-wide is still a mess.
    I get it that it's rather hard, but that doesn't mean its impossible. They have the theme engine that is already quite flexible and allows changes that DeviantArt people has been making uxtheme for a long time, and number of them are actually good and well polished for someone who do it for fun. Microsoft on the other hand just can't be bothered at all. UI inconsistencies just keeps continue to plague in Windows 10 and even among Microsoft software experiences. The problem is that its not in their corporate philosophy, to release things that are polished and complete. They just not tolerate but simply casually allow unpolished things.
    If Microsoft really wants us from the design industry to adopt their products more than Apple, then first they should take care their design philosophies first. We don't want to work in the enviroment that is a mess and don't reflect the designers attention-to-detail.    
  • UI inconsistencies just keeps continue to plague in Windows 10 and even among Microsoft software experiences. The problem is that its not in their corporate philosophy, to release things that are polished and complete. They just not tolerate but simply casually allow unpolished things.
    If Microsoft really wants us from the design industry to adopt their products more than Apple, then first they should take care their design philosophies first. We don't want to work in the enviroment that is a mess and don't reflect the designers attention-to-detail.
    Very well said.  Microsoft started what they now call the "Zebra" UI fully five years ago when they released Windows 8, with part of it in Metro and part in classic desktop mode.  All this time later, the unfinished half and half UI is still present, only now with the addition of a third design scheme, it's half man, half bear, half pig (yes, I know that's too many halves).  The Metro/Modern/UWP styled bits stubbornly refuse to observe the system theme when there was really no good reason not to make them look native (whatever that may be; UWP for mobiles and win32 for regular PCs), other than to intentionally look like phone apps whose very presence was an advertisement for the presence of Windows phone.  Now that WP has been pronounced dead, I wish we could get rid of that look on desktops once and for all, but that's clearly not happening.  After five years, we're still no closer to being zebra-free than we were in 2012.  Actually, we're further from it; Windows 8.x can be operated almost completely within the desktop mode without having to see the Metro/Modern interface, which is the only reason I am using 8.1.  That's no longer possible in 10, with so many of the system dialogs moved from win32 to UWP style.  Why are we continuing to move away from a UI designed for non mobile devices and toward a phone-oriented one when the phone ambitions are gone?  I have no problem at all with UWP or Metro or Modern or whatever it's called this week on devices that are touchscreen-enabled, but for those of us not using touch, the touch UI is inappropriate, annoying, counter-intuitive, and unnecessary.  It is marked by poor information "scent" and poor discoverability, with vast expanses of wasted screen space on a large monitor.  It's best on what it was designed for, and the same is true of the classic win32 UI.  The promise of a UI that reconfigures itself for optimal use on any device sounds neat and looks good on paper, but in practice, it has proven elusive.  What we have in Windows 10 is nowhere close to that-- it's just scaling a phone UI up to fill the space available.  Perhaps someday someone will write a UI that does, in fact, live up to that billing of providing an optimal experience on any device, but a company that thinks the "zebra" UI with both Settings and Control Panel is release-worthy for five full years is probably not going to be the one to deliver it.  It's clear that to MS, "good enough" is all they're looking for, and reaching a level they consider "good enough" isn't much of a hurdle.  It's more like a hurdle bar lying on the floor, and all you have to do is step over it.  
  • "...Perhaps someday someone will write a UI that does, in fact, live up to that billing of providing an optimal experience on any devic..." Microsoft is the worst at this. It's just small sparks of brilliance with Microsoft here and there, that some idiot thinks they can make better and end up destroying the whole thing.
    Bringing Metro to the desktop was the worst idea. Metro was perfect for the use case it was designed for, and the idiots who panicked when iPhone and iOS were threatening Windows left us with a knee-jerk reaction of a UX that eventually failed (yes, 8 and 8.1 both failed on the desktop).
    Now what we have is a diluted desktop/mobile interface that promises not to annoy you too much in either mode, but is that "needing Windows to wanting Windows to loving Windows"? Can anyone really "love" something so obviously flawed in every use case? I actually think UWP will NOT result in quality apps, EVER. The reason being the very concept of a single UI that adapts to multiple form factors encourages lazy designers and developers to not fine tune for every form factor. This being Windows (with not much cool factor) they will create stuff that just works "good enough".
    I try to steer clear of that trap in my apps, but I know many will not.
  • I don't like that the "dictate" feature isn't available in French. And I don't like that I still can't edit pictures' metadata (like geolocation, or date and time) in Photos App. And I don't like that I sill can't create groups in the Contacts App. But I still love Windows 10 !!!  
  • It's actually quite alarming to see the lack of developer support that Windows seemingly has. I read a post on your old site that you used to work at and they author wrote something along the lines of "Microsoft's relevancy as the world moves towards mobile computing..."
