NVIDIA G-Sync is a technology licensed out by the GPU maker to companies making displays for PCs and laptops.

In a nutshell, it provides silky smooth, tear-free gaming by allowing the monitor and GPU to talk to each other. The display draws every frame drawn by the GPU, and this variable refresh rate ensures no tears during gameplay.

It is, however, not enabled by magic as soon as you hook up a G-Sync display. Here's what you need to do.


  1. Right click on your desktop.
  2. Select NVIDIA Control Panel.
  3. Expand the display item in the sidebar.
  4. Click on set up G-Sync.
  5. Check the box next to enable G-Sync.
  6. Below this choose whether you want G-Sync enabled for only full screen or full screen and windowed modes.

To use G-Sync in your games, you'll also need to set your monitor as your primary display in this same control panel if you're using multiple monitors.

  1. In the same window as above click on set up multiple displays.
  2. Ensure that the G-Sync monitor is in the correct location and highlighted as primary.

If you need to make it your primary display then follow these steps.

  1. Open the Windows 10 settings app.
  2. Click system.
  3. Now click on display.
  4. Highlight the box corresponding to the display in question.
  5. Scroll down and check the box next to make this my primary display.

Now when you game you'll have crisp, tear-free on-screen action. Simple!

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