Immortals Fenyx Rising: Best tips and tricks

Immortals Fenyx Rising Minotaur
Immortals Fenyx Rising Minotaur (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Immortals Fenyx Rising is a brand new title by Ubisoft Quebec, adding a wonderful action-adventure title to their recent library of new cross-generation game launches in 2020. While playing this "breath of the Wild" style game, there are some tricks to keep in mind that will help you hone your skills into a deadly weapon.

Thankfully it's all about practicing the fundamentals of combat, taking the time to explore, and upgrading early. Groups of enemies you once thought might be too tough, and puzzles too complicated, will be nothing but a small bump in the road. Whether it be on current hardware or next-gen consoles, these tips and tricks will be of use.

Build up lots of Stun Damage

Immortals Fenyx Rising Stun Damage

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Enemies have two types of bars to watch for in Immortals Fenyx Rising. One is the usual health bar, and the other is a stun damage bar. The stun bar indicates how much damage the enemy needs to be stunned. This is achieved by using your ax to combat the enemy, god powers, or throwing objects. When you do stun an enemy, you have a great opportunity to deal a ton of damage without being attacked by them.

When this opportunity arises, use your sword as much as you can to deal damage quickly. If you use your ax while the creature is stunned, the bar will drain faster than when using the sword. You will also not regenerate stamina when using an ax, only a sword. Before the bar runs out and the creature returns to attacking you, finish it off with a god power for a final massive blow of damage.

Use Far Sight often

Immortals Fenyx Rising Scouting

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If you want an easy time finding locations, make sure to use your far sight often. Whether it be on top of a giant statue or the ground while riding a mount, there is always something that needs to be revealed. You can also add a pin onto a location while in this view, making location management simple and easy to track.

Stamina Management

Immortals Fenyx Rising Stamina

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Stamina management is essential for combat in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Jumping around in combat and using god powers will quickly drain your stamina, and that can put you in a dangerous position. The biggest danger you want to avoid is sending your stamina bar into the negative. You can drain your stamina past the "Zero" point on your gauge, and it will start filling up as a red bar instead of blue. Avoid this if you can at all costs unless you are well stocked on stamina potions or dealing with the final enemy in a group.

Stamina management in combat will make it much easier to stay alive, as well as dish out continuous damage. If you are ever using a move that eats stamina, make sure to get a few swords strikes in afterward if possible. Your sword strikes are the primary means of regenerating stamina quickly in combat. Your ax does not regain stamina; it only provides stun damage.

The Perfect Dodge

Immortals Fenyx Rising Perfect Dodge

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The dodging mechanic in Immortals Fenyx Rising is one of the most useful tools in combat. It does not require stamina to use, which means that it can be used repeatedly without worry. Timing a perfect dodge will also slow time, giving you a short window to dish out damage to the enemy. This is a great opportunity to stack stun damage, take a few swings with the sword to regain stamina, use a god power or two, or quickly use a potion.

Parry to deal damage back

Immortals Fenyx Rising Parrying

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A quick parry at the right time can be a lifesaver. It's also simply a great way to counter an enemy's attack and stack up a little stun damage simultaneously. When you use parry, your character will spin their sword quickly in a circle. The duration of this sword spin is the window you have to parry an attack. Use parry combined with a quick dodge to make yourself one of the most difficult beings for a monster to take down.

Get That Combo Meter Up

Immortals Fenyx Rising Combo Meter

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The combo meter is surprisingly a great, indirect way to provide a small damage boost in combat. The higher the combo tier you get, the more of a damage bonus your receive. Combine good stamina management, god power usage and avoid damage to hit those really high tiers to bring tough enemies to their knees, and quickly.

Throw some stones around

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You can easily start combat with a quick stealth attack or charge in and swing your weapons around. Though, have you ever thought about throwing some objects at the enemy first? Hitting an enemy with stones, tree logs, or other items will cause a high amount of physical and stun damage. Use this to your advantage either at the start, or feel free to throw a few in the middle of the fight as well.

Using the most out of your God Powers

Immortal Fenyx Rising Godpower Upgrades

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Your God Powers are great for doing a lot of damage, but they also have some other uses outside combat. Explore around with them as you obtain them, and see what they can do. A good example is with the power called Ares's Wrath. This is the ability where you launch yourself in the air surrounded by deadly spears. It is a great way to add a bit of extra height to your jump if you need to get somewhere that cannot be climbed.

Another example is the God Power Hephaestus's Hammer, which can launch a light object like a ball a good distance. This will come in use during certain Dungeons of Typhon, where your options are much more restricted in what you can do. There are also certain upgrades that you should focus on first before others for God Powers. Here is a shortlist of recommended upgrades to focus on first.

  • Herakle's Strength: Quick Throw and Heavy Lifting. Heavy Lifting will come in use in many different places and make many of the puzzles in the game much easier to solve. In some cases, it's almost cheating! Pick up large objects you couldn't have before, and throw them around as if they were paper.
  • Phosphor's Attack: Phosphor's Cloak, and Phosphors Clone. The cloaking ability is useful but not always needed. The aim here is to get Phosphor's Clone, where it creates a lightweight, stone replica of yourself that can be used to place on switches and act as a distraction for enemies.
  • Apollos Arrow: Precision Control. With precision control, you can control the arrow's speed, making it much easier to solve certain puzzles.

Always stock up on Potions

Immortals Fenyx Rising Potions

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Traveling around the large island in Immortals Fenyx Rising, you will end up collecting a lot of mushrooms, pomegranates, and other items that are used for craftable materials and consumables. Most of these are used to craft potions of four different types. No matter what, you will always want to stock up on these potions as often as possible. The red pomegranate can be eaten to heal a small chunk of health, and the blue mushroom for stamina but only in small amounts—craft potions to maximize their effect.

Upgrade your character early

Immortals Fenyx Rising Upgrade

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Upgrading your character is essential to progressing in the game. So, of course, you want to make sure you are getting enough materials to purchase those upgrades. Take your time and explore what the game has to offer. The more side activities you do, the more upgrading materials you will obtain, which will make you a lot stronger. The earlier in the game you upgrade your character, the easier the overall game will be.

Upgrade your Skills

Immortals Fenyx Rising Skills Upgrades

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Skills are essential to make your life easier in Immortals Fenyx Rising. The more you invest in early on, the better off you will be. Some skills should be focused on first before others, though. To do so, you need Coins of Charon, which can be obtained from certain challenges and side activities. Here is a list of recommendations on what skill upgrades to focus on first.

  • Stealth Attack
  • Power Strike Finisher (Sword)
  • Power Spin Finisher (Axe)
  • Air Dodge
  • Enhanced Dodge
  • Glide Boost
  • Telekinesis Gathering

Visit the Hall of the Gods often

Immortals Fenyx Rising Hallofthegods

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You will have a central hub in the game where all the gods you save will congregate. This is also the area where you will upgrade your character, potions, skills, stamina, health, and more. Make sure to come back and often visit to keep your character up to date on upgrades.

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