    I'm thinking "towards"? It's here and been here for a while now. The big apps and the developers they attract and the mobile os's have all of the momentum and it's gaining. Yes, ms has developers but i don't think nearly as much as they portray having. So it seems... That being said i don't think my people will ever be a "thing"; just something that is there and will be canceled in two to three releases unfortunately
  • Unfortunately I agree. I was really excited about it at first but without being able to tie together things like SMS, Facebook, etc, it doesn't seem to have much of a point to it anymore.
  • Basically the People Hub from (the unmentionable) Windows Phone. Nice one, MS.
  • But the people hub actually had Facebook and Twitter too
  • It did, but it was not developed further and Facebook and Twitter changed their APIs so that it broke.
  • LOL the irony that back then WPhone) it worked seemlessly and had support... I can't even get THIS to work with Skype, only mail! I also wish it'd work, but TBH I've just lost interest with being an insider now.
  • It will be another annoying feature that you'll have to disable it after a clean install.
  • Yep, everyone talks about mobile being abandoned, but pc has also taken a slight backseat with the new ms. They have had plenty of time to fix some of the incomplete features and inconsistencies. Saying the people hub is missing stuff is an understatement, still a mess of modern and win32 elements. I've recently moved on from windows mobile and it is so to have featuresand apps again. I will still come here and complain from time to time because I am still sore over would could have been.
  • I'm afraid that My People will be on the chopping board not too long because of their own lack of push and polish. Not having the big name developers to adopt My People like Facebook and Twitter is a major blow for them. Heck, even LinkedIn and Xbox Live isn't integrated on My People, their own freaking service. The delay and lack of attention-to-polish on My People is just tip of an iceberg to the Microsoft problem. I want to use My People, but at the moment with this release, its as good as disabling it. Not worth an effort to market even simply because how unfinished and lack of big social apps out-of-the-box. Skype doesn't really count. If we think about it, even People app still a garbage. There is no integration to social apps and lacks several features, even basic ones that old WP8 People Hub have. There is not even Recents, Favorites and Me contact card that even Android have for a while (which they inspired from Windows Phone). Android Contacts/People app is closer to WP People Hub than what Windows 10 "People" app have.  
  • UWP performance issue is always the BIGGEST one. When switching virtual desktop/dragging windows around/opening UWP apps/opening start menu, the graphic is always choppy and lack of animation and refresh/redraw UI and display solid colour block(this is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE) and mouse moving is slow and losing frame and hard to control. UWP is the best in some way, but the worst in a lot of ways.
  • Hmm I haven't had that problem, could it be hardware related?
  • Same here. This might be an isolated situation for you or a subset of users Nero. Feedback Hub?
  • Depending on app?
  • No issues here. Not on a powerful PC, not on XPS13 2in1
  • Update your graphics drivers and set your System -> Performance to "Best Appearance."
  • What about automatic installation of UWP items that you have uninstalled?  I think MS figures if they keep doing it, you'll just give up.
  • That has annoyed me since the Windows 8 days.
  • I don't like the inconsistencies and messiness of context menus. When I right click a file, I have many ways to open it like "Open with Windows Media Player" or "Add to VLC playlist." I wish Windows would ignore all of that and just group all app things together so like it would say "VLC" and you hover over it to see the options. Instead of having random commands all over the place.
  • I think that's application based, 7zip includes both a submenu and a couple direct commands on the file context menu
  • When you install an application, the installer for that app calls an API passing in where to place the menu item and a bit of text telling Windows the text that should be displayed. THe installer could also create a group and add all the items to that group. If Microsoft were to change that text, the layouts, etc. then those companies would be screaming bloody murder about how Microsoft is abusing their position, making changes that they should not be allowed to, and so on. You may want it that way, but Microsoft cannot make any kind of change like that because companies will have no problem taking Microsoft to court for it.
  • I am completely aware of that. And the companies would not need to scream bloody murder. All of their options would still be there, but it would be categorized. For example, when I right click on an MP3 file, I get open with VLC, open with Windows Media Player, Scan with Malwarebytes, Scan with Windows Defender, WinMerge, MP3Tag. And they are not organized whatsoever. Malwarebytes is next to the open command and Winmerge is its own section. Instead, when you right click, you would have Open and Copy and Paste and then a separated section that has those apps next to each other in a line. I really don't think we should worry about what companies think. Their options would still be there, and it would be very beautiful. And I don't think they would win the court cases either because I'm pretty sure part of the EULA for Windows involves the fact that MS can do what the want. I mean, the Creators Update removed CCleaner on a lot of PCs and the Microsoft never got sued?
  • I am a computer programmer myself, and I think it was a horrible idea for Microsoft to allow for developers to modify the context menus like that.
  • I understand your organization needs but i actually like to have those options two clicks away instead of a click, a waiting time, pointer reposition and another click. That's if you don't accidentally move the pointer just a little lower our higher making the submenu change or close in typical Windows fashion
  • Zac, get a little more accurate with your mouse. ☺️ I don't think we need a option to remove the set aside tabs button. I love options, but sometimes a sea of them results and they get out of hand.
  • Yes, we do.
