How the Surface Duo 2 gave a researcher in Australia his life back

Surface Duo 2 Kellermann
Surface Duo 2 Kellermann (Image credit: David Kellermann via Medium)

What you need to know

  • A researcher at the University of New South Wales saw his workflow change when he swapped to a Surface Duo 2.
  • The unique form factor of the device allowed him to improve his productivity when on the go.
  • The researcher found himself using the Surface Duo 2 for meetings over his laptop.

Dr. David Kellermann is a senior lecturer at the University of New South Wales in Australia, an engineer, and an academic. He's also a Surface Duo 2 owner that had his work changed by Microsoft's foldable device. Kellermann shared his experience with the Duo 2 in a recent blog post, including how it allowed him to spend more time with his family.

It's worth reading through Kellermann's entire post, but we'll run through some of the highlights.

Surface Duo 2 Kellermann

Source: David Kellermann via Medium (Image credit: Source: David Kellermann via Medium)

Dr. Kellermann swapped his SIM from his Google Pixel 5 to the Duo 2. It wasn't a light switch moment that made it clear that the Duo 2 was the future of mobile productivity. In fact, Kellermann said the experience "felt alien in every way." The unique form factor of the Duo 2 created a learning curve and had him yearning for his more traditional Pixel 5.

But as Kellermann used the Duo 2 as his main device, he discovered its usefulness. "Then, over the coming days, weird things started to happen: I started using it in ways I'd never used a phone before." Kellermann found that the two screens of the device allowed him to multitask on the go. Eventually, he started using the Duo 2 instead of his laptop to attend virtual meetings.

"I started actually choosing to take meetings on my Duo over my trusty laptop," said Kellermann. "I could easily sit it on a bench with one side folded up like a laptop, having the front facing camera pointing at me."

"The form factor of this device changes the way you use it by lowering some barriers and raising others." — Dr. David Kellermann

One instance exemplified how the Duo 2 changed Kellermann's workflow. During a three-hour period in which he invigilated an exam, Kellermann responded to messages on Teams and emails on the Duo 2. Because the device made this process less stressful, he was able to get his work done while at the park with his son.

"I would have been dizzied switching back and forth between apps on my old phone," recalled Kellermann. "Actually, I just wouldn't have taken my son to the park. This thing gave me back life."

Kellermann's piece doesn't paint a perfect picture for the Duo 2. He recognizes its software bugs, flaws, and weird errors. It does, however, show that the form factor of the Duo family of devices works well for some people.

"I don't want a single folding screen like the Samsung Fold. I want this thing, refined. I want this thing with a Google Pixel-quality camera," concluded Kellermann.

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