HP Elite x3 gets a mobile barcode scanner for retail users

It looks like HP is taking its business focus with the Elite x3 seriously by branching out with a new mobile barcode scanner option for the handset. The setup can be seen on HP's "Mobile Solutions" site for retail customers, appearing under the 6-inch Mobile Solution category.

HP Barcode Scanner

HP describes what it simply labels that "HP Elite x3 Mobile Retail Solution" as follows:

Enable optimal customer experiences, associate productivity, and manager agility with the HP Elite x3 Mobile Retail Solution, a Windows® handheld and barcode scanner that switches to a full PC.

Clicking through simply leads to a quick overview of the Elite x3's specs and features. Diving into the sheet, we can see that the barcode scanner takes advantage of the device's Pogo pins over full USB speeds through a dedicated "jacket."

The HP Elite x3 is already a solid business device thanks to its high-end specs, Continuum support, and desktop app virtualization through the HP Workspace software. With all of that, adding in a way for retail customers to further take advantage of the Elite x3 seems like a no-brainer. And given that the x3's Pogo pins could open up a whole world of attachments, it'll be interesting to see what kinds of other add-ons we see cropping up in the future.

Thanks to @Dan12R for the tip!

See the HP Elite x3 at the Microsoft Store

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