  • @Marius The problem is that to you and Zac, that should be an option. But to someone else their top wish is that the F12 developer tools button is not needed. Someone else the forward button is not needed. Someone else may want the buttons all to the right of the address bar, for some they want it to the left of the address bar. Then you cannot find the options you want, so we then need searching for options, show/hide advanced options - and some of those options in advanced are not advanced to others, so we fight over which is and which is not advanced. Eventually you need an option for every single option, and then an option to disable options, and an option to hide that option. Now you have ended up with a UI with 1000s of options, and there are calls to reduce the option set, people start screaming because Microsoft took away favorite option X. Where does it stop? Just because you want an option does not mean **we** do.
  • I didn't say it's a top priority, but Microsoft should know that when you add a feature that it might not be used by everyone, then you should add an option disable it. If almost every big browser do this, than Microsoft should think about those aspects.
  • Now you have ended up with a UI with 1000s of options, and there are calls to reduce the option set,
    Then those calls get ignored.  One size never fits all, so the next best thing is to have lots of options.  If people get confused by them, then they're obviously the type that would be best served by staying out of the options until they know what they're doing.  No one is forced to change the settings, but when there are not enough options, people who expect better than what they were given are forced to accept it.  It doesn't have to be that way.
  • in all fairness, there is a toggle for the home button, so reasonable to ask for this too 
  • "Design Inconsistencies" - finally some critique! This is so awful, since Zune and Nokia teams were killed UI and UX is now driven by some necbead devs :/
  • I really don't like that the My People feature, in tablet mode, opens in split screen mode. It should be an overlay, espacially since it doesn't persist: clicking a friend's email address opens Mail in full screen.
  • I wish Cortana had a persistent option, searching for files in Windows is slow as hell... And yes, i know i could use file explorer to do that, but why should i have to?
  • I'm glad I'm not alone about this. My People on tablet mode? Just forget about it even exist, maybe just forget it altogether even on desktop.
    They really have to think about the overall UX of My People app, especially on tablet mode. My People should be a flyout, not a window which is right now and which is why its completely alpha-like unfinished state. Basically its almost useless. I suggest that it should act like the Facebook Messenger's Chat Head, which is suited for portrait orientation on limited small screen. On larget tablet, the My People pinned on Taskbar is fine, but when you go below 10 inch on portrait orientation, My People on Taskbar doesn't make sense.
  • There are NO feature in the either Creative Patch that excites me, and plenty to dislike. Such a bad month is MS world, I am actually looking into Linux devices. Can't not believe I even typed that, but its true.
  • Is this update any improvement on 8.1, i don't think so I'm giving up on the insider testing there's no new features in 2 years
  • No night light for W10M is a BIG deal! We are AGAIN getting unfinished piece of code, like W8, 8.1 and 10! This is what Insiders are for, to test these versions and then devs should make it consistent. Nothing in Creators Fall is exciting me like old days of Windows XP and 7!
  • Oh, good grief. Night light?  Really?
  • Yes, really. You're just dismissing Night light because W10m isn't getting it, like the people who proclaim that "apps are for kids" whenever an app gets killed off.
  • Erm. Yes. Erm. ...(not sure if ironic post, but...) you understand you're not getting anything features-wise full-stop right? RS3 isn't even going out to mobile?
  • W10M is done. Only bugfixes from now on.
  • Maintenance mode...
  • I don't like in FCU the fact that it's not released for Mobile.
  • This is why it's so difficult to get excited over these major updates. For every improvement, there are 2+ set backs.
  • You're too dumb, man, makes mistakes childish when using the system, you can resize the icons one by one, so that you resize everyone, nobody uses this feature. Clicking the flap group on edge is another amateur error, equals those who are learning to type for the first time. Saying the effects of light are poorly finished is why you don't understand how a light works. Really your criticisms were very amateurish, need more than this to demote the system.
  • I'll just be happy if it doesn't hose my audio driver like the previous big update did.
  • What happened, exactly?
  • Plus One on audio driver issues. This arises from installing multiple devices where the hardware only is one integrated system with third party native drivers. On my Intel NUC, I am constantly having to remove or disable the natvie Realtek HD Audio driver to get sound. So I am using the Windows 10 drivers instead. And they are nowhere near as good.  Don't even get me started on the driver issues which happen with every Windows 10 upgrade (feature update) on my tablet, which is WIMBoot with SoC firmware instead of discrete drivers. I end up having to reinstall the whole SoC and audio driver packages from the manufacturer after each Feature Update to Windows 10 on that tablet. Microsoft and hardware vendors need to coordinate more closely to prevent this driver conflict hell.
  • Pretty much all my complaints are about Windows 10 as a whole, not just Fall Creators items.  I guess I don't know what this "reveal" thing is, so it's clearly not bothering me.  And I don't have that "My People" thing turned on--I use the People app.  In fact, I have just about as much turned OFF on the Task Bar as possible.  I don't use it.  I run everything in Tablet Mode, even on my server and WOULD on my main studio computer, except the idiots at Microsoft refuse to fix it so that Tablet Mode stays on when you attach a second monitor.  I LOVE the way Windows 8 handles multiple monitors.  I rely exclusively on Tiles.  I pin websites, folders and programs, all to the Start Menu.  Period.
