HTC Snap on internal Sprint list

We'll take a nugget of news whenever and however we can, and we're getting this one from our cousins over at They're poring over every possible source for a hint as to when the Pre will arrive, and their work is our gain.

Notice Line 2 in the photo above from SprintGurus. Why, hello there, HTC Snap! Looks like you'll be the S511 when you're rolling with Big Yellow. (It's expected to be the S522 on T-Mobile.) Coal over at SG also notes that the Snap is currently in testing with Sprint.

And that mention is all we've got. No word on price or a release date, though we're hearing possibly June, which would be in line with that leaked Sprint roadmap. No matter what, it'll be nice to see an Windows Mobile Standard phone hit Sprint, which has been cranking right along with the Treo 800w and Treo Pro.

Phil Nickinson

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