How Apple's MacBook stacks up against the Windows competition

Comparing notebooks, especially when you're buying one with your own money, goes beyond a simple spec-on-spec shoot out. But, that's as good a place as any to start. We've lined up three Windows 8.1 devices of similar size and price bracket to the new MacBook that are currently on the market to go toe-to-toe in a quick shootout with Apple's newest, and gold-est, MacBook.

Even the facts and figures show that Microsoft has some pretty fierce competition in its stable. The Yoga 3 Pro launched in late 2014 and is another premium, Core M powered Ultrabook. The Surface Pro 3 is technically a tablet, but with an optional keyboard dock it becomes every bit the laptop. And the new Dell XPS 13 packs a 13.3-inch notebook into the form factor of an 11-inch. Apple isn't the only one doing wonders with shrinking machines.

Here's one point that immediately jumps out: ports. Sure, it depends on your purpose, but the new MacBook has just one USB-C port for everything. And that everything includes needing to buy an $80 adapter to do anything. Can't plug in a regular USB device such as a phone or tablet, camera, there's no memory card slot, nothing. So you need this adapter. USB-C is the future. But does the future also involve removing everything else that's useful? The Windows competitors listed aren't what you'd call chunky, or heavy, but they all manage to include some basic ports: full sized USB, memory card slots, outputs for displays. The new MacBook won't even connect to Apple's own external displays out of the box.


The MacBook is a gorgeous looking machine, though. Apple generally does design pretty well and this is no exception. The colors are a nice touch, and while gold for a laptop will split opinions, the space gray looks very nice. And Apple finally went Retina on a sub-13 incher. While it's likely a great looking display, you'll be equally as pleased with the display on the Surface Pro 3 which is closest in terms of resolution and size. The Yoga 3 Pro and the XPS 13 both have QHD+ 3200x1800 resolution options on a slightly bigger panel, and both are pretty amazing to look at. Oh, and all three of the Windows devices have touchscreens at least as an option.

And once you've seen the Infinity Display from Dell, be it 1080p or QHD+, bezels become apparent wherever you go.

Any serious comparisons such as battery life, general performance and so on will only arrive when real people get the real MacBook in their hands away from Apple's launch event. But one thing is clear: It's really nice, but we've got some equally exciting options to choose from running Windows, too.

Ativ Book 9

There is, another, too. One we haven't mentioned yet and for good reason. The new Samsung Ativ Book 9 could be the single closest competitor to the MacBook when it comes to the hardware. It's about the same size, weight, similarly priced, Core M power and has a high-res, non-touch display. We've got an Ativ Book 9 on the way to take a proper look at. We were really impressed with it back at CES, and now it's actually on sale, there's another Apple v Samsung battle to be had.

So stay tuned for more on that.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

Richard Devine is a Managing Editor at Windows Central with over a decade of experience. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently, you'll find him steering the site's coverage of all manner of PC hardware and reviews. Find him on Mastodon at

  • Dell xps 13 rule them all
  • That bezel though...
  • The only thing that the Apple macbook has more is the price ;)
  • And bezel!
  • Seriously?
  • What bezel? Did you even understand what he meant by that??
  • I cannot stop laughing because people will still by that Apple thing and still argue it's good. Lol funny cock and bull story
  •'s therefore.......magical lol
  • only apple can turn making something slightly lighter and thinner equal reinvention and innovovation.. reinvention and innovation means the device works a lot better than before. this will probably work a little worse because of the m processor.
  • Its not lighter than surface pro 3....
    I think next surface is going to be a reinvention
    Just magic
  • Reinvented? That mean it must have really been poor.
  • They reinvented netbook.
  • Don't forget... It sparkles lol Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Reinvent is a word most famous in the very negative phrase "reinvent the wheel." It is hilarious that my previous employer and now Apple uses this word. The word by itself doesn't make any sense unless ancient technology was lost in the first place. Like portland cement vs. cement used by the Romans. I know they are not EXACTLY the same, but it took like some ~1500+/- years for cement to be as good as the Romans made.
  • Actually, it stacks up quite well. I don't like the one port -thing, but other than that it's ok.
  • For $1300? Oh hell no. It's nowhere even in the vicinity of okay. For half the price it would be.
  • For what it offers, it's pretty much the same as the Windows -counterparts. A similarly specced SP3 with type cover, would be even more (and ofc it would pack more, like touch screen). I'm not saying it is great value for money, Apple never is, but it is not far behind, if at all, the other offerings in most things and surpasses them in some, like storage speed and likely color accuracy. Also, the Dell has received some criticism for the gap between stated battery life and actual.
  • Dude, do you really know how to read SPECIFICATIONS? really? Core M vs. Core i7 - "pretty much the same as SP3?" Stop smoking crack!
  • You'd get an i5 + 8GB RAM + 256GB storage without a type cover for roughly the same money, not an i7, afaik anyway. Assuming the i5 is not thermally limited, the Core M is of course still slower (being 1/3rd of the power envelope). Much like an SSD is much slower than PCIe Flash. Once again, I am not saying the MacBook is great value or anything, but I can see someone choosing one over the others, especially if they are used to the OS. None of those options are for eveyone, but all of them might be good for someone.
  • The SP4 is supposed to use core m though. Imo tablets should still take battery life over performance. ~6hrs is still not good enough, personally I would even prefer a surface running on atom, I have a good desktop for heavy computing.
  • But will it be for the unreasonably price of $1300 if launched with M or Atom? I think not. No one would buy it. These things only sell in the Apple Reality Distortion Field.
  • of course not, the core m would be on the cheapest end, maybe replacing the i3, but i think it may sell the best because of the battery life. an atom would only be used in a surface mini, which would be even cheaper.
  • Hardware wise it's no worse than other notebooks that use the same hardware.  At this point you'd be best off shopping for what you want in your OS, and the build quality of the device.  Apple and Microsoft are pretty damn good, and it's pretty hard to lose either way.  Personally I prefer a beefier device that wont' feel like a spiral notebook. 
  • What about asus t300 chi? What ports does it have? It seemed pretty thin Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Oneplus One
  • 1 micro USB 3, 1 Micro USB 2.0, 1 micro HDMI
  • But I prefere Surface 3, comfortable and amazing to use, I have one of them - 7 processor and 256, it´s the future.
  • Came here to say the exact same thing!
  • SP3 rule them all!!!!
  • Dell rocks. love my 4k TOUCHSCREEN XPS 15. another device was left out its ASUS ZENBOOK. Its pretty AWESOME too. I can't believe its not mentioned here, in this article. 
  • Not anymore.HP spectre x360 is the top dog now.
  • PCI Flash? No SD Card? Poor Camera? No touch? 1.299? WHAT PEOPLE ARE THINKING?
  • Even the die hard fans (those with a positive I.Q) will have trouble rationalising this idiocy lol.
  • Totally agree. What a waste of cash.
