iOS 14.5 developer beta adds support for Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller and more

Xbox Series X Controller Hero
Xbox Series X Controller Hero (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Apple tests upcoming updates and changes to iOS through its developer beta program.
  • The latest beta is version 14.5, and includes a number of new changes.
  • One of the larger changes is the addition of support for the Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller and Sony's DualSense controller.
  • This is especially important with the impending release of Xbox Cloud Gaming (Project xCloud) on iOS later this year.

The latest iOS 14.5 beta is rolling out, and includes a handful of changes that iPhone users can look forward to in the future. However, one of the most notable changes is the addition of support for the Xbox Wireless Controller that was released alongside the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Support is also being added for Sony's DualSense controller that dropped with the PS5.

While this added support will only be useful for supported mobile games in the meantime, Xbox Cloud Gaming should be coming to iOS sometime this year through the web browsers on iPhones. This will allow iPhone users to play full-blown Xbox games on their iOS device, which will be even better when paired with the Xbox Wireless Controller.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is one of the many perks included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Microsoft's game subscription service that includes Xbox Live Gold for online multiplayer on consoles, Xbox Game Pass on consoles and PC, and remote game streaming to your mobile device.

Prepare for Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Wireless Controller support on iOS with one of the Best Controllers for Xbox Series X|S.

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