  • Yeah no tablet mode on multiple monitors is INFURIATING. I have a touch screen monitor. Alongside two without touch. Windows 8 handled multiple monitors beautifully on touch, so why is 10 such a cluster truck with it?
  • Syncing has been really, really, haphazard even for syncing onenote for example, I am heavily reliant on one note to sync my notes from my phone to my pc and my laptop - when I can get the damn thing to stop auto downloading the buggy acpi drivers from Windows Update. It's like they are just want to break things just for the sake of it.  
  • It has nothing to offer to the desktop user.  Other than a fixes and a less buggy Edge browser.  No new File Explorer.  No integrated OneDrive.  No reworked HomeGroup.  Another disappointment.   I hope they fixed GameMode.
  • OneDrive placeholders are absolutely a feature of the update... And there are a bunch of important under the hood and developer facing changes (and important future proofing things like Fluent Design and Windows Mixed Reality). I'm not sure what you expect out of a six month release cadence, user facing updates are not going to be massive every release. 
  • I expect some sort of evolutionary steps.  Not just a friends list glued to the Taskbar.  Where are the improvements to the Start Screen?  Niche stuff like Paint3D, Mixed Reality are just that niche.  Only worth to less than 1% of the user base.  I am still waiting for proper DLNA and DIAL support.  It's all built in the UWP platform.
  • I can't belive they still have those broken, different styled popup menus. What a disaster.  You can say what you want about the "desktop experience" (where you supposedly could not work professionally with as many claimed). Windows 8 was polished when it was released. It was fast and fluid and you could see they had taken care of the new UX even in the details (Parallax scrolling in start menu, lasso lines for toggles, subtle but effective animations all around). Windows 10 is a permanent spying beta software. And a UX mess. How they could even dare to charge money for it. And why are sites like Windows Central so calm and understanding of the shortcomings of this OS? The My People hub We had this in Windows Phone and it failed. It failed because the "big players" do not want to participate in such hub. They want to trap their users in their own apps to control and monitor them. They are not user centred like Windows Phone was. The concept of course is great, as was the Photos hub. The potential was endless. But the user would only rarely have to open a dedicated app, thats the problem for those "big players". The Photos hub could have integrated different photo streams, heck it could have even been based of simple RSS feeds and vendors would not have to code anything for it, if they already provide an RSS feed. Just as back then with Windows Phone Microsoft itself did not step up and offered to implement the functionality for those companies I guess. Or they did and the companies refused for the reasons mentioned above. It will also fail this time. Windows 8 had also the Contacts contract where other apps could be the source for contact. Not even Microsofts own apps made use of that. Only later Skype was integrated (via a private API no less, thanks MS!).   The Start Menu Why do you try to excuse the lack of functionality in the rewritten start menu? Remember thet start menu came back because the tech press wanted it back. I rarely see the start screen on my Windows 8.1 machines. Its in the background. But when you bring it to the front you can quickly find any program by simply typing its name. I bet most users are still not aware of that and they prefer to run with their mouse in endless levels of sub menus in their beloved start menu. This has been discussed to death. But MS had many years now to fix the start menu and have feature parity. They added tiles to show ads, for crying out loud! Priorities. They just don't give a ****.   Edge I don't care about this piece of software. Can one finally edit bookmark names? Does it support swipe navigation? A software that sends all entered URLs to Bing should not be used by anyone. They should stop developing Edge with the same argument as they stopped developing Windows Phone. There is no need for a 3rd half assed browser.
  • I wish Satya reads this... We don't need another browser.
  • Pritorities, yes! Seriously their decision on what features to be implemeneted first are skewed. It's not that we don't like some of them, but how come they are being implemented first while more basic and requested features are almost being ignored, like they purposely avoiding those. Tab Syncing on Edge is still not present, at least that doesn't rely to Cortana which most people don't use or even know about. They have this on IE back then and its still a STANDARD FEATURE on other web browsers like Chrome, Opera, and Firefox (maybe even Safari). Start still doesn't have the slide gesture to open All Apps like what we used to do in Windows 8.1 and on Windows Phones/Mobile. We still stuck on poking that All Apps button the upper left of Start. This UX inconsistencies is baffling. I agree that Windows Central seems too calm about the issues on Windows 10, at least before which kinda felt too shill (except for one of their writers who used to criticised Edge shortcomings on a article that I want to find). At least they are now starting to realized this. I don't like too uncessarily negative either, but it feels like I just go with devil's advocate to go negative just to balance out the compacency of Microsoft and easy-to-please Windows community. Microsoft should really change their approach on releasing things and should prioritized to polish, optimized and actually complete things especially on things they've promised. Stop this overhyping over-promised annoucements that they can't deliver anyways, let alone on time. Fluent Design were supposed to be a solution to fix the UX mess, but because they have an excuse of "Windows-as-a-Service" which is personally like in theory, but the way they treated is that releasing unfinished things. Now we have Fluent Design as a journey BS which just simply means we can't make it consistent for unknown amount of time.
