Here's StarVR, a dual-display virtual reality headset that will offer a 210-degree view

The already crowded virtual reality industry is going to get even more packed, thanks to a surprise announcement this weekend from Starbreeze Studios. The game developer, best known for its PayDay first person shooters, has acquired France-based virtual reality company InfinitEye. Starbreeze will work with that studio to launch StarVR, a VR headset that has two displays that are placed side-by-side and will offer owners a 210-degree view of any game they are playing.

Each display on the StarVR is 5.5 inches, with one for each eye. The result is a overall display resolution of 5120x1440 with a 210-degree horizontal view, and a 130-degree virtual view, as opposed to other VR headsets that have 100-degree views in both directions.

Starbreeze has yet to reveal specific platforms for the StarVR headset, although it's a safe bet that Windows will be one of them. It has also yet to reveal a price tag or release date for the product. Starbreeze will show StarVR in action at E3 2015 this week, using PayDay 2 and the developer's upcoming first person co-op shooter based on The Walking Dead TV series.

Source: StarVR

John Callaham
  • HoloLens
  • Well, this is VR, not AR
  • Not even close to the same thing
  • No the HoloLens only has shit 80 degrees horizontal x 25 degrees vertical FOV compared to the real VR headsets
  • Has the world gone full Lawnmower Man again?
  • Free lemonade for the masses.
  • It's a funky looking device, but it sounds interesting...
  • looking forward to seeing more.
  • Vr works better with 4 eyes I guess. :P
  • It's made for fishes since their eyes are on each side of their heads
  • Idc I'm waiting the HoloLens ,,,, but wondering about its price ...
  • Gsh
  • Coool, I want this for halloween
  • Wow, this much competition this soon is really great. Consumers and industries are going to benefit quickly.
  • As long that they come to a universal standards for doing this. As far as I currently understand we are not there yet.
  • It's all going to come down to a price war!
  • Damn, this is exciting.  Want one now!  I want to play Witcher 3 or the new Doom with something like this.
  • This one looks the best.
  • Nice, cramped FOV can become annoying. I just hope all these VR-companies are putting in the effort to make them the best experience they can be, making sure there is no latency or similar problems, instead of pursuing bigger numbers.
  • At 5k PC is not one of the platforms, it's the only one
  • Not even PC. There's no single-GPU solution available that can drive that resolution at 75 FPS unless you disable and/or reduce every single graphics setting to the minimum, at which point most games look like crap (i.e. immersion breaking).
  • wow, not bad doubling the field of view over the OR.
  • Specs seem pretty good so far...
  • I certainly was moved the first I saw this Starbreeze VR gadget. I am sure this headset will be a very good addition among the 210 catogory of VR apps and other contents.