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How to find new Microsoft Edge extensions

It's not immediately obvious just how to locate browser extensions for Microsoft Edge — you have to know exactly what you're looking for. Perhaps it should be simpler, or maybe the Windows Wtore isn't the best way to distribute them. Regardless, it's not super clear.

If you scroll all the way to the bottom on the main Store page you'll find a box that'll link you to the Microsoft Edge extensions collection. But if you go to Apps, it doesn't seem to show up. Confusing much? In any case, this is the best way to make sure you always get where you're going.

Microsoft Edge

  1. In Microsoft Edge click on the three dots icon in the top right corner.
  2. Click on extensions. Any extensions you have installed already will be listed here.
  3. Click on Get extensions from the Store. This will be listed after any already-installed extensions.

Clicking on this will now always take you to the Edge extensions collection in the Windows Store, regardless of what the Store itself is displaying at any time to help (or not as it may be) find them yourself.

So, if you've been poking around wondering where to find these things, now you know the best way to get there every time!

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  • Is there a list of extensions that are currently under development or in preview stage? For example, uBlock Origin is not viewable from the Store unless you use a direct link. Are there other extensions out there that we don't know of?
  • I always wondered why ublock isn't searchable without a direct link
  • It's because it's still in preview. There are a couple of features that are not yet working because of either uBlock or browser compatibility quirks. As soon as these are fixed and (in the case of the browser quirks) available to the public then it will be featured in the Store.
  • Oh I didn't realize it is still in preview!
  • Sorry on that way you did not find every extensions. In germany there is uBlock Origin not listed in this list, this extension you can find only with a direct link, because the search function in the store also do not find them.
  • uBlock is not available in search in any country because it's not ready yet.
  • Waiting for them to become available for mobile also.
  • You'll be waiting for a looooooooong time.
  • I'm waiting for some extensions, notably ad blockers, to become more stable/consistent. I have reinstalled Edge twice, and I believe it is the result of using ad blocker extensions (whether AdBlock Plus or Ghostery).  Has anyone else experienced issues (unusable, page locking, etc) in Edge when using AdBlockers?
  • Overkill for a 'How to' article.
  • My ad block works great. The one called lights out that was recommended in the other extensions article is garbage. You have to manually turn it on, and matter what you set it to. I is a great idea, but poor execution. If it went lights out automatically when you played a video and lights on after you finished it would be deadly!