  • I hate how Fluent is such a mess now ☠ It's re introducing so many if these unnecessary ugly lines and borders that we just got rid of! The reveal feature - what is even it's purpose? To prove that I'm not blind? To show the clickable area? It's really heavily distracting me from where I want to go each time. I mean come on Microsoft, are you stupid?
  • And the blurry transparent apps... What purpose does it serve? Why does it go away when not focused? Why does it stay on when app goes full screen? So distracting.
  • I could go on and on about Microsoft's half-assery... Why do another design ON TOP of everything when there's still Windows XP style stuff around??? With icons from my grand grands age, and windows that are so small I don't even..... So inconsistent. They're really loosing it. I guess they don't believe in themselves.
  • Will it be a good idea to jump from Creators to CFU OR Wait till next month patch ? Actually, I always install non-insiders version update from day1.
  • I have installed it on all my devices. You'll hardly notice the difference. I haven't found more bugs though the ones I have (share works half the time) are still present.
  • It would be a good if I install CFU on 17oct then!
  • Windows is dead. Microsoft talks they are big on software, but they are unable to make any good piece of software. It's adorable. The only good software they have is Office. Everything else is a pure mess. There is zero developer interest for Windows anymore. Especially after exiting mobile. Mark my words, as from now the Windows store will stall. Why they even bother with the People thing is beyond me. My mind is shocked almost every day lately with how awful each and every decision is they make. I wonder who runs that company... Someone with an iq below 100 for sure. "the world doesn't need third mobile OS" will go down in history. This guy is completely delusional.
  • Satya Nadella and all the board of directors that voted him in are asses I knew Steve Elop was a better choice to lead Microsoft.
  • Though Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code are not for general users, they are good too.
  • I have two people enabled in My People but it really just gets in the way. The People Hub in WP 8 worked better so they dumped it. I get notifications when they email me anyhow.
  • Generally, I think they could have skipped this and gone to RS4. They had promised it so they did it. Once a year feature update would be fine especially if they get things implemented completely. I've made the jump to IPhone and IPad. I have been pricing IMacs lately.
  • I agree with everything. Especially on the issue of inconsistencies: I've already lost count of the many different types of menus, sidebars, search bars, dropdown menus, buttons, apps layouts, etc. The multiple visual languages (metro, modern, fluent, and even things from before it).  And it's not a matter of "noticing" or not "mind it" because it is not the user's responsibility to notice this things. It's a matter of knowing that inconsistency undermines usability. For those who are immersed by the virtual environment, it will obviously be easy to dodge some problems with this. But "counting on those already inside" is not a solution. As Kevin Matz put on a blog about usability, "an interface that exhibits inconsistencies in visual layout, labelling, behavior, etc. makes it harder for users to detect and learn patterns and form mental models. Inconsistencies force users to memorize and remember exceptions to rules, increasing the cognitive load." Fluent should solve part of the problem, but it's own application already continues to mess things up. It almost seems that it's purpose is to make the "mess at least beautiful" than "solving the mess". And justify with "but everything is still in development, we just saw a part of it, let's wait" just doesn't work anymore. I love and support the idea of Windows as a service, but it's application from the beginning has resulted in half-made products, and now with half-made solutions as well. There is this new addiction of them to not thinking about their products as being part of a whole that is the Windows ecosystem. It seems that each group responsible for each small fragment of this ecosystem finds and applies its own solutions without even having guidelines of what should be in common with everything else. And also seems that each individual group decides what part of this 'solution' will be released and when they want it to be released. And so we have these inconsistent, sporadic and random applications, where the anxiety for the "next solutions" begins to get bigger than the satisfaction with the "current result".
  • I can't upvoted your comment enough! So to make it more visible among the sea of comments wall.
    I also not against and actually support Windows-as-a-Service model, but in reality the way they treated it is really what I hate and even other people too (that actually are against). It became an excuse for releasing things unfinished and unpolished just because we know its going to be updated soon after (or long after). Just because the product lifecycle is shorter, doesn't mean we just accept for us to get beta or worse alpha products. About the quote of Kevin Matz about usability, thank you for sharing it. I wished that more people are more aware especially MIcrosoft executives or responsible of making decisions and team leaders care about UX and know some of the principles of it. Thing is that Microsoft do have a talent and capability of executing good and delightful UX designs, it just that they don't really end up on final stage of development and have cohesion among of their products and services. They still have the old MIcrosoft where teams are siloed and doesn't seem to cooperate with each other.  They still have a huge corporate bureaucracy that hampers the flow of product and services cohesion and slow implementation in any aspects. I don't think MIcrosoft care about it at all, especially when the administration doesn't seem to take care of consumers much at all. This is what I find ironic since in terms of hardware, MIcrosoft is actually better and more cohesive than what they do on software-side. They shold be more specialized on releasing really high-quality software and services, which design is just part of that. Also they are trying to attract the creative industry to adopt Microsoft platform and ecosystem, but their software is a counter-point for the design industry when it comes to the design and fit-and-finish. There is a reason why also many like to work on Macs and Apple ecosystem. They really have to really take design seriously and actually reorganized their structure so that great design actually reflects to final products and development. It all start on actually caring about it and committed about it.
