HP Elite x3 now up for pre-order at B&H Photo

The HP Elite x3 is available for pre-order at B&H Photo (opens in new tab). The phone is listed for $799, though an expected shipping date is still up in the air, as B&H Photo doesn't yet have one listed.

The nearly 5.93-inch Elite x3 is powered by Windows 10 Mobile and is very much targeted towards the business crowd with an eye on security, Continuum, and the ability to run Win32 apps via the cloud. While shipments have already begun in the UK, U.S. shipments of the Elite x3 are expected to kick off in September.

Will you be picking up an Elite x3 from B&H Photo? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to Shmili for the tip!

See at B&H Photo (opens in new tab)

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  • $800 is too rich for my blood.  
  • People still whining about this!
  • I ordered mine from MS already, hoping to get it quickly. I don't get why everyone whines about the $$, I paid for my 1520 about 700 too when it came out 4 years ago.
    Loved the phone and must have dropped it 20 times, it lived through most of it. 
    Now it has cracks on the edges, it's become a little jumpy and I even tried ACER and it was not a good phone so I sent it back......... I want the BEST phone and windows 10 is the best platform I think, I have an iphone and 2 Androids, HATE THEM, but my wife too my other windows phone so I only use them as phone but if this phone is as good as 1520 was for me, I am very happy. ALTHOUGH HP did a terrible job of announcing this phone and date of release etc, I assume it had to do with making it better. If you don't like the price buy a cheaper phone.
  • I would conside one, but love my 950. If there is a surface phone down the road I will consider it. Otherwise I may jump to the 950xl next year.
  • 950XL will become old next year. and suface phone will replace it.
  • That older thing is true with cheap android phones that comes with high end specs but recycled hardware (with some even phase 4 recycling is there) Windows gets regular build, it seems like new phone after every build.
  • ha. you dropped your phone 20 times.   I had 1520 too.  the edges are easy to get hard when you drop it.   if you drop your phone often this HP with militry rugged protection is good choice for you.  
  • WAAAAYYYY overpriced.  It's too ugly and "meh" in specs to be worth $800.  Good grief.
  • I think you get the dock and all that stuff in the box as well. It's still overpriced, but not as much. Then again, it does have the best specs on the market as of now.
  • Note 7 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Better camera hardly makes it better specs. They are equal.
  • The Note also has an active digitizer, more RAM and is 64 bit. Not to mention the camera, materials, curved screen and the massively bigger ecosystem. They are not equal at all.
  • HP elite and note 7 both have same 4gb ram.  Note has more ram?  both use same snagdron 820 cpu.  HP elite has bigger battery too. 
  • The Elite only has 3.5GB useable. Not a big deal, I admit, but still not as good as a full 4GB. Overall the Note definitely has better specs. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • .5 GB usable RAM and better camera software =!= overall better specs. Get over yourself and your love for android.
  • .5 GB usable RAM ??????????????????????
  • Yes, the note has .5gb more of useable ram.
  • on nexus 6,  2.9gb total memeory, at no apps ( exept android background pocess) running,  925mb used. 950xl  at no apps running, 3gb total memory, 511mb used.  
  • If you're replying to me, you're barking up the wrong tree man. I know android has horrible garbage collection and this requires a ton more ram. I'm simply letting bleached know his beloved note7 isn't some spec crazy phone.
  • http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3770185/Samsung-considering-glob... There's something the note 7 has that the 950xl doesn't.
  • That is crazy. They must have used the same battery supplier as the hoverboards! The article says they have already sold 2.5 million Galaxy Notes. That is more than all Windows phones sold last quarter! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And how many got recalled due to quality problems?
  • http://www.phonearena.com/phones/compare/HP-Elite-x3,Samsung-Galaxy-Note... Where does your info come from. Also learn the difference between a hardware specification and an installed base.
  • Your link shows all the areas that the Note 7 is superior. The Samsung chips have be been better than Qualcomm and they have the best displays. The Elite does have a bigger battery but that is the only spec the Elite beats the Note in. All the rest the Note is better or even. I never said anything about installed user base. Not really sure what your point was. Maybe you can explain it? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nope.
