How to use Google Calendar on Windows 10 PC

Windows 10 has its own calendar app, which makes it easy for you to track all your appointments, events, and vacations right on your PC. However, if you're thinking, "I already have a Google calendar for that," the good news is you can important your Google Calendar into the Calendar app on Windows 10.

How to import your Google Calendar into the Calendar app on Windows 10 PC

By default, your Calendar app should be located in your Start menu. If you have removed it from the Start menu, it's readily available through the File Explorer.

  1. Click on the Start menu button. It's the Windows icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  2. Click on the Calendar app.

  1. Click on the Settings button. It looks like a gear.
  2. Click on Manage Accounts.

  1. Click on Add account.
  2. Click on Google.

  1. Enter your email address.
  2. Click Next
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Click Sign in.

  1. Click Allow.
  2. Click on Done.

How to create an event on your Google Calendar in the Calendar app on Windows 10

  1. Click on the Start menu button. It's the Windows icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  2. Click on the Calendar app.

  1. Click on the date you want.
  2. Enter the event name.

  1. Click on the check box beside All day. (Don't do this if you want the event to last all day in your Calendar.)
  2. Click on the start time.

  1. Enter your desired start time.
  2. Click on the end time.

  1. Enter your desired end time.
  2. Click on location. If you don't want to add a location, skip to step 12.

  1. Enter your desired location.
  2. Click on the dropdown menu beside the calendar.
  3. Click on the Google calendar in which you wish to have the event placed. (This should be represented by your gmail address.)

