How to watch Microsoft announce Windows 11 today at 11 AM ET

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Windows 11 Logo 4 Razerbook (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Updated June 24, 2021: Microsoft's livestream of the event stopped working on its website. The event is still live on Twitter.

What you need to know

  • Microsoft will hold an event at 11 AM ET on June 24, 2021 to unveil the next generation of Windows.
  • The event will focus on Windows 11, which recently leaked online.
  • Microsoft will hold a second event later in the day to discuss developing apps.

Microsoft will officially announce Windows 11 today. The company has teased the operating system on Twitter, sent invites out for the event, and now we're only a few hours away from the big reveal. The official announcement of the operating system will come from Microsoft during a livestream. The event kicks off at 11 AM ET (get it, 11) and will showcase Windows 11.

Microsoft will host the event on its website (opens in new tab). We've also embedded it below.

Microsoft's stream of the event crashed. You can view it on Twitter, though the tweet can't be embedded.

We've already seen Windows 11 in action, but the version that leaked is an incomplete build. It gives us a glimpse of the visual overhaul that's on the way with the new OS, but it's missing key components. At Microsoft's event, we'll presumably see an official glimpse at how the operating system will look.

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A few things that we know we can look forward to are a new Start menu, an improved Taskbar UI, and a new snapping experience. The leaked builds of the OS also have a new Ink Workspace and a widgets panel.

Microsoft will likely announce a launch date or timeframe for Windows 11 as well at the event. We expect that Windows 11 will ship in October 2021, but it will be nice to hear confirmation from Microsoft.

Later in the day, Microsoft will hold a second event focusing on developers. We don't have many details about that event, apart from its 3 PM ET start time, but it will likely focus on making apps and experiences for Windows 11.

Windows 11 will reportedly have a new Store experience, so Microsoft will want to get developers on board.

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    (I know Linux can be used to do anything you want to, but it's also the one OS that will give you the least headaches if you live in a browser).
  • Cloudready is easy to install on most any hardware and works great if you only want a browser.
  • I'm hoping that they'll overhaul the entire scroll bar. The current one looks like something from windows 98 with flat theme. I hope that they'll make it slimmer and theme aware (it isn't currently). By theme aware I mean, If in running my PC on dark mode then the scroll bar should be dark in color instead on light gray and vice-versa.
  • If you want Windows 11 Pro you going to have to deal with stuff like that. If you want to run all this Legacy apps
  • 3 PM ET is 8 PM for folks in the UK (BST) For everyone else:
  • The anxiety today is thick. We'll se what happens.
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  • Anyone else have the video STOP AND GO the entire time? Edge even crashed while trying to watch it. Now on Firefox...
  • That's what I came here to ask.. Just keep repeating "It feels like home" over and over again.
  • yes, me same except for my browser doesn't crash. Unable to watch it.
  • Yep video won't play
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  • I was whelmed by the presentation. Seems like a last-gasp effort to gain developers use and host on Azure. Games and eyecandy, exactly the first priority of business and the reason most of us are stuck in the windows ecosystem.