In an updated slide presented by Steve Ballmer during WPC10 the other day, HP was notably absent from the "launch partner" list for Windows Phone 7.

Unless they were just forgotten, it's sort of a big deal since HP was initially listed months ago as being one of the big OEMs to release a WP7 device this fall. Of course with their acquisition of Palm and specifically their WebOS, it's probably not a huge surprise that they've cold feet--even if they don't consider smartphones 'hard' or their main focus. Then again, they are still listed as a Microsoft slate-partner, even though they've said they would do a WebOS slate, possibly this year. Going further, this seems to contradict earlier reports that HP was "committed" to Windows Phone 7--even though they never actually stated as much.

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Of course, while we're always excited about Microsoft working with as many OEMs as possible for design innovation and just general competition reasons, HP has not exactly lit the world on fire with their WM6.5 push in 2009 and we can't say we're too sad not to see them not listed.

Heck, with Dell being on board, we'll take that swap any day.

[via MobileTechWorld]