  • Microsoft should stop forcing beta software into peoples pc's and start working on a consistent, well done system and user interface. All i see is as you say: inconsistency, moving things around (fully annoying, creates chaos into peoples minds) some settings still reset automatically,instability! It feels like a world of chaos that you can't trust anymore to do what is supposed to do. Their are people that pay for this hot mess of a system.
    Microsoft made this system so chaotic that it makes no sense to scroll for programs or setting. The best way to find all your stuff is through search.... And that thing is way worse then it's old windows 7 version.
  • I'll be happy enough if the FCU doesn't throw my production machines in the BSOD "mode".
  • Why would you install Beta software on production machines?
  • The entire OS is Beta. Unfortunately, there is no alternative for me: the SW I use is Windows-only.
  • The alternatives are Win7/8.1
  • Not on later machines. Driver issues.
  • True, damn MS!
  • Windows 8.1 is the best.
  • The entire OS is still in beta since it was released...who could believe MS can deliver such a mediocre junk that's even worse than Vista was.
  • My People .... better have Microsoft Launcher for Android replace all that old style Windows approach; can have my people page on a launch page, yeh!
  • 1. I tried long pressing the touchscreen on my laptop, and Microsoft Edge suddenly closed. When I reopened it, my touch keyboard suddenly had a smiley key (emoji key), making the space bar even shorter. 2. The Control Panel is gone. Trying to go there only brings me to the Local Disk (the files to run Control Panel are there but I can't access the Control Panel settings anymore). 3. The touchscreen has become glitchier and too sensitive (accidental taps can close tabs or delete files). 5. The default apps reset (e.g. Groove Music was set as the default music player again.)
  • Think what would happen if Ford put out a Windows 10 car, and each door opened and then closed differently, or each window was a different tint, or if the engine management system had reboot/start up issues... I could go on and on with examples...
  • There's a lot more reasons that I had one year ago when I ditched Windows 10 and I switched to Linux. If I need Windows, I have a virtual machine that runs Windows Server which is less resource waster and doesn't have that UWP crap that Microsoft's developers have not been able to make work without Apps crashing so frequently.
  • The main problem with the design differences is that there are so many teams seemingly all working independently with no guidelines at all. How hard can it be to make the OneDrive flyout just look like the rest of the UI (really, how hard can it be?). I'm a webdev myself and that is what I love about Google, their go to Material Design specs. THAT is good, consistent design! Fluent design looks like it's mainly meant for Mixed Reality use but the lackluster application is already off-putting before it even becomes mainstream.
  • Using Edge for Android, now that's a better browser than Edge for Desktop. LOL
  • Where are my onedrive placeholders?
  • It's already on FCU finally. It's surpsingly not bad this time and works well so far.
  • Good, you should send your feedback to them to improve, all together we can make Windows better.
  • I deal with contacts all day long. I used to be able to tap the Start button,  type in 3 letters, and find the contact I needed. Where in the world are Contact Groups in the People app, and why can't Cortana find Contacts either? The new People thingy has been pointless for me, I wanted to use it but it just sits there doing nothing, while I still can't do Contact Groups. Really bad.
  • The People app is a complete disaster on Windows 10. Who the hell on the first place designed it.
  • the cheap workforce hired by Nutella instead of the experienced engineers he laid off.
  • It looks to me like they have a bunch of new ideas, but have only enough time to bring them to Alpha release.
    Then they abandon the concept and move along with another bunch of ideas.
  • Microsoft is still alive because of the huge market share on desktop, but if it keeps going like this it will find a way to disappear forever. Bad design, bad decisions, bad timing, no marketing. Good job Microsoft.
  • Reading the comments here, I know why Microsoft has such a hard time designing Windows! LOL
  • #4 thing I don't like about the Fall Creators Update: it is still Windows 10.  
  • Tablet mode still sucks. Selecting multiple tiles has not returned. I'm thinking about giving up on tiles and installing Classic Shell. Tired of waiting for something that Windows 8.1 had perfected.
  • Lot of whining go on in here. Here's mine: I don't like that I can't really delay updates for a month or so. I feel like the updates always introduce new issues on my machines that I have to troubleshoot. But.... Windows 10 is still a rock solid OS IMO that I love - probably slightly better than Windows 7, itself a close second to XP. Also... the users pinning for 8.1. Give me a break what a disaster of an OS.
  • It's pretty stupid that "Phones" has its own section in the already-crowded Settings app instead of being under the "Devices" section, which would make a lot more sense.
  • Nitpick much?
