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House of Cards Season 4 now available on Netflix: Watch on Windows 10 and Xbox One

If you're looking for something to do this weekend, clear your schedule because House of Cards Season 4 just hit Netflix. And since we're pretty well catered for with Netflix apps for Windows 10 and Xbox One you'll be able to watch on the go or feet up in front of the TV.

You can of course also catch up still on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, or even using the Netflix web site on your computer should you so wish. All 13 new episodes are available at once so grab a snack, tasty beverage and get ready to binge away.

And let's keep the comments a spoiler free zone, shall we.

Download Netflix for Windows 10 (mobile and desktop) (opens in new tab)

QR: netflix

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  • Not available in Belgium... But for sure best Tv show!!!!!
  • In Belgium, BeTV still owns the broadcasting rights. It won't be available on Netflix but it will on BeTV.
    Tu vois ce que je veux dire... Payer l'abonnement BeTV à 42€/mois
  • Yup but than it Is paying for 2 kind if services .. Orre download haha but it Is such unfortenate...
  • French-spoken Belgium or NL-spoken Belgium?
  • Fr xD
  • Idk, I got bored the last season. Posted from down vote central.
  • I prefer Netflix on the AppleTV. The GUI is so much better.
  • Netflix on the XBox One seems much HD-yer, and I really prefer the controller over the Apple remote.
  • Wen in india  
  • Such a stupid ******* u r!!
  • Netflix is "available" in India :P Lord Man :-)
  • Thx. Enjoying this new season of House of Cards. It seems faster.  
  • R.I.P. my weekend Posted from my Lumia 950XL
  • My wife is in for the weekend too..
  • Yeah she canceled on me
  • Zing!
  • I know right
  • Wooohooo! Wooohooo! Wooohooo! Like Im alive again.
  • Did you know that in the very first episode of this season, when they are about to.... ;) kidding. I have no clue. Haven't watched it yet.
  • No.
  • Is this just one episode or the whole season 4 ? If it's just one, I'll wait till all of season 4 is up...then watch them all weekend :)
  • It's the entire season.
  • I mean, I did put that information in the post. Guess you didn't read it!
  • I missed that line, sorry, Yea, i saw it last saw it. Now I just need the time to watch them all...
  • So much for that Universal App that doesn't work on Continuum. Wtf?!?!