How to extract a stuck disc from your Xbox One or Xbox One S


Be it a game or a Blu-ray movie you've put inside your Xbox One, it's not inconceivable that at some point in the lifetime of the console a disc may get stuck in the drive for some reason.

But before you grab the toolbox and think about opening up your console (which you probably don't want to do anyway) there's a simple method that should help you. It works for both the original Xbox One console and the Xbox One S, the method is exactly the same in both cases.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Turn off your console and remove the power cable from the rear.
  2. Find a large paper clip and straighten it, or locate something of similar thickness with at least an inch of length.
  3. On the left-hand side of the original Xbox console, slightly above and to the right of the USB port, you should see an orange square. On Xbox One S, this is an orange circle.
  4. Located next to the orange square/inside the orange circle is the eject hole, put the paper clip in it.
  5. You might need to angle it forwards at the same time, but ensure to push the paper clip as far inside as possible.

Your disc should now appear very slightly out of the drive slot on the front of the console. Not all the way but far enough to be able to grab hold and remove the offending item.

And that's all there is to it. Taking apart the Xbox One or Xbox One S is not for the feint at heart and should only ever be attempted in an absolute last gasp, worst case scenario. In the case of a stuck disc, this should get you back up and running without such drama.

Updated June 28 2017 to include information on the Xbox One S.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • Wow
  • Wow, indeed. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Here's a Better idea. Get rid of physical discs.
  • No.
  • sadly not everyone in the world have the luxury of 100 Gbps fibre internet like you, who can download the entire GTA V in 7 seconds. Here in 3rd world country it takes 4 days with my puny 10 Mbps to download halo master chief collection, yet it costs 30% of my monthly salary to pay the internet bill. So yeah, poor and unfortunate people still need physical discs.
  • Keep discs in ur third world nation then. America is already over DVD and cds.
  • Interesting
  • Yep :)
  • Do people still buy software on disks? ( and I'm a person with huge physical collections before things became available online. Started with VHS cassettes )
  • I do. Many times Disc games are cheaper than they are in the Xbox store. Also I like trading in my games when I'm done with them to help pay for new games.
  • See, I can understand that for people that like trading in. It's just something that I can't do. I'm a collector when it comes to owning movies, games etc. I love having a library of things I own. Even if that's now digital. For about the first few years of the 360 era I had most in physical disks. But not since. May that be Steam, Windows store or Xbox. I do miss the dirt cheap games I would order from Amazon every other week... But being a collector made me realize I can't afford any more space taken from them. Now I just need another 5tb disk whenever the last one is full since I also like having everything almost preinstalled! XD
  • I can understand that. I have both digital games and discs. For 360 I still have a coupple hundred on a bookcase in my living room waiting to be played and traded in. I just cant help but add to the collection everytime GameStop does 5 for $10 (sometimes its 4 for $10).
  • It's like holiday sales. I know. Thankfully I own most of the games on offer and I'm not that sad on missing on them. Price to pay for renovating the house! But truly, what I miss the most, other than opening the new games from their cases, is those barely older games on very cheap prices. And don't expect digital games to become any cheaper like on PC. Due to the platform holders being the only digital distributor of them...
  • I try to personally buy more games on disc than digtally.  I like classic games time to time. I play games that are now (man I am getting old) 25-30 years old. The big question is once the Xbox one is done 10 years from now and they offically kill off the Xbox One.... If you plug in your OLD Xbox one 25 years from now, will you STILL be able to download games to play ? Odds are very high no you wont. If you have the physical disc, 40 years from now, as long as the Xbox one IS still working, YOU CAN play the game. Something digital could never offer... or at least a 100% garantee that you will... Nevermind a month old Phsycal game is normally at least 10-15 cheaper than a digital one, Crap some 3 year old games are still selling for $59.99 on Xbox live but, you can buy then in ANY bargin bin at game stop for unde $20... This is a VERY common thing.
  • With games moving to more multiplayer cloud based enviroments it wont matter if you have the disc in 20-30 years, if the servers are down then the game likely wont be playable anyway.
  • Your "Old school" it will play forever mindset is incorrect for today's consols from MS and Sony.  It is still a posibility that your discs could stop working even though the console is working just fine.  Read the fine print folks.
  • It's easy to get digital content on sale or cheaper.  You just gotta know how to "play the game"  :)
  • Keith, ALL the times, disc games are cheaper than the xbox store (even most of the AAA deals in the current special offer). But I still only buy digital for several reasons including disc swapping, potential damage, loss, loudness.  I'll occasionally buy a disc cheap to see if I'll like the game, and if I do I'l buy it as a download and sell the disc to some sucker, I mean person via ebay.
