InstaBlurrr photo editor is currently free until Dec. 31 for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

InstaBlurrr, a photo editor that launched first for the Windows Phone platform, has been updated recently to become a universal app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

We did an extensive review of InstaBlurrr in its Windows Phone incarnation, which allows users to add blurry edges to their photos. Here's a look at the features for InstaBlurrr for Windows 10:

  • New Interface with Lots of Editing Tools
  • Rotate, Re-size, Crop, Align, Flip and Pan
  • Background Brightness, Contrast & Saturation Adjustment
  • Photo Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Temperature & Sharpness Adjustments
  • 10 Cool Background Effects
  • 22 Photo Effects
  • 12 Cool Photo Filters
  • Background Solid Colors
  • Square Photo Support

InstaBlurr is also free to download and use from now until December 31.

Download InstaBlurrr for Windows 10 (opens in new tab)

QR: Instablurr

  • This is a surprisingly cool app, although they could use better tool descriptors. Still, can't beat free.
  • Got it when it was available for free as the myAppFree deal before.. They just need to add more features.. :) still a 5 star app
  • Agree with the descriptors, but it wouldn't work with my gallery, it screwed it up, thenwhen trying to switch task it lost all theimages on there too! Had to soft reset...then uninstalled. On WP8.1
  • One more universal app
  • Thanks. Downloaded in my wp8.1.
  • Awesome Toys!
  • Goku vs. Frieza
  • All it needs is the Vegeta one.
  • Goku vs mr. Popo
  • I don't need this, but it's free, and even vinegar is sweet when it's free, so download.
  • But does the "free" functionality cease upon the 31st of December?
  • No, you get it free forever and you can download it on whatever phone/PC you want. Forever.
  • If I have it on 8.1 will it be free when I upgrade to 10 does anyone know?
  • Yup.. If you are using the same MS account
  • Cool
  • What, no wp version link? That's not very universal...
  • Download option not available,give me the link plz guys..
  • You will need to just visit the store and search for it, its there.  Links no longer function at the moment.
  • Downloading it because why not?
  • Can't edit photos...
  • This is so 'Cool'
  • This app only on win 8.1 only runs out of memory on 512 ram devices.
  • I dont like this app
  • Wasn't it free all the time?