Intel Evo laptops with 13th Gen Intel CPUs will deliver better battery life and Intel Unison on select devices

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What you need to know

  • The Intel Evo standard has been refreshed with new spec requirements to assure PCs deliver expected performance.
  • Intel Evo PCs with 13th Gen Intel Core processors will feature Thunderbolt 4, at least a 1080p display, and precision touchpad.
  • Support for intelligent noise suppression for voice and video calls and smart Wi-Fi optimization is also a requirement for the current generation of Intel Evo.

Intel just announced a new generation of requirements for its Intel Evo standard. While Intel Evo has minimum criteria for certification, OEMs have flexibility on some features, such as if they'd like to include 5G on a given device.

Intel Evo is a standard that makes it easier for consumers to purchase a laptop that meets basic requirements. Any device featuring the Intel Evo badge has to meet certain standards for battery life and responsiveness. They also must have certain features and minimum specs. For example, all Intel Evo laptops have to support fast charging and wake from sleep in under one second.

Intel Evo has been around for several years. It was first announced in late 2020 and the standard has been updated with each successive generation of Intel CPUs. Today's updates bring Intel Evo to its fourth generation. It's worth noting that when shopping for a device, you won't see a clear label indicating which generation of Intel Evo the laptop meets. That means that different devices with the Intel Evo label will have different minimum specs.

Intel Evo spec highlights for 2023

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Intel Evo PCs with 13th Gen Intel Core processors inside will have to deliver the following experiences, as outlined by Intel:

  • No-compromise mobile performance: Verified to deliver consistent responsiveness while unplugged, longer real-world battery life, instant wake and fast charge.
  • Intelligent collaboration: Superior videoconferencing leveraging technologies like Intel Connectivity Performance Suite and Intel Bluetooth LE Audio.
  • Intel Unison on eligible designs: A seamless multidevice experience enabling text messages, phone calls, phone notifications and file transfer from your PC to an Android- or iOS-enabled phone.

Intel Unison

Intel Unison

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Arguably the most significant addition in the latest generation of Intel Evo is supported for Intel Unison. With Intel Unison, PC owners can connect their computer to their smartphone. It's somewhat similar to Microsoft's Phone Link, but it supports both Android and iOS. The latter of which is a major factor, as there are limited options for connecting an iPhone and a PC.

Intel Unison first launched on select Acer and HP devices alongside Intel's 12th Gen Core CPUs. The software is now available on a wider range of systems that feature 13th Gen Intel Core processors. The company promises that "broad system availability" will arrive through more manufacturers throughout 2023.

Both iOS and Android users can sync photos, transfer files, and make phone calls using Intel Unison. While SMS messaging is support on iOS and Android, the feature set of Intel Unison still differs depending on your smartphone.

Our editor-in-chief Daniel Rubino took a closer look at Intel Unison recently.

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