  • I figured it out. Had to update onedrive
  • VPN Internet Passthrough, still broken even using work arounds (Cross-tunneling using Powershell). Why, oh why does Microsoft always do this? It happened last time too!
  • No way to set Quiet Hours
  • This is what MS delivers all the time: Half baked pathetic products...for the guinea pig insiders to test and do the work for them.
  • I think they should give a favourites manager in edge like we have in google chrome. (a full bookmarks page)
    so, we can select multiple favs (open or delete them).
  • Speaking of "fluent design" can we get an automatic dynamic light/dark theme, mode, that's based on time of day? That way Windows will automatically use the light theme for the daytime, and the dark them for nights. It could go based on our own Windows clock (to adjust for time zones.) Also can you please fix Edge? So that it doesn't have constant random memory leaks, and doesn't crap out on videos. The browser is overall nice, and modern looking, but unsuable, in its current state.
  • Edge should be ready for use in about 10 years or so.  My guess is that any reasonable developer would consider it still alpha test level at best.
  • Articles on Windows Central have become so desperate for content/out of authors' buttholes (Nothing against the authors of WC, its just a phrase) for some months now, because there is absolutely nothing interesting from Microsoft nowadays and consumers are the main audience of sites like this. I expect articles on how to rename a folder or change an icon in Windows and such in the near future. And no, the majority of people are not interested in Xbox and games (that are not even developped by MS). What a shame, Microsoft. I found myself visiting WC (ant other MS related news sites) rarely and rarely. Take a look at the comment section under any article for some time now. It has become more and more scanty. [Inb4 Daniel Rubino coming over me with some site usage stats, to defend WC and oppose me]. Even Jason Ward reduced his imaginary essays.. I just hope there will be some unimagined surprises at Future Decoded at the end of October, otherwise I'd feel bad for WC and such
  • Cool story bro
  • True story* "bro"
  • I still want Live Tiles on the Desktop. It should never have been in the start menu (but they can leave it there for legacy). On the desktop I can always see them (unless I go fullscreen), Aero-Peek makes much more sense (sorry, I never understood, why I should look at my static symbols) and I have way more space to fill for Live-Tiles. Oh together with grouping and folders, my desktop would be much cleaner. Understand, that I would like to keep documents and Links on the desktop - this in folders would make it extremely useful for. So and even Mobile is dead - I always would have like the homepage as desktop. So I was always missing the option to add documents native to the screen, not by just some nice app as second live tile.
  • I can't believe we are coming up to the 5th iteration of Windows 10 and the reality is new features are very thin on the ground, there's just nothing new and exciting happening. As a Windows Insider, I have been disappointed at the lack of progress. I also can't believe that Microsoft allowed the negativity surrounding 8/8.1 to make them inexplicably tear up everything that was good about that OS. As someone said above, everything about it was polished and fluid, with lovely animations when starting UWP apps - so what if some people didn't like it? I never understood why they couldn't just give the user the choice of the Windows 8 interface or a classic Start menu interface (as in WIn7, with no tiles) in Windows 10. I am (seemingly) one of the few who loved the Start screen on Windows 8/8.1 - it was ultra responsive, looked flash and polished and had some nice organisational options. Unlike the current start menu/start screen which take an age to show up when I press the start button! There are just so many things that are taking an age to sort out, what do they *do* with their feedback?
  • I never understood why they couldn't just give the user the choice of the Windows 8 interface or a classic Start menu interface (as in WIn7, with no tiles) in Windows 10.
    There were once plans for that.  Tech sites once reported that Windows 8.2 "threshold" was supposed to have a classic style start menu as an option, along with various other desktop-oriented features.  That never came of course, as threshold instead became the code name for the initial Windows 10 release, after MS decided to throw the baby out with the bath water.  Win 8.1 still had a way to go before it would be decent without aftermarket help, but it was evolving in the right direction when MS decided to abandon it and "hit refresh," in classic dysfunctional MS style. It's no wonder devs don't want to climb aboard any new thing MS offers... odds are that it will be pulled out from under them shortly.  Best bet is to stay away until something is well established.  They're sabotaging their own ability to try new things that may actually end up being beneficial and workable, if people can actually trust MS to stick with it (and they never can).
  • What I hate on Fall Creators Update is they actually removed the split keyboard layout. Now using touch keyboard on a tablet with this update isn't as ergonomic as it used to be. Heck it's even less responsive for some reason. Good job!
  • This is INSANE! The replacing swipe keyboard should have bin added just as a complement (recognized as in beta stage with a somewhat promising future). At the moment it is WASTLY inferior on Surface Pro and the other layouts are absolutely useless to. Soo increadibly bad judgement!