  • Does this thing actually have a webcam or even that was axed for the "thinness"?
  • 480p Webcam
  • does the XPS has a webcam? can't see it on the specs nor on the product photos. Either way is miles better than the MacBook
  • Yes, but it's at the bottom of the screen since threr is no bezel on top. You can see images people posted. It looks like it camera is looking up your nose.
  • Snot cam.
  • not even the 1.2 megapixel deal? that's rough
  • Yeah... the removal of an SD card slot is weird, especially with such a large portion of the Mac crowd being entry level Adobe hipsters and self-proclaimed photographers. ... knowing Mac people, that $1300 card swipe will put them right in the mood to damage control and justify some insane, inconvenient adapter. For what it's worth, that's the amount I spent on my Surface Pro 3, and I'm still livid about the fixed focus cameras.
  • They might have removed charging point..... Don't worry.., they will do next time
  • It goes even further... Litterely just one port for charging, connecting external disks, external screens. But those same people that buy a iPhone every year will most definitally buy this 'new' and 'reinvented' MacBook.
  • Thell remove the speakers in the next-generarion
  • If its PCIE even at 3.0 at x4 lane it could be beneficial against data 3.0 yet the whole design itself is a lame.
  • You do know that PCIE Flash is faster than SATA based SSDs.
  • pci flash is faster than an SSD... just saiyan
  • That's the thing, iSHEEP does NOT THINK. They just fallow mark of the beast/Devil, BLINDLY.
  • Fuck Apple.
  • Like a worm.
  • C'mon man, it doesn't take all of that to say what Apple introduced yesterday wasn't ground breaking by any means.
  • R u sayin it was ground-breaking or not
  • It's not breaking because there are laptops or there such as the Asus UX305 that is thinner/lighter, Samsung series 9+, and the Lenovo laptop that is just as thin plus weight 1.76lbs which led than what Apple introduced. Neither of these sacrificed ports either
  • I don't understand why people buy Macs..
    And if they really like to just show-off than why not alienware??
  • It's just one of the bad Macs.
    Most Macs are laptops that give you amazing performance. But, yes, this one, I don't think so. They need to come up with the 2nd iteration as soon as possible and with more ports.
  • Same reason to buy any Apple products... the socioeconomic status affiliated with them. You feel richer when you're holding an Apple product, people recognize the phone, tablet or laptop you're using in public and ask you about it, you feel like you're in some exclusive club as you get into an iMessage that no one on WP or Android can. It's all a status symbol... and if you're really paying attention, you can see that in the attitudes of their fan base. Always so smug; people who aren't in with them just "settled" for another phone because they were too broke or ghetto to afford an iPhone - in their minds.
  • Bollocks. Ever heard of Vertu and products like the Tag Heuer Link? Apple does not make one feel rich. Any middle class person can buy an Apple product these days.
  • That's the kicker; making middle class people feel like they're higher up on the chain.
  • I agree. Vast majority of my friends or people I know use iPhones and they see themselves as the social elites for some reason. Most of Apple users arent tech geeks so they have no idea what Android or Windows Phones are about. I seriously get asked why I dont buy an iPhone? The question is rhetorical for them and they are wondering why I cant 'afford' and iPhone. My response is; "Because I have money and Im not a idiot, or a 10 year old girl thats into cheap fashion or a elderly person who doesnt know how to use a smart phone. Thats who the iPhone is geared towards to"
  • +928  
  • Again. Even here in India it's not a fashion statement. There are so many people here with Samsung Notes etc that an iPhone is no longer a showstopper.
    But I do agree that people with Macbook Pros get all the attention.
  • Problem is that there are way too many middle class people now that the iPhone is no longer a showstopper. MacBook Pro I reckon makes people feel richer.
  • Rich ??? Exclusive ??? Here in Italy 99% of iDiots buying gaythings pay them month by month cause they even can t pay their bills....Their phone costs more than their car, really stupid customers.
  • Wow shame to see such ridiculous and ignorant comments coming from one of my favorite developers.
  • Yeah, shame indeed.
  • Not true. I feel gay holding iPhone or MacBook. I want real man machine not the one with fifty shades of silver.
  • they might geel richer, but they are definetly poorer. the xps13 i3 version will outperform this mac and save them $500.i would be able to live with 0.6 lbs more weight and .08" in thickness to save $500.
  • This is true... but you also have to remember that this isn't their mentality. To them "You get what you pay for." is cogent logic... so the higher dollar item *must* be better.
  • What a bunch of BS. The iPhone is one of the best phones out their, the iPad is the best tablet (not even close) and macs are high performing machines that work greater. I think that what you said is a extremes generalization and honestly a rather stereotypical PC fanboy response. 
  • The iphone has the best developer support. However, the hardware and os really isn't any better than any of the high end smartphones. Same thing with the ipad. You pretty much have feature partity. The developer support is very important though and no one currently has the developers in their corner like Apple. Macbook pro is a high performing machine. The Macbook with the M processor, not so much. Read up on the Core M processor and you will see why. The hardware in the Macbooks is the same hardware you will find in the high end PC. OSX has some optimization which helps with battery life and helps it in certain benchmarks. Apple does a great job of packaging, but that's all they can really do since they don't make any of the hardware that goes inside their laptops. You will find the the signature edition of any high end ultrabook will work just as well as a macbook Air and better than the Macbook they just announced.
  • I am Mac everything except my 920. I want to ditch Apple but Windows is still a distant third. I hope Windows 10 can close the gap!
  • Because Windows runs great on them ;)
  • Apple products are good quality these days but the problem here is overpriced.
  • The point is that people that use iPhones don't have a mind of their own.
  • I use an iPhone, no way in hell would I would buy this thing. Sorry, some companies do some things well and flop on others.  The iPhone and iPad are done well, this computer is a flop.
  • it's the no longer true point that macs are better for multimedia creation. it was true up to maybe 10 years ago (give or take a couple of years) but no longer true today.... unless you HAVE to work with Final Cut....
  • Isn't Sony Vegas an equivalent to final cut ? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Now Apple is going backward when it comes to productivity. Great job, you just handed the competition a great heck of an advantage.
  • You really think so? This is going to sell like hot cakes. I am not in for it but reality hurts.
  • Lol Apple products aren't about productivity.
  • He's right, this is basically a pretty Facebook machine.
  • LMAO.
  • Lol, tech gadgets are all about social media for many people these days.
  • Mac Book "PRO"??? This is not a Mac Barbie Air you know! It supposed to be PROs editing High Def video and really heavy duty stuff, that's the "PRO" line for... Now that their 'Pro' became just 'Air' Apple wasted that too!
  • This isn't a Pro model, it's simply called "MacBook".
  • $80 for an adapter and won't connect to their own displays out of box bahahaha. That is just mental.. I guess they truly have gone "fruity" :P.
  • LOL!
