Hulu to add Showtime subscription option so you can watch Ray Donovan for less

Hulu is adding a nice subscription option for the users of its streaming TV show and movie service. The company will add a premium tier that will include access to all current and past shows and films on the Showtime paid cable network. The new option will go live in early July, in time for the season premieres of two of Showtime's major TV shows, Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex. Hulu says:

Hulu subscribers will have unlimited on demand access to every season of award-winning SHOWTIME original series, as well as access to new episodes as they premiere, along with documentary and sports programming, and hundreds of hours of movies, all commercial-free, anywhere in the U.S. At launch, Hulu will offer SHOWTIME across more devices than any other SHOWTIME distributor over the internet. Subscribers will also be able to watch the east and west coast feeds of SHOWTIME live on SHOWTIME is the only premium streaming service to offer live East and West Coast feeds through all of its internet distributors.

Hulu subscribers can bundle their current service with the Showtime option for $17 a month. Showtime also has plans to launch its own streaming service for $11, which means Hulu subscribers, who are already paying $8 a month for the standard service, will be able to save $2 a month with the Showtime bundle compared to purchasing each service separately.

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John Callaham
  • Looks like Victor Creed to me. /$
  • I've always wondered what happened to him...
  • If you're talking about the film, then he was killed in the first season only.
  • Mind = blown. I thought it was him. Hahaha Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Seriously though, does anyone know if you'll be able to use Showtime Anytime app with this subscription?
  • This deal sucks... Just add all premium movie channels to your cable for$20a month and get every movie channel.
  • These deals are for the cable cutters who only have broadband subscriptions.  
  • Which cable company & on what planet? I just went from paying (monthly) $240 for ALL THE CHANNELS cable to paying $110 for 100+ mps Broadband w/Hulu, Netflix, Sling TV, HBO, CBS All Access & OTA HDTV. (All the channels I WANT/need, except for BBCAmerica & Showtime.) So this Showtime deal is awesome for me... Unless you can teach me this magic that'll get me ALL THE CHANNELS cable for under $120?
  • This deal is pretty sweet for those of us who don't have cable TV (nor do we want it)! I have not had paid TV (or over the air TV) for about 10 years. I have high speed internet only, and watch everything via streaming and download. I for one am excited that more TV (both premium and basic) companies are realizing that there is a large demographic that don't watch movies, TV shows, etc. the old way.
  • Is Hulu going to play ads in the middle of Showtime movies as well?
  • No.
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  • Lol
  • You misspelled Penny Dreadful in that headline.
  • Guys which is better Hulu or Nextflix? In terms of new movies and current TV shows. I have Netflix now but it seems like every show I like is always a season behind