How to download and install the HoloLens April 2018 Update

If you've got yourself a HoloLens but are wondering where the latest April 2018 Update is, we've got you covered with a quick how-to on installing the new update on your device.

Unfortunately, Microsoft isn't pushing out the April 2018 Update to HoloLens devices running the Anniversary Update, likely because there is no direct upgrade path from the older OS to the new one. However, Microsoft has released a way to manually install it using the Windows Device Recovery Tool, which you can grab from this website. This will unfortunately require you to wipe and factory reset your device, so depending on whether or not you want to do that, this how-to will take you through all the steps required for installing the April 2018 Update on HoloLens. Let's dig in!

How to install The April 2018 Update for Microsoft HoloLens

  1. Download the Windows Device Recovery Tool using your PC.
  2. Power on your Microsoft HoloLens.
  3. Connect your HoloLens to your PC.
  4. Run the Windows Device Recovery Tool program.
  5. Select the Microsoft HoloLens device.

  1. Ensure the software available on server is 17134.0 or higher and then select Install software.

  1. Wait for the package to download. (This will take a few minutes.)

  1. Make sure your battery is at least 25 percent charged, and then select Next.

  1. Read the warnings and make sure you have backed up anything you wish to save because this will wipe your HoloLens, then select "Continue."

  1. Wait for the installation to complete. (Your HoloLens will restart several times, and it will take several minutes to complete.)

Once the progress bar is complete, the April 2018 Update should be installed on your HoloLens. Again, keep in mind that this will wipe and factory reset your HoloLens, meaning you will have to go through the HoloLens set up process again, pair all your Bluetooth peripherals, and reinstall any apps you had installed before.

There are lots of improvements for HoloLens in the April Update, including enhancements to the window-management gestures, more voice commands, new APIs, and a whole lot more.

Make sure you check out the entire OS changelog here if you're curious as to what's new.

Zac Bowden
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