  • Funny :))
  • The Macbook should be priced at $599.99 compared to the surface pro. Mainly because the surface pro is made from magnesium and magnesium cost cost more than that cheap aluminum MacBook that will eventually bend. ;)
  • It's magnesium alloy so it's not 100% magnesium. And aluminum isn't cheap by any means. Pure aluminum would be very soft and bendable. It would have to be an alloy again. Apple has used aircraft grade aluminum alloy in the past which is quite strong. Odds are they still are with their new Mac lineup.
  • Aside from better display, the new Macbook is a big joke next to SP3.
  • Yep, I must admit it, even oled/amoled in lumia can't beat the retina display. iOS is good too (but I'm not into it), but anything else on that macbook is a waste of money.
  • You do realize that Retina is just a brand name not a technology right?
  • It's so funny that most people don't get that.
  • yea I know people are sooo stupid like I guess they need two phones since they got two emails right.
  • What about PureMotion, and PureView? Did you get that?
  • lol but pureview ADDS something... it is a package that is meant to tell the consumer their phone has 6 lens optics, OIS, BI sensor, and the two stage key. retina doesn't ADD anything lol it is a false claim. When they speak of the resolution being higher that's it. Stop there. No need for the term "retina" lol ridiculous
  • I'm waiting for them to say all 16x9 screens are now "Retina Cinema Vision".
  • Except not all Pureview labeled Lumia phones have all of those things.
    Pureview is as much a marketing buzz word s retina is.
  • Negative. All lumias with Pureview labeled have all the things i mentioned. Except for the 920 which had 5 optical lens after the 925 they all have had 6. Can you point out a Lumia labeled as pureview that is missing anything i mentioned? I may be wrong
  • At least Microsoft did not say 640 is pureview because lack of ois & shutter button, I think it use same sensor from 920 which what previously stated that pureview is the sensor and image processing things, its terms has changed now. But in my opinion it still a marketing buzzword.
  • I really wish reviewers would stop using the term "retina".  You are correct, it is utterly meaningless and just adds to the fiction that it is another technology that they have "invented".
  • Yeah, I don't said they invented retina, I just refer to its name of display. It's just improved IPS LCD right? Like PureMotion, it's improved with higher frame rate, or PureView it's improved cmos along with pixel oversampling, or may I say sensorcore? Or ClearBlack? I'm not speak up for apple, but even microsoft says "Smartphone Reinvented" too, Apple seems look after this and says for its macbook. Again, I'm not agree if those technology is invented, but we are improving the existing technology.
  • Retina is a higher pixel count and nothing more.  Apple's stance is, the pixel count for a given screen size they believe to be the maximum a human eye can discern.  And, there's no point in going further.
  • Cool. No 4k monitors in their future.
  • You do realise that they make an iMac with a 5K screen. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I realize it's not called Retina.
  • It's called the iMac with Retina 5k Display. So yes, it's call Retina 
  • Do you realize that PureView too? Again, I did not do this up for Apple.
  • lumia can and does beat retina. retina just telates to pixel density and plenty of phones have a higher puxel density now. Apple uses lcd screens. lumia have used both lcd and amoled screens. each has its benefits and drawbacks.
  • Sorry, my old Icon screen is better than my iPhone 6's screen. Red on an Icon is Red.  Red on an iPhone is pink.
  • I did compare Lumia 930 with iPhone 6. The 6 does not have "The Clear Black" (which is not Nokia who is invented it, it's just a name, not a technology, like guys up there says). That polarizer can keep the color of display untouched from light from outside, that's what makes Icon red is red and iPhone red is pink. From what I see, the iPhone screen is more pleasantly if it seen in moderate lightning.
    Even IPS in iPhone and amoled in Icon makes just a little difference.
  • No, there is no "little difference," the colors on an iPhone are washed out.  It's a huge difference. The IPS is not really a technology in and of itself.  It's a method of construction they have to use on LCD's to keep them from becoming completely washed out when you look at them from an angle. It's a bandaid for LCD's technology crutch.
  • Have you compare the IPS in 830 and amoled in 930? The ClearBlack just help 830 screen to not washed out too much in bright environment light, but it still washed out from angle and not (so) vibrant.
    It's the cons of LCD that can't take light from outside.
  • I've compared the Icon to iPhone 6, HTC M8, and M9. That's the entire problem with LCD's, washed out colors.  My point on IPS is that it does nothing to improve the actual quality.  It just attempts to correct a limitation inherent in the technology of LCD's. The AMOLED looks much much better. Even in a pitch black room, the LCD's show reds as pinks.
  • K, they removed ports. What are they going to remove next to save space? Battery?
  • They are just to thin. Folks have jackets on them so they can hold them comfortably.
  • Macs are nice, but Apple did not "reinvent the laptop". They need to stop with these ridiculous claims. It's just making stupid people that much more stupid.
  • No cure for the iZombies lol
  • When the surface came out I remember thinking "wow, those prices are a little high. But it is really powerful". Now I think "the surface 3 is a great deal'
  • ^^^This
  • 100% agree
  • What I like from new macbook: Design & Screen What neutral to me: iOS What I don't like: anything else (including overpriced & dongle)
  • OS X. 
  • Haha, yes, that's it. OS X :)
  • Ini versinya Pro atau Air sih om? Keknya Mac sebelum versi ini lebih berisi deh (ada port dsb)
  • ini cuma macbook versi baru aja, kalo diliat hardwarenya masih lebih bagus yang pro, tapi harganya jauh diatasnya, disitu kadang saya merasa prihatin, hahaha
  • Oh versi baru, makanya bingung ga ada embel embel Pro atau Air atau apalah Kalo kurs sekarang Rupiahnya sekitar 16-17 ya? Ah mending beli Pro deh.. Setiap ngelihat produk Apple emang bikin prihatin, tapi toh orang bakal beli juga :p
  • Yaa gitu, ini yg (new) macbook (doang, ga pake pro atau lainnya), kalo liat kurs sekarang sekitar 17.3jt sih, itu juga tanpa dongle/adaptor dari usb c, untuk charger 700rb & adapter paling murah cuma yg usb c ke usb 3.0 (full size) aja 250rb. Kalo mau HDMI harus keluar sejuta lagi. (sumber) Kata mereka juga "itu bukan masalah harga atau performa. Itu tentang desain radikalnya".
  • Pfft radikal apaan, suer persis banget kek produk lainnya, bedanya lebih pelit port aja lol Tapi baca di Cnet sih bilang katanya MacBook ini menyambut era wireless masa depan Mayan menarik sih tapi bingung masuk akalnya dimana Trims responnya :D
  • is their screen any better than the screen on the xps13?  i don't think it is.
