Imperia Online 'epic' real-time strategy for Xbox on Windows Phone (Update: Now for Windows 10 Mobile too)

Update: Game Troopers has now informed us that Imperia Online is now available for Windows 10 Mobile too. Evidently there were some "delays in the store sync", which caused the game to initially be available only for Windows Phone 8.1 devices. This issue has now been resolved.

For those looking for the latest craze on mobile devices - epic real-time strategy – you have a new Xbox flavored title for Windows Phone with Imperia Online. Popular devs Game Troopers have released the free to play (with optional in-app purchases) for all Windows Phone 8.1 devices, including those with 512 MB of RAM.

Imperia Online has been around since 2005 as a web-based militarist strategy game with a medieval theme. With over 20 million players worldwide the game should be an immediate download for Windows Phone users around the planet. In 2014, Imperia Online launched on iOS and Android and now Windows Phone in 2015.

Cvetan Rusimov, COO at Imperia Online, note in their press release:

"We're very excited to be able to bring our offspring – Imperia Online – to even more players worldwide thanks to Game Troopers and Microsoft. As game developers we're more than proud with the improvements and brand new features in the game and we're looking forward to hearing what our Windows Phone users think of the new Release!"

Bonus: "As a welcome pack, if you download and install the new app in the first 14 days of its launch, you'll be granted 48-hour income chest and 7 days of Premium membership!"

While Imperia Online does not quite match the popularity of some other strategy games, it should give fans of such titles something to look forward to playing. Watch the announcement preview trailer above or head to the Windows Phone Store to start playing!

Note: Currently the game is not showing on our Windows 10 Mobile device, only for Windows Phone 8.1

Download Imperia Online for Windows Phone 8.1

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