How to watch Blu-rays and DVDs on Xbox One

You'd think it would be as simple as popping in the disc, but it's not since the Blu-ray functionality requires a separate app that is, for some reason, not bundled with the Xbox One.

If you're a new Xbox One owner and you're having trouble getting started, here's how to get up and running with Blu-ray on Xbox One.

Install the Blu-ray app

The easiest way to get started with Blu-ray playback is to simply pop in a disc to the console. Make sure the disc's art is facing upwards in relation to the console when you insert it.

The Xbox One S and Xbox One X can play discs safely in a vertical position, but the original 2013 Xbox One has to be horizontal during disc playback, or you run the risk of damaging your disk. If you're planning to watch 4K content, you need to take a look at this guide to get set up properly for UHD playback.

  1. Once you insert the disc, it should link to the Microsoft Store automatically to download the relevant app. Alternatively, you can hit the tile on the dashboard that looks like a disc icon.

  1. You will end up on the Microsoft Store right on top of the Blu-ray Player app. Hit Install to get going.

  1. Once it has installed, you'll be able to return to the main dashboard and launch your movie. Hit the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide.
  2. Hit Home to return home.

  1. You can either launch the Blu-ray Player app from the recent apps list in the guide, in the screenshot above, or hit the disc icon on the home dashboard to launch your disc.

Blu-ray and DVD controls on Xbox controllers

If you don't have an Xbox media remote, you can use a regular Xbox gamepad to control playback. Here are the basics:

  • Press X to Pause and Unpause.
  • Press Left Bumper or Y to Skip back one chapter.
  • Press Right Bumper or Y to Skip forward one chapter.
  • Press Right Trigger to Fast Forward.
  • Press Left Trigger to Rewind.
  • Press B or Y to access On-screen playback controls.
  • Press View to access Advanced Controls (including subtitles and more).
  • Press Menu Button to access Blu-ray disc's pop-up menu (not supported by all discs).

Hit the comments, and let us know if you have any questions!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • So it doesn't auto launch the app when launching the disc or at least link to in the store? Great move.
  • It does auto launch when a DVD or Blu-Ray disk is inserted but you have to download the Blu-Ray player from the store first.
  • common
  • It's licensing, Microsoft did the same thing with DVDs on the original Xbox.
  • That wasn't the same thing though (well, not exactly). That required a separate purchase completely, this is not having a free app installed automatically or bundled with the system. I admit that I didn't fully read the instructions before commenting, and it sounds like even the most non-techie should have no issues finding the app, it still makes little sense to not bundle the app on setup.
  • Seriously?  I've heard of slow news days, but this is a joke.  Can you do an in depth article of how to plug the console into an outlet?  Or how about a "Wardatorial" on the power button? I come to the site a lot, and I can look past the artcles that are trying to sell me stuff, but things like this just hurt your credibility.  I really hope you guys show better judgement in the future. This could have been part of a larger article about using the Xbox One as a media device.  What apps are available (Kodi is  hot off the presses), which apps support 4k and HDR, etc.  This is not a standalone artile, and I use the term "article" lightly.   
  • You underestimate how some people are really incompetent with techology (I'm essentially the IT guy for my family), so I don't think it's unecessary.  Regarding having separate vs more in-depth articles... I agree with both sides of the argument. More in-depth articles are nice and I think necessary, but when everything is lumped in one article it can be harder to find via bing or google. Short stand-alone articles like this are easier to search for and to come up in a search result.
  • It's the week between Christmas and New Years.  I'm sure most of the writers are on vacation and fluff articles like these are quick & easy to write and schedule ahead of time.  I do like your suggestion of the "Warditorial" on the power button, lol. 
  • When I got my Xbox one S last year, I wouldn't have know about having to install the blu-ray app. If I hadn't read about it on here first. Not because I am not tech savvy but, because it was my first Xbox. Not everyone knows everything straight away!!
  • It made me laugh when I saw it and as the headline says xbox one I thought it meant the old one. Also, you use the word 'artile' lightly, lol
  • You'd think they'd use the Ultra HD Blu-ray logo on the tile.
    Its not just playing BD, its also about presentation.
    Informative article as I plan to pick up a first ever Xbox console.
  • I kind of agree with you, but really the average person doesn't pay attention to that kind of detail. I'm not saying it as a reason as to why they don't need to do that, but that it's not as big of a deal.
  • I don't know.
    If you had an Xbox alongside a 4k BD player in your rig, which device do you think an average person would choose to insert a disc into.
  • I completely agree!
    Whilst I know my Xbox One X does 4K and UHD, it make much more sense to have the UHD or 4K logo on the tile of the Blu-Ray app. Especially as 4K TVs are on selling like hotcakes now!
    I get the counter argument that people with the 1080p Xbox and TV would think that they need a "non-4K" app, but then surely that's solved by the UHD logo? No?
  • It's nice bonus that it plays 4K discs but anyone who cares about picture quality should get a real player.
  • And why is that
  • You can't trust Microsoft on consumer electronics.
    They don't always follow certification guidelines and requirements.
    For instance, there's no mention of HDCP version at the back of the unit.
    We have to assume its ver 2.2.
    Then things like bitstream comes live with an update. Or this and that is not enabled.
    And then they don't bother to make a proper remote.
  • Because go to any AV forum or specialist and you will find out that Xbox is only a run of the mill Blu-ray player, nothing special. Proper BD players give better image quality, Xbox has broken internal RGB conversion see HDTVtest review of Xbox One X on Youtube. Better features like Dolby Vision HDR and more audio bit-streaming support that doesn't bug out. Superior compatability with UHD Blu-ray titles, Xbox BD app still has persistant problems with various titles. The Xbox shouldnt be like that and all of the above are fixable but it's clear the AV team at Xbox if there even is one have different priorities.
  • not true at all.
  • Not necessarily the case. The 4k capability is good, and noticeable even for the average consumer. In fact, it is better than streamed 4K content for most of stuff I have seen. For the price of XOX, it is probably the best 4K BD player on the market. You can care about picture quality and not want to spend $1k on a dedicated player. XOX adds so much value beside 4K disc player. I have used other 4K players from Sony and Samsung and their app interface and selection is no where as good as on XOX.
  • Who plays DVDs anymore, lol
  • me, because 90% of my country's population (that's some 230 million people for you) cannot afford blu-rays, and movie stores over here hardly sell any blu-ray films anyway
  • And me. I think I have yet to even use a Blu-ray disc that wasn't a game. All my HD viewing is done via streaming. In fact, I don't use discs in general for media.
  • You failed to mention how to set it up in order to play back 4k UHD content. There are some additional settings and checks you need to do. Granted, it will play as long as you have the app, so kudos for pointing out that it isn't preinstalled, but this feels like half an article.
  • I have a lot of issues with older bluray discs. I have read it could be to DRM, or lack there of on these older discs. Anyone know how to fix that?
  • I still get audio sync errors. Both Xbox One and Xbox One X
  • Maybe but as soon as you go Plex there is no "pass-through" audio. And I for one digitize everything I get and therefore no version of Xbox is usefull or even remotely good. 
  • How about bookmarks. Haven't found this functionality yet.
  • I have been using this on both the original Xbox one and now the Xbox one s. Both have a strange audio sync issue. Once our twice per disc the audio will stop while the picture continues. Then the picture will pause will the audio catches up. The it proceeds normally. This is very annoying.  I have had the problem with 2 consoles now.  I don't play that many discs but I wish Ms would fix this.