  • It's obviously just a hobby for Microsoft to develop their operating system. Beside the UI look, Tablet Mode is another mess. The keyboard got very slow (why do they have to rewrite every part of Windows that worked great?) Keyboard has no in and out animation anymore, will pop in and flicker out. That's how an interface designer says FU. Sometimes the keyboard doesn't even open anymore (hello My People hub!) You can't hold down the symbols key and select one symbol and go back by releasing the button. Selecting a word prediction doesn't give you a feedback anymore. Oh did I mentioned how slooooooooooooow the keyboard is?! It's almost unusable on a Surface Pro. It's not funny anymore. Those who are responsible need to look for a new job. I'm serious!
  • There is a 4th it wasn't done correctly and won't install on ALOT of computers.
  • I'm in Greece.Cortana is not working(still).After updating to 10 from 8,optical drive stopped working(HP Pavilion 15)and nobody managed to fix it(they tried though).Microsoft blaming HP and vice versa.I wait for Edge extensions(still).I want customization in explorer(dark version,color outline,system icons etc)
  • why are the implementing a new design when they haven't even finished porting all the old interfaces and control panels yet.
  • The first (and in my opinion best) positive new feature i discovered was the new "monitor folders" in windows defender. In the past i used third party programs for that and its awesome that microsoft implemented it in the FCU of Win10.
    For those who are not familiar with this feature, it blocks any program/app to access or change files listed in the blocking list. The system folders are protected by default but you can add more folders and even whole partitions. Everytime an access is monitored you get a notification with the option to add the accessing program to an exception list.
    I think this feature was overdue because doing it with workarounds in windows or third party software was really a pain and often slowed down the system... So far so good, BUT, what i DONT like about it (because this is about things we dont like, eh? ^^) is, that you cant get any information on WHAT exactly the program wanted to change so you cant really decide if that action was a legit access or a malicous one. And you wont believe how many notifications you get if you add some folders/drives, its ridiculous X_x MS should AT LEAST add more information to the event log for more transparency... ATM the event log only shows the same information which is shown in the notification. To summarize: awesome new addition to windows defender, but it lacks some options for IT pros/enthusiasts. Cheers
  • This is as bad, if not worse, as converting to Mac OS...oh wait, they tune the mobile experience for iOS so why not just go all the way...
  • I upgraded early from my Windows 8.1 Professional operating system to Windows 10 Pro OS being bought MS legal license from ODosta Store. OS took 5 hours to upgrade but after that I faced many technical issues.
    I got everyday new updates from Microsoft server, That's why I disappointed with performance of new OS, Now I formated it and again install windows 8.
    Last week, I read at your blog as Microsoft has stopped continually updates and now we may use constant windows 10, So I purchased its license and installed Windows 10 fall creator.
    Everything is well now, but my OS is slow, Is there any solution to fix it as using on HP pavilion 15 A10 third generation machine.
  • I'd like Cortana to give me some updates once in a while. for example alert me when i get a new emails. eventually it's going to converse but until then, maybe it can inform me that my CPU is too hot or some virus is disabling the system. weather news when i turn on the system. maybe give me some jokes before i ask for one. every 2 or 3 ours. i personally really like the fluent design. i look at my pc sometimes and see buttons glow before i reach them. i really just like to go around the button and play before i press it. :)
  • My People has been available to developers for months in Insider builds, yet I've seen just a pair of third-party apps with support.
    The vast majority of development teams never ever start work on something that is still in progress, They do not even bother fixing bugs caused by pre-release software. For the simple reason that they may have to redo things after the final release, Not smart. Not profitable.
  • Constant change for the sake of change that makes you relearn how to do things for no valid reason - and which usually leads to lots of new bugs.
  • I'm sad about Windows 10 because of one thing: they've forced a mobile UI onto us desktop users. Everything is so bloody big now.  Settings is enormous compared with Control Panel, and offers less functionality.  Live Tiles are utterly useless on a desktop machine because they are hidden away until you click the Start button, which ruins the whole point of Live Tiles.  File Save and File Open dialogs now take up the entire window! Don't get me wrong: I love W10 on my touch-screen hybrid - it's a great touch UI.  But on a workstation it's s**t.
  • Damn how ugly My People look 🤢🤢
  • Lol
  • Spot on! For me the top 3 are. 1. lack of fit and finish of the tablet experience in the OS and apps. 2. lack of Cortana language AND region support. 3. Inconsistent UI/UX. It's still a mishmash of classic, modern, fluent across the OS.
  • Trying to go to the settings I search for or the control panel just brings me to the My Files folder called "Local Disk." Is this a broken link?
  • - Transparencies effects are too blurred now. In Creator Update looks great, bout in 1709 are ugly. - No option to select were you like transparencies, as example, some apps that use fluent design override title bar color preferences to show a transparent title bar. I don't like transparent title bars. -This one is present sicne Windows 8, when you install an app form the store, it is defaulted to all file types that it can handle and are unasigned without asking permision. This is a problem is one of the file types is a very generic one, such for example, .dat files when you installs Kodi forn the store. - The last I don't know if this is a bug of Falls Creators Update of some have been wron with the update procees, but when I starp up the system or I restart it (note that I have fast start disabled), the lock screen background isn't showed. Looks like if it now is only apllied to the curret user.