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Homefront: The Revolution, Outlast, and more leave Xbox Game Pass this April

Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass continues to gain traction, serving a rotating roster of over 100 titles for a flat $10 monthly fee. The Netflix-style subscription service has secured a sizeable Xbox One library of high-profile releases and various indies, with more headed to the service monthly.

However, the end of every month also brings new departures, with six titles leaving the Xbox Game Pass roster at the end of April 2019. As first reported by TrueAchievements, Homefront: The Revolution, Outlast, and more will be inaccessible in the coming weeks. Here's the full list of Xbox Game Pass titles leaving this month.

Once the titles leave Xbox Game Pass, subscribers will be unable to play them without purchasing a permanent license. While Homefront: The Revolution (opens in new tab) and Outlast Trinity (opens in new tab) copies run for cheap at Amazon, Microsoft also offers up to 20 percent discounts on digital games still included under Xbox Game Pass.

Matt Brown is Windows Central's Senior Games Editor, Xbox & PC, at Future. Following over seven years of professional consumer technology and gaming coverage, he’s focused on the world of Microsoft's gaming efforts. You can follow him on Twitter @mattjbrown.

  • Nice to see WindowsCentral informing it's viewers about games that are going to be removed soon.
    Game pass members who want to play this game have one month to finish these games.
  • This is an unfortunate downside to streaming media services, contracts end and stuff goes away. It would be great if games would stay on forever, but I'm sure it's more expensive than streaming for other media like TV shows and Movies, so they probably need to keep a tighter leash on how it grows. In the other media side I have only been once as a show I was watching got dropped from Netflix. It was really annoying. I guess the key takeaway for both is that if you really want to play/watch something, do it ASAP as you never know when it will be dropped.
  • Only two that interest me are Homefront and Outlast, and I already own them both (and finished HF already, great game), so I'm all good.
  • As an aside, I need to reiterate, Homefront: The Revolution is an amazing game, everyone who has the chance needs to play it.