It's that time of the year again. Super Bowl LIII kicks off at 6:30 p.m. ET. on Sunday, Feb. 3. While those with cable can just watch it on their TV, you can also catch every play, commercial, and musical guest thanks to these apps that are available on Windows 10. The Super Bowl can be streamed a number of ways this year including both free and subscription-based options.

Straight from the source: CBS All Access

If you'd like to watch the game through your Xbox One or other streaming box, you'll want to use CBS All Access. You can then watch the Super Bowl through the CBS app on Windows 10 and Xbox. It requires a subscription that also gets you access to shows like Star Trek: Discovery.

$6 a month at CBS

Green machine: Hulu with Live TV

Hulu is upgrading its app on Windows 10 to a more progressive web version. With that change comes support for live television if you subscribe to Hulu with Live TV. If the app hasn't updated for you, it will still work in your browser. The Live TV plan is expensive, but worth it if you also want DVR and access to Hulu originals.

$40 a month at Hulu

Alongside your videos: YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a newcomer in the live television industry. The exact number of channels you get depends on where you live, but CBS is included in many areas. There isn't an app for YouTube TV on Windows 10, so you'll have to use your browser of choice.

$40 a month at YouTube

Audio only: TuneIn

If you prefer to listen to the game or can't get to a screen to stream it, you can listen to the Super Bowl on TuneIn Radio. If you subscribe to TuneIn Premium, you gain access to live play-by-play broadcasts of every NFL game including the Super Bowl. If you have a TuneIn Live subscription you can also listen through Amazon Alexa.

$10 a month at TuneIn

How you watch the Super Bowl depends largely on what subscriptions you're already subscribed to. If you're a Trekkie and already have CBS All Access, it's convenient for you to pop the game on through CBS's apps on Windows 10 and Xbox One. If you don't subscribe to anything, you can always watch the game for free through CBS's website or use an OTA Tuner to watch it.

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