Here's what the HP Elite x3 and its Desk Dock add-on will cost on their own in the UK

HP has priced its Elite x3 smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile for £683 in the UK on its own, and its Desk Dock accessory is priced by itself for £131.

The prices were revealed on HP's UK site (via Neowin) and shows that the company will charge less for those two products if they are bundled together. HP has priced the bundle at £706.80 on its site. So far, HP has not yet revealed a UK price for the Elite x4's Lap Dock accessory, but in the U.S., the company says it will sell it, the phone and the Desk Dock together for $1,200.

The UK was supposed to see the first shipments of the HP Elite x3 this week, but as we reported earlier, the country's Microsoft Store site has postponed its shipments until Sept. 6.

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John Callaham