HTC Leo live and in the flesh

Behold, the HTC Leo! The first live pictures of the device have been snagged, and things look to line up with the early leaked renders we saw, as well as with the specs.

That massive screen looks big enough to be the full on 4.3 inches, and the specs show it running at 800x480. (And, dayum, it makes the 3.6-inch screen on the Touch Pro 2 look small!) Also on board is 512MB storage memory and 320MB RAM. The Qualcomm 8520B Snapdragon processor indeed is running at 1GHz.

A couple of more shots after the break.

Via and wmpoweruser

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  • Wow, they even ditched the Zoom Bar (at least they added an extra button for Home). BTW, Zoom Bar? Yeah, not really that awesome, so no big loss.
  • Exactly!
    Zoom Bar = waste of space
    No Zoom Bar = smaller phone or bigger screen!! This thing is a beast. Hopefully the Snapdragon becomes normal in HTCs.
  • what carrier and when is this suposed to come out? please say verizon?
  • No one knows at this point. Probably unlocked GSM. Honestly, 4.3" is too big for a regular phone. It won't fit on a belt holster comfortably and you can forget about pants. Just because you club a baby seal to death with it doesn't mean it's practical ;-)
  • I agree, unless that new snapdragon really sips the juice or there's some kind of nuclear battery in this thing, I don't see it being a practical device. It's pretty, the gadget geek in me thinks it's pretty hot, but bigger is not always better (that's what she said).
  • And then there are some of us who have been waiting years for smartphones to finally catch up to PDA's in terms of screen size. For me, I'm looking forward to deciding between this and the Toshiba TG01 to replace my 4" screened HP PDA. Why do I need that much screen? Because I work with a lot of spreadsheets on the go, and this is far MORE practical than dealing with a netbook.
  • Verizon! Keep in mind I'm talking out my bum.
  • What are you stupid? It's not that much bigger than the iPhone, blows it out of the water and, it would fit beuatiful in a portait type holster.
  • If they made the screen that much bigger but kept the same resolution I would think it could be a bit pixilicious. Plus, that thing looks like a brick, hopefully not the final hardware design. Not that I really care, ordered by TP2 last night. Waiting is the hardest part.
  • Brick? Which one is the brick
    HD2 is almost half as slimmr than the TP2 11mm vs 17mm
    HD2 weights 20 gm less than the TP2 157 vs 175 BUT the HD2 has 42% more screen tnan the TP2 8.16 vs 5.72 sq inches Let me pounder this: lighter, thinner and 42% larger screen? HUMMM... something to think about...
  • motty, I was wondering the exact same thing. registered just so I could bring that up and get opinions.
  • So this comes to the U.S. in like a year to 18 months?
  • Wow, that screen is HUGE. No wonder none of the Leo packages seem to fit my lowly Touch pro screen!
  • It was previously reported (maybe on this site but definitely on others) that this would be the first WinMo phone with a capacitive touch screen (does 6.5 even have support for capacitive touchscreens?). If it does in fact have such a screen, then I'm guessing that the reason there is no zoom bar is because the phone can support pinch gestures and therefore would not require a zoom bar. Has anyone heard further confirmation of a capacitive touch screen since a few weeks ago?
  • Windows Mobile 6.5 does NOT (to the best of our knowledge) support capacitive touchscreens. That said, we have seen 6.5 running on a capacitive screen device. Just not very well. As for which device will be the "first" to support them? That's tough to answer. What is "first"? First prototyped? First leaked? First to market? Toshiba's very much in the running for "first," we think. But who knows ...
  • For that matter, Windows Mobile does not have support for resistive screens either as well. It is not a winmo limitation to only have resistive screens. It is up to the manufacturer to create a human interface driver for their devices to deliver input into the OS. It's just like the difference between a cheap optical mouse using a generic driver, or a high end laser mouse that windows, or any OS for that matter that cannot communicate with unless a driver is installed.
  • Don't forget, on twitter HTC said capacitive screens weren't as accurate.
  • The Leo is actually not much bigger than the iPhone -- we're talking only mms HTC Leo
    121mm x 67mm x 11mm iPhone
    115mm x 61mm x 11.6mm So it's thinner than the iphone, 6mm wider, and 6mm longer. That's less than a quarter of an inch larger in length and width, but 0.8 inches more screen space. Count me in. 1 year TP2 contract here I come, since there's no way this thing is landing for a reasonable price in the U.S. anytime soon.
  • I see some of the commenters here have not read the specs on this phone. They are available at: They appear rather impressive, actually. Also, please read the above post by Who? about the size of the Leo. Who? lists the iPhone but I don't think the BlackBerry Storm is all that much smaller either. For people who want a beast of a machine and as much screen as is poosible on a device this size, this is it. There is no wasted real estate here, just an incredible screen.
  • I was a little disappointed to see the audio jack on the bottom of the device; but that's a minor inconvenience. What's all this talk about 6.5 not supporting a capacitive touch screen? That's just crazy talk! WM 6.5 may not support all the gestures the the iPhone does, but 6.5 will run just fine with a capacitive touch screen and just a finger. Even if it didn't, the latest TouchFlo has finally banished the WM UI entirely and no longer requires a stylus to manipulate. Of course what's the real proof? Take a close look at the picture, or any other picture of the Leo you can find. What's missing?