  • Whats new about the design? It's still a clam shell laptop with a keyboard, trackpad, and screen that's not's still the retina display on a 12" laptop. this heptic feedback on the trackpad isn't new either as my sculpt-it microsoft mouse has this type of action on the scroller to make it vibrate accordingly instead of a traditional scroll wheel. I'm not being disrespectful, just pointing out some facts. So, really all they've done is created a thinner laptop with a heptic feedback trackpad instead of a clicking trackpad
  • I think the only thing they innovated is the keyboard, they call it butterfly mechanism which is modified from scissor mechanism. It's funny why they don't use chicklet button. Many says it's not good at all, and I found this too
  • yeah, but why aren't the tech sure that boat about the key travel on window PC's not being nearly as good s the famed MacBook not groping about the now shallow key with shallow travel now that the MacBook had joined in on the category as it's window counterparts that have that same inadequate let travel???
  • In typical Apple fashion....form over function.
  • I'd still have the surface pro 3 over the macbook, yeah the macbook is nice but its not touch can't be used as a tablet etc etc etc
  • Agree, and the Surface Pro 3 has a unique and better looking design than iAnything in my opinion❗
  • And it's thinner. And lighter. And has more ports. And a touch screen. And a pen. And is cheaper. Wait, why are we talking about the MacBook again?
  • This laptop is shit. The XPS 13, Surface Pro 3, and the Yoga 3 are MUCH better in ALL respects. I can't see why an insane person even would buy this. Pure BS.
  • I can understand why an insane person would buy it, but I can't see why a sane person would.
  • "I can't understand why an insane person even would buy this." Maybe because they're insane?
  • I think calzone is implying that this macbook redefines the classification of insanity...
  • Surface pro 3 still kicking MacBook' ass.
  • Is this MacBook Pro or Air or what? Why would Apple remove something that's actually needed nowadays for sake of thinness.. I think it's better to buy its previous version
  • There is no previous version. This is a "new" product.
  • Ah I see, I thought this is is a new Pro or Air but I'm a bit confused cause there's no codename on it Lol what a joke, new in what, it's like exactly the same like any Mac
  • Reinvented. Lol!
  • Not true, there was a macbook line , it was similar to a pro version only with lesser hardware and also in white I think. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android So you had macbook air, macbook and macbook pro.
  • Previous version? Didn't you hear Tim Cook? This is the notebook re-invented. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ...
  • So the SP is cheaper faster thinner and lighter.. Hummm......
  • Paying more for less capability. I just don't get it.
  • they follow lamborghini and audi business model :) pay more for less !
  • Just like Audi where you pay 500 £ to take your car from the factory yourself Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Can't find a single reason to choose the MacBook over the others, unless you "need" the Apple logo :P or prefer MacOS over Win8.1/10.
  • Many people "need" it to feel good about their lives. Sad society we live in.
  • Rene: "(it) isn't about price or performance. It's about the radical redesign." You can read it here:
  • He is paid to make those claims even if he knows they aren't true
  • Seriously this guy is just up in his ass about apple products. They can sell drugs and he will find a positive spin onto it.
  • If they sell weeds, they can say it has been passed 9 hours of cutting process.
  • Reading the comments on that article is kind of scary. The justifications for the lack of features is insane.
  • Thanks for link. What amuses me is why no one at Apple or iMore has yet picked up the dictionary to learn the difference between invention and innovation. No one else in the tech industry misuses the word more. We appreciate the innovations that move industry forward but you have not invented a new way to compute.
  • It's a marketing technique. Even Nokia and Microsoft did this too. Sometime the terms "invention" is made up from fans too.
  • What radical redesign? They are using a fanless core M processor. So, they removed the fan and that freed up space to shave a couple millimeters of thickness and 0.3 lbs. The only real redesign they mentioned was teh shrinking of the logic board. They got rid of teh sd card reader, magsafe charge, and usb ports. Nothing really radical here. Just a whole lot of PR bs. The one thing I noticed about Apple is they are concerned about making the device as thinner than the competition so that people will think it's "sexier". Someone should email Tim Cook a definition of anorexia nad tell him  thinner always better. 
  • Can someone clarify: Is the USB-C sole port also the charging port? Because... if it is... just wow....
  • Yes. They also ditched their Magsafe connector for it. And of course...not even an additional port next to it, or on the other side of the laptop. One USB-C and a headphone jack...
  • Yes, one port and you charge or use a USB peripheral. Or if you need a mouse and say, to charge at the same time, have to buy a USB hub.
  • Bluetooth mouse is a choice.
  • Or the trackpad that I hear actually works on Macs, never tried so I don't know, but all the ones I've tried from other OEMs have been horrible.
  • It is actually amazing, but I've seen no better trackpad than Apple's. And it works as well in Windows on Mac. It is really the example how the trackpad should be done, which is shame for other OEMs. I mean come on, Synaptics really?
  • Gorgeous? With that stupid glowing apple on the cover and hideous, off-color chiclet keyboard, MacBooks are anything but beautiful. I have always found them rather ugly. I think most agree.
  • Apple doesn't glow on this one.
  • I think this might be factually and metaphorically correct at the same time.
  • Well, that is a big step in the right direction. I honestly might be a Mac user if it weren't for that stupid Apple.  Maybe I'll take a look at this device. Any word on whether it can charge and run an external monitor at the same time through that one port?
  • No, it can not. You need to buy the hub thing if you buy this piece of crap, lol.
  • I agree. I found them incredibly boring.
  • I will love if a Surface Pro 4 hits the market in a month with double benefits and just a tag that could kill this awful fruit company's sell. Forget iWatch even fanboys hate it.
  • Why is it that everybody is forgetting the Asus UX305. This is the most similar to the new Macbook. Thinner, all aluminum, mort ports, same CPU, more options for screen resolution, and most important it is fanless. The UX305 is the only one to truly compare.
  • This^. I should have mine end of day today. Pumped!
  • You're right and here's an article to prove it:    
  • And you should mention that Surface Pro 3 it's a 2014 product.
  • So is the Yoga 3 Pro.
  • Does Apple really think people's minds have also thinned out along with its MacBook?? I mean seriously what were they thinking pricing the device at$1299 with that click speed? And no touch? Most of recent laptops have a touch interface and they are not providing it even after pricing out at so???
  • Yes, have you visited imore? They're saying this is a revolutionary invention by apple.
  • It will change the way you worked on notebooks before. Lol. I hate that my DVP8 has only one micro usb to do everything and that's where I need laptop without additional peripherals to connect more devices.
  • Touch screen is to be reinvented yet.
  • I got a macbook air. It small light does the job. Not a fanboy . Just a well made laptop. Op is really simple to use.
  • It's made for grandmothers so of course it's easy to use.
  • Completely agree. And with the Broadwell updates the Air will probably remain a better option for a ton of people.
  • And Windows OEMs don't do light, does the job, looks nice and for a cheaper price? oh yeah... I mean windows is just as easy, and OEMs have been releasing nice laptops and stuff. for gamers and for grandmas like you, and for productivity people who want a small device that will do the job. and the 3 Windows Laptops/Hybrids mentioned above, the 3 look great compared with any Mac.
