Hey Sony, it's time for Bloodborne to come to PC

Bloodborne (Image credit: Sony)

Recently, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan confirmed that Days Gone and other PlayStation exclusives will be coming to PC in the near future. As you might expect, this lit up the PC gaming community with excitement, with many expressing interest in the games that may be coming soon.

Many are hoping for the arrival of the award-winning God of War, while others are hoping for titles like Marvel's Spider-Man or Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. As the potential wave of PS4 exclusive releases on PC looms, though, I think that no PS4 title deserves to be on the platform more than FromSoftware's Bloodborne, the studio's 2015 Dark Souls-style offshoot that took the Souls fanbase by storm with its horror-style atmosphere and aggression-focused combat. Here's why.

If you build it, players will come

Source: FromSoftware (Image credit: Source: FromSoftware)

The biggest reason why I believe Bloodborne should come to PC is that it's practically guaranteed to sell extremely well on the platform. The Dark Souls community is very active on PC, with thousands of people playing Dark Souls Remastered, Dark Souls III, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice daily according to Steam Charts data. There's no doubt that these players would dive into Bloodborne, happy to finally be able to experience Bloodborne's unique aggression-focused take on the Souls formula.

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The player counts make it clear that the Souls player base is dedicated to FromSoftware's games, and that means that FromSoftware and Sony would make some serious money by bringing Bloodborne to PC. Give the game support for up to 4K resolution and at least 60 FPS, release it on Steam, and watch profits rack up.

It's not selling consoles anymore

Source: FromSoftware (Image credit: Source: FromSoftware)

Secondly, it's important to note that while Bloodborne was originally positioned as a system-seller exclusive for the PS4, it's no longer fulfilling that role. Selling the last-gen PS4 is no longer a priority for Sony with the release and success of the next-gen PS5, and the Souls game that's helping to sell that console is Demon's Souls. Therefore, there's really no incentive not to bring Bloodborne to PC in 2021 or beyond. There are no tangible benefits to keeping Bloodborne exclusive, and all Sony would be doing is leaving lots of money on the table.

It would tide players over until Elden Ring

Source: FromSoftware (Image credit: Source: FromSoftware)

Finally, having Bloodborne available on Steam would give PC players something new to play while they wait for FromSoftware's next action RPG, Elden Ring. At the time of writing, we've seen and heard next to nothing about the game since its E3 2019 trailer. The ravenous hype for Elden Ring would undoubtedly drive sales of Bloodborne in the interim.

As a result of the silence from FromSoftware regarding Elden Ring, many speculate that the game could be several years away from releasing, and may even be going through some development issues. Therefore, having Bloodborne on PC would help make the long wait for the game a little easier for hardcore Souls fans on the platform, much like the Demon's Souls remake does for players in the PlayStation ecosystem.

There are strong Soulslikes such as Mortal Shell and Nioh 2 to play on PC, and they're great games. However, nobody nails the Souls format quite like the studio that created it, and Bloodborne would provide that experience while players look forward to Elden Ring.

Your thoughts

What do you think? Do you agree with me that Bloodborne should release on PC? Let me know. Also, check out our list of the best PC games for recommendations on what to play if you're a PC player.

If you've played all of FromSoftware's games and are looking for something new to play while waiting for Elden Ring (or Bloodborne), I highly recommend Nioh 2: The Complete Edition, which includes both the base game and the DLC. While it may not be as good as FromSoftware's own Souls-style games, it comes very close. It's definitely worth the $50 it costs.

Brendan Lowry

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  • I think that Bloodborne would do well but it's probably not as accessible as a number of other games could be. While I'm not sure that Sony would do it, I think that Bloodborne could succeed as a PC game in its current state. Obviously any visual and performance upgrades would be welcome but those who want to play it now would do so even without any changes I think.
  • Just a stable 60 frames would be enough, the game looks pretty spectacular as it is.
  • The 60fps is probably why it still doesn't even have a PS5 patch, the game has game logic tied to FPS, so if you increase FPS, you will break the game. The game needs to be worked in a more substantial way then many think, though a fan has done it so it can't be that hard.
  • Sony has said they will release selected titles on PC going forward, I would imagine most of this is geared up to releasing multiplayer titles on PS/PC at the same time. Multiplayer games are going for wider audiences. Death Stranding is not a Sony game, it was a Sony published game on PS4, yet it uses a Sony game engine. Sony helped to port the engine over to PC, this lead to Horizon as the tools/process to port to PC for the engine were in place. Which is leads to the next step GG unannounced project (not Horizon 2) which will be heavy MP based i.e. Killzone/Socom. Bloodborne could be ported but I have doubts it would be easy as the Decima Engine games as the tool set is From Software. Obviously it can be done by a third party, see Demon's Souls remake but its not going to be simple as the original company making the port. Bloodborne sold rather well, From Software games are actually kind of the middle of the road in sales... Bloodborne probably sold more than Dark Souls did over multiple consoles (PS3/Xbox360) combined but probably not as much as Dark Souls III did over multiple consoles (PS4/X1). I'm not sure about making huge amounts of money, you are looking at a $20-40 game and maybe sell a million units or 2. And unlike the PS games, 30% will go to Valve. I don't know if you will see a port but a game that was made externally seems like the harder path. Bluepoint kind of specializes in the port/remake/remaster is busy with MGS now. I'm hoping they have Bluepoint work on original context next, either Bloodborne 2 or Demon's Souls 2. I would be on the lookout for Sony multiplayer games to be release on day 1 on PC via Steam in the future i.e. next Killzone, next SoCom, The Last of Us II (Fractions), etc. Just my take, great game by the way... my favorite From Software game. I think people are setting themselves up for disappointment if they think all Sony games are coming to Steam, I'm not saying the author is saying that.
  • Perhaps it won't make huge amounts of money relative to other sales, but considering this is sort of free money on the table (obviously porting has a cost but I think will be hugely offset by profits) I think it's safe to say the amount of money would be significant