For Honor gets April Fools' Day Rabbids invasion

April Fools' Day is dreaded by gaming journalists every year because a lot of fake games and other modes are announced. Sometimes, they seem so real that you can't tell the difference. However, once in a while you get an April Fools' Day joke and actual mode rolled into one. That's what happened today with For Honor.

For Honor is a third-person fighting game where you have to utilize skillful combat to dispatch foes. The title focuses on a number of historical warriors like the Vikings and Samurai, as they fight for resources in an alternate reality. Aside from providing a short single-player campaign, the multiplayer modes are robust and present quite the challenge.

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The Rabbids are taking over for the minions in a special, 24-hour For Honor April Fools' Day event. Starting April 1 at 12 AM EDT, and ending April 2 at 12 AM EDT, players who jump into For Honor during the event will earn a melee pack as a reward. This event comes as a part of For Honor's Year 3 content, called Year of the Harbinger, which also recently saw the addition of The Black Prior to its roster of more than 20 Knights, Samurai, Vikings, and Wu-Lin. New content will continue to roll out throughout 2019, including additional seasonal events.

If you haven't played For Honor in a while, you may have to download a roughly 30 GB update on Xbox One to access all of the new features, including the Rabbids invasion.

Are you interested in giving For Honor a go? Do you regularly play it? Let us know.

Asher Madan

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