As a follow up to the earlier story about replacing the storage card on the HD7, the only remaining question was how many GB can you install? While we don't know the upper limit, we do know 8, 16 and yes, now 32GB cards will work just fine (it would have been really huge news if, oddly, the 32GB didn't work).

XDA member derekcranson did the test and even explains the process, noting there are 10 screws that need to be removed before exchanging the SD card. Replacing the card, of course, violates the warranty, so make sure you keep the original and the little sticker handy just in case. As interesting, the stock 16GB card is a class 0, meaning "These cards do not specify performance, which includes all legacy cards prior to class specifications."

Of course this presumably means that other WP7 phones can do the same, like the Samsung Focus and we're betting the Dell Venue Pro. Shouldn't be long before we confirm other devices as well.

So, who's now ordering a 32gb card for their new phone?

Source: XDA; via wmpoweruser