iTeknic Bluetooth Headphones review: Budget buds with impressive battery life

iTeknics Bluetooth Headphones offer all-day audio at a great price.

If you've never heard of iTeknic, you're not alone. The company created popular products like TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones, the TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp and the VAVA Dash Cam.

A visit to the "about" section of the company's website exposes several grammatical errors that leads one to question the quality of its products. Still, a rush to judgment based on that presentation could cause a casual shopper in the market for affordable headphones with excellent battery life to miss out on a good product.

iTeknic's claim is that its Bluetooth Headphones are the first to offer up to 24 hours play time on a charge. So do they stand up to that bold claim?

What you'll love about the iTeknic Bluetooth Headphones

The iTeknic Bluetooth headphones sport a wire design with an intuitive three-button – volume up, play and volume down - control section on the right side. At each end are metal buds sheathed with rubber tips that comfortably fit in your ears. Not all earbuds fit comfortably, nor securely. The company supplies multiple sizes of these rubber tips to accommodate varying ear sizes.

Beyond in-ear comfort, after pairing with my Surface Pro 2017 and LG Stylo 4, these iTeknic earbuds deliver crisp, clear sound for both media and phone calls. The "bulbous" shape of the buds' tips do a great job canceling out external noises resulting in the immersive experience when listening to music or phone calls.

Great sound and long battery life.

I've used the iTeknic Headphones for phone calls and Slack meetings, and listeners on the other end agree that the inline microphone delivers excellent sound quality.

iTeknic delivers on the basics: comfort, sound quality and microphone quality. I was also able to charge these headphones and use them for well over a day before needing a recharge. iTeknic's claim about the longevity of these headphones seems to have legs.

The company says this is the result of using low power-consumption Bluetooth chips and improved battery capacity. Using Bluetooth 5.0, and sporting a design for IPX4 sweat and weather resistance, these headphones are made for wherever you are: the office, the gym, or commuting on the bus or train.

What you may dislike about iTeknic Bluetooth Headphones

If you dislike the wire headphone design, you may not fancy these headphones. One shortcoming of this design is the microphone can easily shift away from the optimal position near your mouth, resulting in the person on the other end having a hard time hearing you.

Additionally, if you forget to magnetically connect the ends when not in use, the headphones will rest unevenly around your neck, making the "short" end frustratingly challenging to find if driving or doing some cumbersome task.

Specific to the iTeknic headphones, the microphone's sensitivity is a double-edged sword. When in a quiet environment, sound quality for people on the other end is great. Unfortunately, but merely walking by someone in public or the ambient sounds of a car heater can interfere with the clarity for those on the other end.

Finally, the "noise canceling" effect can be so complete that I recommend not driving with both plugs in your ear. Using the right bud, the side the mic and controls are located on, allows you to make and receive calls while not obstructing your ability to hear important traffic sounds.

Should you buy iTeknic Bluetooth Headphones?

Yes, you should buy iTeknic Bluetooth headphones if you need something lightweight and affordable to transition from work to play throughout the day. The long battery life has left me worry free, as I use them while researching for articles and watching YouTube videos, watching and listening to media on my phone and making calls. The headphones almost make you forget they need to be charged. And they only cost $26.

The iTeknic Bluetooth Headphones, sound great and provide an immersive experience and have long battery life. Finally, you can score a 20-percent discount off of the already affordable price by applying the following codes: KUC95ULD (US) and EARFONE20OFF (UK).

Jason Ward

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