This week's Humble Bundle will get you making games for just $6

For this week only, Humble Bundle will allow you to kickoff your own game development. The professional version of Game Maker is currently available for just $6. What's more is the addition of the Android Export module will set you back $12 total, meaning you'll have the tools available to develop for multiple platforms and save hundreds of dollars.

The professional version of the suite included in the charitable deal makes it easier for developers to build top-quality games. Purchasing Game Maker Pro from YoYo Games directly would set you back $149.99, as well as a further $299.99 for the Android export module so it's certainly an offer one should look into.

There are also a few titles included in this week's deal that have their source code available for viewing. Unfortunately, the Windows Phone and Windows Store export modules aren't available through these great savings, though you will be able to export for desktop. Will you release the next big hit? Check out the Humble Bundle website for further details on purchasing this week's package.

Source: Humble Bundle (opens in new tab), via: Reddit

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Game Maker is good software, except there's no documentation for the scripting language (and it's kinda slow with 3D games.)
  • Gamer maker is good for 2d and not 3d... Unit is made better for 3d... Good buy but they need to include windows phones.
  • Project Astoria :D
  • It does. I'm not sure if it's with the latest update or if it was previous, but it does compile for windows phone. I don't think you even have to pay extra for it, like you do for iphone
  • I've been waiting for this humble bundle for years. But sadly I'm a broke college student. :c
  • @Kevin Carreon1 Here's a better solution to creating mobile games and it's all FREE. Download a good free IDE. Visual Studio 2015 Community is a good choice. Download desktop and mobile HTML game framework. is an example. but there are many more. Install Cordova.  Cordova is one way to create mobile apps using JavaScript code. Visual Studio has Cordova built in .  bing/google Visual Studio Cordova Get a graphics editor.  Many are free. Get a audio editor. Many are free. Use the mobile framework + the IDE + Cordova + graphics + audio to create custom mobile games.   
  • I know the feeling, I'm out of college and am still poor lol (damn loans) Try this though, there's plenty of free methods to create assets, gimp and such. Do that in your free time, and then get an engine that has a free versions, like Unity. Then Kickstarter (or what ever crownfunding site you choose) to get the funds to buy the full version.
  • They're both saying 12$ now =( still worth it. 
  • No, they're not. $6 for pro tier, $12 for android-export tier
  • Yep got that one I what to make games for mobile.
  • I tried to register a new account on yoyogames, but the site is down due to high volume!!
  • I got the account setup but can't redeem codes due to the traffic. Oh well, me making my millions will just have to wait I suppose.
  • Project Spark is an excellent game creation tool for beginners and amateurs.
  • If you're having trouble checking out make sure to include your e-mail although it says optional its not.
  • Anybody getting their download YoYo Games has been down for hours now =/