  • So the "suckers" are the ones that pay less for the game, and, have the ability to sell it, make some of that less money they paid back and buy another game and a lower price?
  • Sounds like the sucker is you.....can't wait until your account gets hacked and/ or closed. Bye Bye to all your precious downloadable games. You do know that Microsoft and Playstation rarely care enough to transfer your account if you get hacked, right??? They just tell you to create a new account and deal with it.   Also you'd rather buy the game twice because you're a digital hoarder rather than just save the money and hassle of re-buying and re-selling it?
  • I literally have no idea what your talking about? How would my account get hacked or closed because I buy disc based games? I'm pretty sure Microsoft won't ban me for buying games from GameStop. When did I ever say I buy games twice? I buy digitally OR on disc, not both. Or was this response not for me? It gets so hard to tell sometimes on here lol.
  • Not you!!!! the other guy that was giving everybody the middle finger with his opinion! lol
  • Actually VHS was second. Started off with audio tapes on an AIWA.. Lol
  • I wonder if Xbox One will accept VHS?
  • You could buy a cheapo VCR plus a $15 composite-HDMI adaptor and use the XBox's HDMI-IN.
  • Ah I was only joking :D
  • Lol.. XD
  • >I wonder if Xbox One will accept VHS? Well it looks like a VHS player... at least the size of a 1970's one...  
  • I only buy physical discs.
  • Yes, I like having the physical disks future access. Not sure that's really necessary any more, unless MS goes out of business... But I also have relatively low bandwidth out in the country, so they're also much faster to install and don't consume 100% of our Internet bandwidth for a few days while the game downloads.
  • If MS went out of business, there's a chance the Xbox One might stop playing all games, disc online or otherwise.  The PS4 would also be at risk for this.  Both consoles are setup the same for the way games are handled (yes, it changed after their initial setup)  Of course, neither company is at risk, though Sony has been questionable at times.  Modern gaming is different these days folks.  Discs are for old school losers.
  • @Nargg, you seem to have gone after a strawman. I said that was not the reason, but rather it was the days it would take to download a multi GB game. During that entire download period, our otherwise fine, low-latency Internet connection would be saturated, hurting web browsing, normal size file downloads, and our VoIP phones. Disks are faster for me and don't have any of those nasty side effects. You may want to check your insults before basically saying everyone who doesn't live in an urban or suburban area is a loser.
  • Older gamers have newbox smell fetish.
  • Yes.
  • Yeah, now tell me how to extract the coins my 2 year old thought would be fun to feed my Xbox one.
  • Tell me about it , my son fed orange juice to my Xbox 360 a week after I bought it -days after it came out-
  • How do we get play-doh out of the Xbox One?
  • There's a play doh eject button to the left, toast is to the right
  • Hope they release a discless version one of these days.  Discs are bad.
  • Seriously? Just buy your games in the Windows Store and don't use the disc drive. Some people do use it for games and movies.
  • Thanks for the info. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ha, wow, didn't know that little button existed. Makes sense, I suppose, as normal PC disc trays also have a similar button.
  • lmao this exists
  • What? The article or the function? Either way, it is beneficial. I had no idea where it was (haven't needed it though). And, all disk based drives (at least the good ones) have an eject of this kind.
  • Yeah, agree about not opening your console. Trust me, ya don't wanna do this. Not only will you void your warranty, but Microsoft will also refuse to repair it even if you pay to have it repaired.
  • Disc stuck in my Xbox one tried the paper clip in the hole on the side no luck any other way
  • Try screaming 'EJECT!!!!' at it. lol What that doesn't work? I thought xbone had voice control as a feature?
  • Great tip thanks I didn't know that was there...
  • The more you know
  • Great tip. More power to you.
  • Don't get me started on Xbox One disc drives. I had to send mine off to Frankfurt this week to be repaired. It was the old grinding issue.
  • You learn something new everyday!
  • I tried that & it never worked. I used a screwdriver & cleaned it out while I was inside it. Worked much better after I was done. :)
  • Nice tip
  • Soo... Using disks is still a thing these days?
    I mean yea... I occasionally buy phsysical copies of games ALSO available on Steam when the phsysical copy is considerably less expensive but actually using the disk? Can't tell the last time I actually USED one.
    As for Xbox One games... It would drive me NUTS to get up and DJ disks around every time I plan to play something else - How do people still cope with that **** instead of relying on Digital downloads =)
  • Buying disks means you can leverage a free market and shop around for the best price, either from an online or a normal shop. If you only buy digital downloads, you are pretty much stuck with a single supplier and that means no free market to drive down prices.
  • Digital download codes are also sold by other retailers. But I always found better prices at the Xbox store.
  • Blue Rays can get stuck too. Last I checked, those are still discs.
  • on PC, buying discs just replaces the requirement of downloading hundreds of GB of a game. It just saves you time (and internet fees/quota depends on the ISP) but the game is already yours. On consoles, the disc is required to be inserted because the game is not linked to your MS account. The game isn't yours, but you can play as long as the disc is there.
  • It's faint of heart, guys.