How to create the Witcher Geralt in Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World launched on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 today, and since then players have been experimenting with creating various characters. While many look absolutely terrifying with emerald faces and other paints, some are unexpected masterpieces. One such creation is Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

A YouTuber by the name of TheTrickyAcid posted a tutorial on how anyone can bring the Witcher into Monster Hunter: World. The game features in-depth customization options which allow you to tailor your character and companion. While it's always fun to generate a hunter who looks somewhat like you, it's even better when you can bring other characters to the game. Geralt is by far the most famous monster hunter out there, so he's a fitting addition to Monster Hunter: World.

The main objective in Monster Hunter: World is to simply battle gigantic monsters in epic locales. As a hunter, you'll take on quests to kill increasingly difficult beasts in their exotic habitats. Gamers who take down these monsters will receive numerous materials that can be used to create stronger weapons and armor in order to hunt down even more dangerous monsters.

The Monster Hunter franchise started off on the PlayStation 2 in 2004 but then became a Nintendo exclusive for many years. Games like Monster Hunter Tri, Monster Hunter 4, and even Monster Hunter Generations were only available on systems like the Nintendo Wii or Nintendo 3DS. Be sure to check out our review if you want to know more about the game.

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