How to improve the HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap

HTC's Deluxe Audio Strap (DAS) adds the built-in headphones to the HTC Vive VR headset, just like the Oculus Rift and the Samsung Odyssey. Not only is the DAS sporting adjustable headphones, it also has a different fastening system that involves plenty of padding and an adjustment dial instead of the default elastic straps. Still, some find that the new strap doesn't quite make the Vive as comfortable as it should be, especially during long play times, and there are some interesting mods popping up on the internet.

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Add a wedge beneath the top strap

One of the biggest issues with the Vive DAS (and, for that matter, the Vive's original strap), is that the top strap pulls the headset into your forehead rather than just keeping it in the correct position on your face. This is mostly due to the fact that the strap attaches to the display at a right angle.

Reddit user djgrahamj posted a wedge solution in the Vive subreddit, and judging by the positive feedback, more than a few people have given it a shot. All it takes is some high density foam carved into a wedge shape and placed between your forehead and the top strap. This causes the headset to be held up rather than straight back into your forehead. djgramhamj was even kind enough to provide us of a mockup of their creation.

Credit to Reddit user djgrahamj for idea and image.

Although the original wedge was created from an old child's toy, there are plenty of buying options on Amazon when it comes to the foam needed to get this done.

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Add a counterweight to the back

If you'd rather not deal with carving a wedge out of foam, you can always add a counterweight to the back of the headset. Whereas the Vive's original strap had elastic on the back and would sag when weight was attached, the DAS has a hard plastic back that can easily accept a mod.

For those using a TPCast for wireless VR, there's a 3D print available on Thingiverse for an attachable battery holder. Just clip it onto the back part of the DAS, and you can mount the battery pack as a rear counterweight rather than just plain weight on the top of your head.

Credit to Thingiverse user stu3d for image and idea.

Don't have a TPCast? No worries. Just about anything with a bit of weight can be attached to the back of the headset to act as a counterweight. Even a tape measure has been spotted in the wild.

Try an alternative strap

Would you rather not shell out a hundred bucks for an official DAS? Feel like your standalone headphones offer a much better listening experience? Some Vive owners have taken it upon themselves to create something that resembles the DAS, using relatively cheap (about $30) replacement helmet headgear.

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It's fully adjustable thanks to three dials, and to attach it to your Vive, Thingiverse user nw15062 created a recipe for a bracket made specifically for this purpose.

Credit to Thingiverse user nw15062 for this idea and image.

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