  • "meh"? How many phones have better specs than this? Better yet, how many blow it away as to make them not "meh" you prove time and time again you have no clue what you're talking about.
  • Cheapest version here in finland is 830€, too much for my wallet too
  • Lol when will you guys stop whining?
  • I love how fast B&H is with preorders! Love that they have it already.
  • No tax either. I preordered it from the MS store. With student discount it was 719 plus tax.
  • you need show student id?
  • Yes
  • No you do not.
  • No?  how do you get the student discount?
  • Online, there's no way to prove that you are a student. In store, you do need one.
  • It is avaiable in local microsoft store ?
  • >No tax either. You did know there is a little spot on your TAX forms at the end of the year that you should be paying taxes on things you buy on line... It's documented. No one does it but, it is on your tax forms...
  • This is awesome news. It means that they will have it used for half price when one of you whiners returns yours. I can't wait!
  • $800 not include dock ??
  • It includes the dock.
  • it doesn't say on the page. 
  • I send email to B&H.  They said the dock is sold separately
  • I will happily wait for the next flagship phone from MS. If I have enough to spend on a phone just cause of my instant gratification, will happily do some charity instead..... That's what I believe.
  • The next flagship phone is surface phone.  That's long wait.   I dont think any super power windows phone will come this fall expcet this HP, whartonbrook.   There might be surprise, we never know.
  • The Surface Phone will be announced in April 2017, so you have 7 months to wait! I would prefer to buy a phone instead of waiting.
  •  I'm losing patience.  -_-
  • It maybe announced in April, but I wouldn't count on that or even count on it being a traditional "phone". It sounds like it might be a small tablet with phone capabilities if Thurrot is right. I don't see Microsoft bothering to make a standard phone, they can't compete in that market and they know it. There is also a chance they kill the whole mobile program at that time. What is the point if they are only able to sell a million phones a quarter. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Anyone know about T-Mobile Extended Range LTE (Band 12) support. That makes a HUUUGE difference if you are trying to use TMobile service
  • band 700A ?  Yes.  it does include band 12, 4G band 12 and LTE band 12.  
  • With how Microsoft is supporting Windows Phone....$800 ? Nah, not worth it... I'll wait till I find the used corporate ones that no one wants any more for $150 on ebay... I give it 6-12 months... Still no Verizon support so even if I was crazy enough to spend $800 on a Windows Phone I could not use it anyway... There are some things I just cant do any more... I've made some major changes in my life and on that list was waiting for Windows Phone to take off, After sitting here from the Windows Phone 7 days, excited to see what Microsoft was doing on my old HTC Trophy... I found after 6 Windows Phone models, $100's of dollars spent that, it's just not going to change and it will not get any better (apps, Hardware support, smartwatches, etc) and I cant see if it ever getting any better with what Microsoft is doing...No promotion, No push for new hardware, apps are dropping off like crazy, where is Microsoft ?? Fixing the MEGA list of bugs in WIndows 10 Mobile  but, where can it go with no promtion ?
  • Disagree. Win10 Anniversary build 14393.103 on MS 640 ($29) on ATT in USA. Fantastic. I can be patient waiting for Surface phone. Screw Verizon. I left it for ATT when they dropped WinMobile and have not one regret. Better coverage in areas I need coverage too.
  • Give it a couple months and it'll be half price,that's what they did with the 950 & 950XL,and I can't see nothing spectacular about it besides the best camera and storage,other than that nothing really,but I do love it
  • Eh, if you really, really want this device, wait for the fire sale eBay prices in six months, where you'll land an x3 for half its current MSRP.  The Lumia 950 devices devalued like crazy pretty quickly out of the gate.
  • Any device with B&O logo costs a lot.
  • I will never again order anything from B&H photo. Incompetent fools. They accidently on purpose shipped an expensive phone via snail mail, USPS missing the delivery date by days. Meanwhile, they shipped a free giveaway item via expedited 2 day UPS service. How incredibly careless. Customer service could care less. Awful company.