  1. Click on the Done button.

Luke Filipowicz
  • Best way to use Google calendar on a PC. Supports multiple calendars on multiple accounts really well too.
  • Anyone else get bombarded with multiple birthday reminders that cannot be deleted? Also, does Cortana not recognize your flights and plans from your email like it did in WP8?
  • if you open the side bar you can uncheck the accounts which takes away the birthdays, not ideal but stops a really full calendar
  • No but you can turn them off so they don't show at all on your calendar.
  • Yes. I have some birthdays that I can't edit nor delete, but I didn't check the to do that
  • Yes, major annoyance! It seems like I have the option to get rid of all or not. And yes, I have had flights and plans that don't seem to be recognized any more...
  • Best way is not to use NOTHING from that company.
  • +1
  • I'm sure this argument will convince literally no one.
  • Simple request.
    If you don't like it, simply refuse.
    I don't see any argument
  • "that" being Microsoft or Google?  Or neither?  Or are you just feeling out of sorts? 
  • Not nothing?
  • "Not to use nothing", so use everything they offer?
  • Not necessary everything but something at minimum.
  • Yeah but on native Google calendar business people like me can use 2 hour and 3 hour reminders to cover commutes, not just the one hour reminder that is the only option on Windows, making the calendar app useless for business people and sales professionals. I've been sending feedback for years on this and still no change.
  • Cortana reminders show up on the calendar. use Cortana. better than a set 2 or 3 or 4 hours (that windows does in fact do) if you want something specific other than that. not to mention, Cortana tells you when you should start your commute
  • I use Cortana for basic reminders but I need the calendar to be more advanced so I can enter appointments in different calendars. I have 3 calendar accounts that I use and Cortana will only be efficient on my native Outlook calendar.
  • do you have those calendars checked in manage accounts? i use 4. if you give me an example of your needs, i may be able to direct you on how to go about doing what you need to do.
  • Thank you, yes I use many calendars however one of them is a business account that I share with my brother for business. We set calendar appointments so we can both view and edit so I need the calendar to be able to handle the appointments. My brother enters all of our business appointments because he uses a Nexus, so I text him the appointment then he enters them because his Android does this very simple task and its quite embarrassing for me actually.
  • Google Now does that on Android (and I'd assume Chrome OS) devices, and Apple Calendar does this across all of their devices, as well. Cortana was actually about a year or more late to the game with this. You don't need to set a 2 hour reminder on Google Devices.  Google Now can remind you based on your location, method of travel, and traffic conditions (among other things) in regards to the start of the event. This is the "normal" way for me to set reminders on my Apple devices, and it was the normal way for me to get reminders on Android as well... Since about shortly after Google Now became a thing...
  • Cortana does this as well, but I still need the option for 2 or 3 hour reminder because many of these events are "to do" events and not necessarily "to go to" events that have a destination.
  • "Hey Cortana, remind me to do (said event/task) at/when I speak with/when I get to" I'm having difficulty understanding what you are saying you cannot do so I don't know if I can help you unless you give me a specific example.
  • I do not use google. For reminders' I use Cortana.
  • I was not referring to reminder apps, I was referring to the reminder of the actual calendar event
  • Alright. I just don't use google at all.
  • I don't use Google either, I use outlook calendar for outlook accounts and that's the problem. When I did use Google or any other calendar in Google Play, this basic reminder feature was in every single app.
  • Try that as feedback, I hope someone will use your suggestion.
  • Oh I have been using it as feedback for years and actually many others too, I guess MS just doesn't care. Especially when its such a simple fix as adding them in the drop down
  • I believe you.
  • All these awesome staffs about Cortana really mean nothing to me since Cortana's not available in my country
  • the cheap guys in Mountain View should start making apps for windows like they do to ios and android i don't know why this extreme hate from google toward windows and microsoft
  • Windows phones market share is 0.3% and shrinking. No point.
  • Did you notice how this entire article was about 10 on PC? Not that it doesn't apply to mobile as well.
  • Some Google services not working on PC?
  • All their services are browser based, so PC is already covered. Google also has the Google Drive sync tool for desktop, and a music uploader. Besides those two, which of their services would benefit from a dedicated program?
  • Yep...everyone who does develop is doing pointless work. You should really do consulting because so many are making poor decisions.  /s
  • Microsoft sued Google first like a troll, so you should be glad that you still have chrome on your pc
  • They can take that resources hugger back it's not needed multiple browsers already available
  • Chrome should be glad to be on PC.  
  • What incentive is there for Google to write apps for a platform with insignificant market share? Microsoft knows it has lost the consumer market for mobile so why should another (competing) company try to prop it up? Microsoft wants yearns to own the Enterprise market. Perhaps when It has managed to conquer that space Google will make its products available. But will enterprise NEED those Google products?
  • What incentive do other companies have?  The presumption of your argument is that there should be exactly ZERO apps for Windows mobile and contrary to the hyperbole, that's not true.
  • What other companies are referenced in the post I was replying to? ('Mountain View' is a reference to Google, just as 'Redmond' would be a reference to Microsoft, and 'Cupertino' a reference to Apple.) So perhaps you could answer: what incentive does Google have for writing apps for a competitor's increasingly insignificant mobile OS?
  • the main limitation of Windows calender is the frequency it updates/syncs with 3rd party apps.  Its not configurable.  My wife manages her gym/fitness booking online.  The booking calender talks to her google and IOs accounts immediately, less than 1 hour delay.  The MS version on her windows phone is 24 hours or more behind the times. The phnoe syncs regularly to her onedriev account, the cloud based MS system is pretty useless.  If this was a serious work application it would be useless, if things are moved or cancelled you need to know. Its pretty much impossible to enter a continual (rather than continous) repeat appoinment on the phone version, you can on the PC.  The reminder time setting is not consistet, I could go on I have lost all faith in the MS calender.  Worst bit of the whole thing.  Apple and Google do a better job.
  • elaborate on the impossibility please
  • When i was using Android, i never knew what the calendar app could do. It was basically useless... When i came to Windows, all my facebook details and reminders got synced and was very helpful. :)
  • but then this crappy outlook calendar doesn't sync google calendar correctly. I seriously wonder how little money Microsoft pay for their app developers...
  • It's a consumer app? They probably had the interns do it. However, they'll happily sell... sorry, RENT... you Outlook so you can get a decent PIM client... There's a big disparity between the quality and feature set of these "Base Zero" apps on Windows in comparison to macOS - and it's definitely not in Windows' favor... I don't think they realize how bad of an impression that gives users, and how much it turns them off of UWP apps in general. If the 1st party, built-in apps that people are basically forced to interact with on a daily basis are that lackluster, they're gong to assume third party developers aren't doing much better. And for the most part, that's the correct assumption. Most UWP applications are pretty rough, particularly in comparison to OS X and iOS applications.
  • This is not really importing (which is one time only), this is sync'ing.
  • But I found that you can't search with WP10 calendar.
  • I mostly use Google calendar for mobile. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • My calendar is already important... no need to "important" it again.
  • I tried to do this in Outlook, but was denied. So I have to use the lower level Win10 Calendar.  That seems backwards, to me. 
  • I think there is a setting you need to change within your Google account to be able to use it with Outlook.
  • There is a requirement to be a paid Google Apps user to then use a tool...not a setting.
  • Google services like Calendar are useless when I have Outlook Exchange at work, who uses another calendar when you already have Outlook?
  • I also have an Outlook calendar at work, but I don't put personal appointments there. I use Google Calendar for my personal appointments.
  • I DO. I consider Outlook a scam. Mainly because of its email handeling. Outlook is part of very expensive office paket, but it's not able to open an external url from Email nor Calender. The windows 10 app does this flawless.
  • Here is a specific situation: I need a calendar appointment set for 3pm on Wednesday to do accounting, but I want the reminder to go off at 12pm. The calendar doesn't have the 3 hour reminder, it goes from 1 hour to 12 hours which it stupid
  • google calendar vs miracal calendar ?   What is really the best ? Can miracal app be useed on iPhone (ios) or ONLY PC Windows 10? Please answer me.