  • Apple just loves selling high-dollar paraphernalia.
  • For SP3: For MacBook:
  • Google? No thanks. Come back with some Bing links if you want me to follow you down the rabbit hole.
  • That's talking about the old Macbook not the new one
  • Why would anyone pay $1,300 for a Crapple notebook with only 1 USB-C port and no touch screen?  Battery life isn't any better than the current Surface Pro 3 either.  I think I'll wait for the new Surface Pro 4 with Core M processor and Windows 10.
  • What's the deal with this Core M processor? I heard it's not as good as the i5/i7 ones.
  • It's comparable to the prior generations I believe.
  • The Core M processor is the latest processor from Intel.  It will operate at a lower frequency than the i7, which equals slightly less performance (so not so good for gamers), and it will operate at a much lower power demand (4.5 W vs 15 W).  This will allow for a much longer battery life (provided the battery is equal  in size).  For example, placing the Core M processor in the Surface Pro 3 would add about another 3 or 4 hours to the battery life, however processing speed may suffer slightly; although some believe not significant enough to worry about, gamers may disagree.  In short, if  you're a "gamer", stick with Core i5/i7, if not, you'll get a lot more battery life from the Core M processor with very little reduction in speed. A second thought is that the Core M processor will be cheaper than the Core i7 processor.  This will allow for increases elsewhere in most devices but keeping the price of the device about the same.  For example, more RAM or additional storage for the same price because the processor is cheaper. A good place to get more information:
  • Interesting, I was under the impression it was just a new version of the Atom. I found more info here: 1) "To be fair, the Core M isn’t designed to replace Intel’s regular Core Series, which includes the Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 CPU families, nor does it eliminate the need for the company’s low-cost, low-power Atom CPUs. The new platform sits in-between Atom and Core Series processors in terms of price, power and performance, offering faster speeds than the Atom Z3700 series that powers many budget tablets, but slower marks than a typical Core i3 or Core i5 processor." 2) "Compared to last year’s Haswell Y processor, Core M promises 1.7 hours of additional batter life, 82 percent faster video conversion and 47 percent better 3D Graphics, according to Intel’s internal tests." It would seem the logical thing to do would be to go Core-M in a Surface x86 machine, keep i5/i7 for the Pro, and drop the Core i3.
  • The core M is there ultra low voltage line of core processors. It's is the Y series of processor. The higher voltage mobile processor is the U series. It isn't an atom. However. the M processor version  that doesn't require a fan is very low voltage and it's performance will be considerably lower than a standard mobile version of the I5 that is used in the xps13. The performance will be somewhere around the i3 range. You can read the reviews of the new yoga laptop wich uses a core M processor with the fanless design. The reviews weren't very good.
  • Any chance you could add in the HP Spectre x360 into the chart?
  • As I commented elsewhere, we've not spent any real time with it yet. We have these three and we're getting the Samsung in. Have to stop the chart somewhere :)
  • Add the Asus UX305 to this list! Similar specs to the new MacBook for $700
  • No touchscreen! End of discussion :P Posted via my G3
  • People are still going to buy MAC books. I think its because most of the schools and universities are under apple. At least here in Australia. I think MS needs to make some move in this regard as well. If young people use apple in their study times. Desipte lack of softwares and overpricedness of apple, they would still use MACs because thats what they were doing their whole life. MACs are not bad by any means but they are overpriced and way too much underpowered. Just releasing the competeing devices will not do the job. You have to market them to right people. Most workplaces use windows but most Students are using MACs. I see bad future for windows if this goes on.
  • The massive growth of office 365 with schools/universities and the awesome deals ms runs with hardware from time to time may start to turn the tides here. Maybe....
  • It's quite the opposite in the States. Only Art schools and very snobby colleges have Macs. My university doesn't have a single public use one I can find.
  • With less worldwide share than Windows 8.1 alone, the perception that everyone has a Mac is more of a reality than everyone actually having a Mac. I do have a few friends who are Mac owners and all of them, without exception, have Windows installed on their machines for one reason or another. They aren't always in Windows and mostly say good things about OSX but there always seems to be something that it can't do or just not as well as Windows.
  • The weight listed for the SP3 is without keyboard, is it not?
  • Keyboard is an option. Doesn't come in the box.
  • Kind of a disingenuous weight listing, wouldn't you say?
    You need to compare apples with apples, so to speak!
    You should either include the weight of the SP3+keyboard, or remove it entirely from that comparison...
  • And the MacBook doesn't include a touch/pen display so you have to add a Wacom Cintiq. That weighs 3.75 lbs. I'm sure you'd agree that an apples to apples comparison that adds the optional keyboard to the Surface Pro should add the optional touch/pen display to the MacBook. Right?
  • There are 4 devices in that comparison table. 3 of them have a laptop form factor. The SP3 doesn't.
    The SP3 simply cannot be compared to the Macbook when in tablet only form because it just isn't doing the same job. Either add the weight of the keyboard as well, or leave the SP3 out of the comparison entirely.
    (The touchscreen is superfluous on laptops. It is not critical for the Macbook to have it).
  • A keyboard is not "critical" to the SP3 either, because there's a built-in touch keyboard on the screen.  I think the relevant question is not what is "critical," but what is "comparable."  Bhy that measure, Apple blew it with this device.  As the tables show in this article, Apple has just released a "revolutionary" new product that is slower, heavier, and thicker than the i5 SP3 Microsoft started selling last summer at the same price point.  A few fanboys will buy it because it says Apple on it.  But this will do nothing to inrease OSX's single digit market share.
  • You get butterfly buttons and a great touchpad for the price! Why it's not a touchscreen? The touchpad do the job very wel, and there OS is not build for it. What is strange for a company who claim to be modern thinking. Windows is on the way to overtaken the touchmarket with W10, and no thin macbook can stop them. I wonder why they claim an invention that Nokia used several years ago, USB-c? They just make the phones bigger and the macbooks smaller. So far the new way Apple treath their costummers.
  • No HP Spectre x360 on the list? New, some great initial reviews, available and much lower entry cost whilst retaining good specs and decent battery life? Disclaimer I work for HP but on the server side and will not even be in the same company as the laptops by the end of the year. Don't get me wrong the others mentioned too are great, just its another that makes the Apple look a lot like form for forms sake.
  • We've not spent any meaningful time with it yet. Wouldn't be fair.
  • I think you guys failed to do a few things here. I'm quite certain that the mac is the only one here that fails to offer a touch screen. I also think that you failed to include anything other than the yoga that is in the same category as this computer. The core M processors don't stack up to an i3 in terms of power. I'd take an i5 over a core M any day of the week. Those processors aren't much good. They're really just a successor to the atom processors. Can I also point out the terrible resolution on the Mac comparatively?
  • Dell has non touch options. Samsung that we're bringing in soon is Core M. MacBook isn't on sale.
