Is the HTC Trophy heading to Verizon in January?

We knew that eventually, Verizon would join the Windows Phone 7 movement. From the Twitter posts of recent we knew it would be in early 2011. From the Verizon pre-order program for Microsoft Employees we knew it would be the HTC Trophy.

We just couldn't narrow down how early, "early 2011" meant.  Could it be by the end of the first quarter or sooner? 

According to a one sentence post over at Windows Phone Secrets, the "early" means January.  Not much detail beyond that and it will be interesting to see if the Trophy can beat the iPhone to Verizon's lineup.

The good news is that once we all survive the Holidays and College Bowl season, January is right around the corner. If we hear anything sooner, we'll be sure to pass it on.

Source: Windows Phone Secrets

I’m told this (opens in new tab) is the Windows Phone model that will appear first on Verizon, in January.

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  • The discounted pre-order offer was good until Dec. 31. When I heard that I figured VZW would be shipping them sometime in January. People don't start taking pre-orders and then stop it two or more months before the shipping. As for the iphone, Verizon exec once said they have to make their network ready for iphone to arrive. I took that to mean iphone for VZW is for 4G LTE. Last week, VZW said LTE phones won't arrive until mid year. So that makes me think it will be a while before we see the iphone on VZW. Sure, Apple may still announce something early in the year as they usually do well before actually shipping.
  • The 4G, just like Sprint, is a lot of initial hype. And just like Sprint, it took time from "launch of 4G" till we actually had a phone. And yeah, January seems like an obvious guess for the Trophy, like you said, they weren't going to pre-order it that early and sell it 2 or 3 months later.
  • The trophy is solid, and I wouldn't be disappointed but I'm really hoping Red gets some variation of the Omnia 7 (preferably a straight port, as is the case with the trophy). That superamoled is just too good.
  • I would have preferred they went with the Mozart instead of the Trophy--Mozart's unibody design w/8MP camera is actually damn nice. Trophy is the cheaper, little brother. Omnia 7 would be great though.
  • I think any HTC WP7 device is a poor choice compared to the LG's and especially the Samsung's. Today I returned my HD7 after doing a one on one comparison with a Samsung Focus. To say the HD7 was outclassed is an understatement, and none of the other HTC devices are any better. People are going to be very disappointed if the Trophy, already positioned as a low cost WP7 device and coming with the customary mediocre HTC battery and camera, is what vzw offers in January.
  • I think January availability for Sprint and Verizon is a huge achivement. Couple months ago, I thought the WP7 and OEM parnters would need another 6 months to add CDMA support. WP7 platform definitely needs those carriers to increase the adoption rate. However, unlike for the earlier launch, it looks like there won't be multiple devices for each carrier at the launch. I think from now on we may may be seeing one new device every month or so, kind of like Android earlier this year. This month was Dell Venue Pro, next month, one new phone for each CDMA carrier and so on.
  • I would rather have the mozart also but if it's the trophy please just up the memory and. Camera. Please don't get to cheap htc your current wp7 lenses suck just add that and you have a convert
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