How to play Unravel Two for Xbox One right now

Unravel Two Box Art
Unravel Two Box Art (Image credit: EA)


Unravel (Image credit: EA)

Electronic Arts recently unveiled Unravel Two, a successor to its 2016 indie puzzle-based platforming game, as a part of its E3 2018 showcase. This latest entry revives the adorable "Yarny" for a new set of adventures, with new locations, puzzles, and a seamless local co-op mode.

One of the biggest surprises of the show was Unravel Two's availability, with the game already up for download on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Players can now dive in Yarny's latest adventure, with the game retailing for $19.99 across digital storefronts.

Xbox One players can now download the game via the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab), with a price cut to $17.99 offered to EA Access subscribers. The game also offers Xbox One X enhancements which bump the game the 4K resolution, although High Dynamic Range (HDR) support appears to be absent.

To download and play Unravel Two today, head to the game's Xbox One listing (opens in new tab) on the web or your console.

See at Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

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  • Gorgeous game, but I never played the first one. Is the co-op local? That would be more interesting to me.
  • Yep, actually only local coop
  • Well, I know what I'm buying this week.
  • Bought it!
  • Thanks for the tip. BTW this brings to mind something I've wanted to see for some time in respects to family gaming. Can you please create a link at top of WC page for Best xBox family friendly games. Think children 10 years old and younger. Would be nice to see a list of the best games that parents can play with their younger children, that is entertaining for both. Thanks again.
  • I'm loving this game. Just hoping they'll make the switch to For now though, the PC version is definitely a winner. Amazon has the option to get it free! Check it out