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How to turn Windows Mixed Reality motion controllers on and off

There's no "on" button glaring at you — flipping the power on a Windows Mixed Reality Motion Controller is a little more subtle than that. The first thing you have to do, of course, is to pop in the batteries and connect your Motion Controllers to your PC.

How to connect Windows Mixed Reality Motion Controllers

Battery life on the controllers should be pretty good, but equally, you don't want to throw your power away when you're not using them. After a short while they'll simply turn off on their own, likewise the headset will go to sleep. But if you need to turn them off manually, or turn them back on again, it's simple.

Hold down the Windows key on each controller for about 2 seconds. When it turns on you'll feel a single vibration. Repeat the process to turn them off again, and you'll feel a double vibration.

So, incredibly easy. But also not immediately obvious.

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