  • Waiting to see Surface Pro 4
  • What an ugly thing. It's nowhere near Lenovo yoga tablet in design or performance let alone SP 3. Tim Cook you're a circus clown, Yester-year tech today and calling it a premium product, haha.....ha.
  • Don't forget the ASUS Zenbook UX305. Specwise it's nearly identical to the new Macbook, thinner and has a decent set of ports.
  • I have a 2013 302L, and I'm very unimpressed with it.  It's build quality leaves much to be desired.  A bowing keyboard should not be found at any price level, and frankly, I'm disappointed.  It does fine, but I don't exactly relish using it on a daily basis.  
  • As much as I don't care for Apple, this is one of the few times their product makes absolutely no sense for anyone to buy. How could they get it so wrong?
  • "Apple generally does design pretty well...."
    Paint crap gold and it's still crap. I don't buy a phone, PC, laptop, tablet or notebook for its physical looks. I buy them based on power, functionality, compatibility & price. Looks is just a bonus & apple products are not the looks I want. So if they don't have the looks I want and they don't have the internal guts I need and not sold at a price that's relevant to what is being offered, they can get fk'd six ways from Sunday for insulting my intelligence.
    I'm one of those Adobe expert wiz kid graphic designers. Been one since the late 90's. You want know know what I learned about mac in the industry? They're unstable for large jobs, crash or freeze often. You know how they say macs process graphical data faster than Windows? On systems of equal hardware, macs are about 1-2 seconds faster with their processes like Photoshop Actions. Include the factor of quick navigation through the OS, folders, files and program to program using shortcut keys and those 1-2 seconds amount to crap because navigating through Windows is far faster than on a Mac.
    Running large batch actions in Illustrator or Photoshop through large folders of hundreds to a couple of thousand high res images at once and while those 1-2 seconds begin to add up, the PC won't crash halfway through. The Mac has countless times for me. I then have to restart the system or program, try and track down which image the batch action stopped at, hope it didn't corrupt the last file, then move all the completed files out of the folder so they don't get run again, then setup and run the batch action again.
    Meanwhile the PC is still going and is now way ahead.
    We even sent the Mac to their "specialist" repair guys and they told us we needed to upgrade the GPU and add more RAM. A week and an Arm and a leg later we get it back. Problem not resolved.
    So all those mac yuppies who think they're big cheese designers with their macs claiming they have an upper edge, get bent iPhone 6 Style.
    Go buy your crappy one port Macbook and go into debt with your $10,000 Apple watches that are next to useless compared to every other smartwatch out there. If looks is all you're going for then good luck with your trophy wife devices..... It's just too bad you couldn't land a real one, which is actually even more sad than if you could because even that wouldn't be an accomplishment.
    PEACE, I'M OUT!! *drops microphone with a loud feedback and walks away*
  • Next election, I'm voting for you. :)
  • I clapped hard after you walked away...i mean really hard.
  • Praxius has left the building...
  • Did you watch the Adobe Max 2014 event with the Surface and Adobe CC?
  • @Praxius1 :Tearing up: That was beautiful.
  • "get bent iPhone 6 style." Quite possibly the funniest thing I've read on Windows Central. For sure the most memorable!
  • Wow, I mean wow. :|)
  • " $10,000 Apple watches " I thinking about the $17,000 Gold Apple Edition watch myself!  
  • It should be called: Crapbook MegaPro!
  • Other than the Surface I dislike all the other Windows laptops for 1 reason. Stickers!  The MacBook and Surface both don't have any stickers on them and looks soooooo much better because of it. I would actually pay more for one of the other laptops if they just took dang the stickers off. 
  • Apple has a half eaten apple that can't be removed❗
  • I agree that the stickers are annoying so I spend 1-2 minutes to take them off. You'd pay more to have somebody do that?
  • If they come off then thats fine. On the last 2 laptops I've had though that isn't the case. My Sony Vaio had 3 stickers, 1 came off easy but left a mark, the Windows 7 and Intel stickers have been glued on so well though its impossible to get them off without damaging the device. Compared to that I would pay.
  • Apple is just testing, how stupid are people by pricing core M 1300 dollars, and if Microsoft released surface pro 3 as their 1st gen surface, by now with 3 more iterations, it would be much improved, and apple should have lost the war already but Microsoft was slower actually. I love my surface pro 2 but the real surface is surface pro 3, from here on, Microsoft should improve its brand image with absolutely no big let downs, and improve the availability and improve the resale value of their products like apple and windows 10 should start that trend.
  • Only Apple can market an ultra book at a premium notebook price point.
  • I think Surface Pro 3 is as premium and similarly priced to MacBook air and pro but, They should up the game similar to apple, make it more premium and still Surface scratches easily it should be corrected, and they should add biometric login option make it really cool.
  • you forgot to mention lack of applications on OS X. Ecosystem score :)
  • True, and an important aspect❗
  • You can't polish a turd.
  • iZombies swallow BS lol
  • I know Apple said they reinvented the laptop but is really isn't worth challanging as if its fact.  It isn't.  Its the same dumb comment google said when it starting selling a browserbook. Not even they believed it but they knew bloggers would keep it going.
  • That's a good MacBook. It doesn't claim to be a super computer. It has a target audience and they will love it of course. And I am pretty sure if this machine were made by Microsoft and it ran win10 there will be no end to the praising by us.
  • For that price and spec no way, ever❗
  • That already exists... Is called a sp3... Win 10 will be on it soon.
  • @Richard The SP3 still has more ports and features than this MacBook in addition to being thinner and lighter. You also don't have to go either-or on charging versus connecting a device like on this notebook.
  • Actually they wouldn't be praising a similar machine by Microsoft. You are confusing PC nerds with hipsters.
  • yeah, they are just claming they are "reinventing" it. and Surface Pro is out, and Microsoft will release SP4 someday. and if this Machine was released by Microsoft people would complain, why it doesn't have touchscreen, why no pen anymore, why this CPU, why only one port. nobody would be praising it becuase it sucks... and i am glad Microsoft is not blind, and actually release a nice Surface Pro, couple years ago. and that was a great device with more productivity features than this thing. But if Microsoft reelased this, it wouldn't be $1299 if Surface Pro 3 with more features and being more powerful, didn't even cost that.
  • The problem is Apple claimed they "reinvented the laptop" like this is somehow superior to all others, when it's just average on most useful categories to compare by.
  • You guys are all making valid points...however, to me the only problem with this MacBook is that it is too expensive. And as for Apple's claim of reinventing....well they know everybody will pick on that line and they will get free publicity and it is working. But I am not buying even if it were baby is SP3, then 4, then 5...
  • Can't see any reason why it will not run windows 10. My brother in-law runs all versions of windows from xp onwards on his Mac mini. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The XPS 13 really smokes the Macbook in a lot of categories.
  • I hope Dell will get the success they actually deserves, because its easy the most beautiful, powerful thing in this class.
    But one question, there is no headphone jack hon the PC's? If so, that's the ONLY area where the Mac rule.
  • Dammit. No that's not the case. My stupid excel chart is missing some of the bits I tried to put in.
  • Wow, people get really emotional about laptops.
  • Agreed. The new Macbook is for a specific audience. I think it's a great machine for that audience, if a bit on the spendy side. There are still lots of people out there that want a traditional laptop, especially heavy travlers and just prefer a mac. Maybe they have an iPhone and a iPad as well. They just like the eco system. It's fine. I love that we live in a world with choice. IN the PC world there's virtually infinate choice, on the mac side there is choice based on what you need/want in a laptop/tablet/phone. Where I work we are a blend of MacBook Pro's and Lenovo PC's. Since I live in a LInux world, a mac makes more sense for me at work, but at home I am all Windows not to mention my trusty Lumia 925. I told our IT guy that I would like a Windows 10 Laptop the moment we can get them.  My motto when it comes to almost anything is, use what you like and enjoy life. If someone else uses something different, they are not STUPID, they are using what they like, or maybe it was just what they could afford.  My 2 cents.  - J
  • When they announced only one USB port was available I literally laughed out loud :D still laughing a bit once in a while when I remember it
  • is it just me or is the Surface Pro 3 superior in every way?
  • Is not just you
  • All Apple reinvented was their marketing.
  • I've just published a blog saying a bit more about Apple, Microsoft and reinventing things... You'll find it here ...
  • Consumers who want to buy a MacBook will compare this to the entry-level and equal priced 13 inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display.  People will be more comfortable buying the MacBook Pro (actual ports, a larger screen, better keyboard and trackpad).  This is the real killer regarding the price.
  • I will buy any windows pc of those over tha new Mac but just to make a notice the New Mac aluminum design makes it sturdy and very pleasant to use then many plastic windows alternatives that make many sounds when you squeeze them a little apple rules the build quality side
  • Since when aluminum become sturdy? Dude, it's one of the softest metal on earth.. It's malleable! Take your Crapbook and bend over
  • I talked about the sound that the device when you hold it strong or squeeze it a little, aluminium has a great feeling and dont make sounds be smart and think before you talk and i dont have a Macbook by the way
  • Cute response Ivan.  But quite a few ultrabooks use aluminum in their construction.  It has pluses, and minuses.  Personally I prefer a good solid plastic design over a cost cutting aluminum approach.  More than a few PC manufactuers have cut corners leading to a bowing keyboard that gives the device a low cost feel.  I've never noticed this on Apple products.
  • Spoiler alert: It doesn't
  • This Dell XPS 13 is amazing,, never thought a touch screen would work so well with a this laptop...almost bought one without, glad I optioned for the I5 with touch at the Microsoft store. No bloat ware and it is screaming fast. I enjoy an Apple... In my smoothie every morning.
  • Big fan of the Dell XPS might be my next pc, but I will also think of the HP Spectre x360, I know its heavier, but its a very good computer with and interesting keyboard and trackpad
  • If I was in the market for a slim notebook the apple MacBook would be on my list but not my choice when it does come down to buying it. I would personally go for the XPS 13 or the Lenovo Yoga 3 (Both of them have 13.3" screens) I need a big screen as I work a lot on my laptop. These laptops run windows 8.1 (which I have no issues with) and very soon will be upgradable to Windows 10. My final choice would be the Lenovo Yoga 3 its light weight, its gorgeous to look at and carry and its a convertible and I don't need a tablet. The MacBook can run windows too, is light weight and also does look gorgeous but it lacks all those ports and connectors that I require, its expensive and WAIT FOR IT! Its not a convertible.... I currently own an Asus TP500 and I love this machine and its made my friends who own an apple device envy me.
  • Remember when this was Apples slogan?  My how times have changed. "Does More. Costs Less. It's That Simple."
  • it uses PCIe flash, so it does have that going for it
  • How does it compare to the ASUS Zenbook UX305?
  • looks like the lost the race as soon as they entered it!
  • Surface Pro 3, my favorite computer that I have ever owned. I also have a 15 inch MBP Retina (a great machine no doubt), but I prefer my SP3.
  • Well macs are generally great and offer good user experience. But this new MacBook is a rip off.. Not even basic ports and most probably will lag with retina display and underpowered processor... Better to get a Mac pro by selling out a bit more if anyone really wants a Mac. It's not like mac pro is that heavy From my 1520
  • Fuck Apple
  • Heck, the ASUS notebook, identical specs almost for half the price... And the "ALMOST" means you get more with the ASUS, bigger 13" screen, more ports, etc. - way to go Apple...
  • If you control perception you win. Simple
  • Nothing big, but i know it will sell like crazy. People just want to be trendy, they want to show and the only way they think they can do that is buying an apple.
  • Would it kill you guys to show metric units too? Only the US still clings to all those outdated units
  • "... when real people get the real MacBook in their hands away from Apple's launch event..." The best line of the article. xD my two cents: had it been for apple, i would still not have had a smart pc(w8.1) and a smartphone(redmi 1s) today...way overpricing stuff..
  • The USB defines the term 'single point of failure'.
  • Actually, it reinvents it
  • I wonder why Apple doesn't make touchscreen laptops.  That seems like a no-brainer to me.  I guess there are plenty people who are addicted to trackpads.  When I first used the touchscreen I realized I was never going back.
  • Surface ro 3 and Dell are the best!
  • Surface pro 3 is a killer here
  • The macbook air 12 is actually quite a bit of"reinvention" cause basically its a well damned engineered but the price, what you get, what it can give you and the product itself doesn't make any sense for $1200+. It should be cheaper though cause many materials were cut down and the production were probably less complicated but they still charge higher. The new macbook air just don't make any sense at all.
  •   I know is JUST macbook NOT AIR. And some of it may not be true. But SURE IS FUNNY!! :P :'D
  • It'd be a litle more of a neutral article if you could avoid using Apple trademarks and catchphrases for common terms. For example, a hi resolution display really doesn't need to be called a "Retina" display and Apple's available colors really include dark gray and not "space gray"  
  • I'll just ask, what will sell more?
  • I'm in the Surface Pro camp anytime, any day...
  • I assume Apple fans will praise whatever expensive docking station emerges for it as the "obvious" answer to the lack of ports? Not that MS didn't go that route with their Surface Pros' docking stations, but the Surface Pros' docking stations are not NEARLY as necessary thanks to the port options. I can see Apple's marketing dept spinning this to a "feature" instead of an "extra expense" and the Apple fans will eat it up as usual.
  • Gigantic bezel
  • Not much of a competition. The single USB C-type port disqualifies the MacBook immediately. Those small laptops are supposed to be mobile, easy to use without much clutter. If you want to plug in more than one thing at a time into the MacBook you'll need a (I guess overpriced, proprietary) adapter/hub. Well done, Apple. Screwing customers again. Unless you need MacOS for some reason, the Dell XPS wipes the floor with it (even price-wise).
  • The new Macbook looks great, but I'm getting something a little thicker and a little heavier. The HP Spectre X360.
  • Im glad that i dont need to buy an accessory to use my USB or my MicroSd. I really love my Surface Pro 3.
  • You can add Asus UX305 and Lenovo Lavie Z to that list. These are more of the competitors.
  • OOOF! Look at that first pic of the Mac, gotta say it looks kind of Ugly for an Apple product. What is the divot just below the trackpad for? would have looked nicer without it. Since I have a Surface Pro 3, I have no interest in purchasing anthing at this time.
  • ---
  • what everyone really wants, a new $999 Chomebook Pixel. (it does have USB-C though, 2 of them!!)
  • What seems to be a good, and (relatively speaking) cheap, alternative: ASUS Zenbook UX305FA
  • I love Macs, but the new Macbook is pretty underwhelming, and it crosses into the price point of the base model 13-inch Macbook Pro Retina, which is a MUCH better buy. Plus, you can't beat iMessage working across every device.
  • MacBook crossed all the lines it could, but I think it was the point. Everything ends and starts someday. Never got the iMessage thing, isn't my cup of coffee so to speak.
  • Looks like my SP3 is still better for less $$$.
  • Man, what's wrong with these people? Haven't read any meaningful comment in this thread. Why people act like it's 1990 outside the window? Nowadays there is no problems with software for OS X. The only problem there is, people don't like change which brings pain, so they are glad to pay. Why so much anger and hate? Don't you get it, this creates competition in the market. More companies will create devices with USB-C ports, but eventually we will cut most of the cords and ports. That's first step and someone had to take it. Who else has the potential to take risks with such deep pockets except Apple? I hope this will move future of technology, as shown in Microsoft Future Vision videos, towards us.
  • Core M. That is all anyone needs to know. It'll suck.
  • Unfortunately I have Apple fanboys in my family who claim they won't get viruses and the computer actually lasts. And then they claim iPhone can do more. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • New 12" Macbook comes in "GOLD" color!  Wonder how long it will take Windows notebook manufacturers to pick up on this new change in color1  Last time; HP took over 3 year before then stared making MacBook Pro looking notebooks in silver color!  Let see if HP can make the color change within 18 months this time around!  LOL.
  • Sorface pro all the way, the model that compares wirh macbook is the exact same price (plus keyboard) but is way better
  • This is a good thing that MacBook only have usbc port. We may see more USB-c devices because of that.
  • Wonder what surface would look like with no or very little bezel. Aah, Does anyone know when pro 4 is gonna launch ?
  • the macbook should have the screen bezels of the dell xps 13, and the xps13 should have the keyboard bezel of the macbook. tried typing on an xps13 last night and the keyboard was definitely scrunched. too bad as there is space on either side of the keys. ditto the surface pro 3 keyboard...why not just a little bit wider?
  • Hey there Windows users - out in the wilderness, I enjoyed reading your comments, they made me smile. Thought I'd bring a fraction of balance to the table, hope you don't mind - though I'm sure all you haters will get busy clicking on that down arrow. Go ahead - if it relieves some of the tension associated with using Windows then I recommend it. OK - caveat first - I'm an IT guy and I look after an office of 150 Windows PCs (and three Macs) and a full Windows server environment, for an organisation with 240,000 members. The machine on my desk at work, however, is an iMac - because I have a choice and the other poor schlubs don't - my boss says Windows, so Windows it is. OK firstly - your comparison table up there is nice - but utterly meaningless. Macs have rarely been about having the best specs, though of course the Mac Pro is a monster. The problem with those other computers is  - they're all running a generic version of Windows. The closest you'll get to the utility of a Macbook is the Surface Pro because at least there the hardware and the OS are by the same company. But sorry - there's no comparison - Windows 8.1 even on the admittedly terrific Surface Pro 3 - sucks seven shades of dog cock. I have to support these super-tablets because people unwittingly purchase them thinking they're buying 'business' tools - when all they're getting is a lifetime of fixes, work-arounds and compromises. Apples have always been about the sum-total of the experience, from the piss-easy installation, to the incredible unix-based operating system, to the goreously created hardware. I know it's hard to hear when you hate on Apple for no reason other than they're a successful American company, but Windows is an appalling operating system that came to dominance only because the alternatives were 1) even shitter or 2) not available. It was the least-worst OS that PC manufacturers could bundle with their beige boxes. I probably shouldn't complain because my job wouldn't exist if Windows wasn't quite so unspeakably shite - there's certainly not much money to be made in Apple support because they just don't go wrong as often or crash so regularly. But back to the new Air. Personally it's not a machine I'd ever consider - it's under-powered for my requirements (I have a Macbook Pro at home for photo work and video editing) and the loss of the MagSafe port (which has saved countless Macbooks) is a heavy one. But for the vast majority of people it's perfect - the most demanding use they'll put this machine to is running Powerpoint - no different to the what the users of a Surface Pro 3 or Lenovo Yoga will. They don't need four USB ports because they want a laptop they can tuck under their arm and use all day, wherever they happen to be. They browse the web, they check their email and that's pretty much it. You don't need a 32 core CPU when all you're doing is playing Candy Crush Saga in a browser window. Then there's the operating system. I used to love messing about with Windows on my old PCs - eeking more performance out of Windows 2000 on my old dual-cpu machine. But one day I realised I spent all my time tweaking and fixing and very little time actually using it. Since I transitioned to Apple products I have found that I actually use my machine. Plug in a printer and instead of dicking around looking for 32-bit or 64-bit drivers in small, medium or large bloatware packages that also install myriad other pieces of shit that clutter up the system tray and hinder performance and security and might not even work at all, my Macs just automatically install a driver that works. I know it's a big leap for some of  you guys, driven as you are by some stupid hatred of a corporate entity because you perceive that some other corporate entity is in some way preferable, but the grass is a lot greener over this side of the fence. So instead of knocking up tables that compare Macbook Airs with Surface Pros, why don't you do a meaningful comparison. How many support hours per year are spent on Windows PCs versus Apple PCs? If you gave a complete novice user a Lenovo Yoga and a Macbook Air - which machine would they get along with best? What is the resale value of a Surface Pro 3 after two years of use, versus a Macbook Air? What is the failure rate of a Surface Pro versus a Macbook Air? If something goes wrong with your Surface Pro or your Macbook Air - what is the support process? What software comes free with a Surface Pro versus a Macbook Air and what would I need to buy immediately before I could do a single useful thing - not including playing Sudoku. And so on and so on - meaingful comparisons - not meaningless tables. Alright guys - have fun - please don't get too angry when writing your replies - remember we're just talking about computers here, not the Israel/Palestine conflict.
  • Ahhh. The 2015 edition of "I'm a Mac / I'm a PC". Its back!