Juiced Wireless Charger Pad review

Microsoft Surface owners might remember Juiced Systems as the seller of the super useful Surface Adapters, which squeeze a bunch of extra functionality out of the Surface tablets' single USB ports. Juiced sells a variety of unique USB hubs for mobile devices. All very good, but our Windows Phones can't use 'em.

Still, owners of certain Windows Phones like the Lumia 920 or those with the wireless charging cover can certainly benefit from the Juiced Wireless Charger Pad. The pad is tiny and ultrathin, providing a stylish and affordable way to pump power into phones that support Qi wireless charging. It draws that power from a micro-USB cable, providing a clear advantage over Nokia's Wireless Charging Plate.


The Juiced Wireless Charging Pad is shaped like a square puck, or perhaps a rounded square. The top of the plate has a light gray color and bears a recessed Qi logo. The outer rim and base of the Pad come in a dark gray color. On the bottom of the Pad you'll find four rubber feet that match the curvature of the Pad's edges.

Besides the cool shape and two tone color scheme, the Juiced Wireless Charger Pad's big visual draw is its small size and thinness. The Pad measures 93 mm x 93 mm (3.6 square inches) across. It has a depth of 6 mm (0.23 inches). That's thinner than a Lumia 920, or pretty much any phone you can find. The Juiced pad will slip into a pocket with ease and shouldn't bulge much at all.

Plug it in

The bottom side of the Juiced Wireless Charger Pad has a micro USB port. That's how the device gets its power – the same type of cord everybody uses to charge their phones. We all have like a dozen of them sitting around already. It's great.

That's the key difference between the Juiced Pad and Nokia's Wireless Charging Plate. The Nokia Plate uses an awful proprietary cord that can't be replaced if lost or broken. I know this for a fact because Nokia refused to sell me a new cord when mine got destroyed. We literally have three Nokia Charging Plates sitting around in my home collecting dust due to a cord-eating cat. Thanks Nokia!

Naturally the Juiced Pad comes with a micro-USB cable. No actual wall adapter, but that's not surprising given the low price of the Pad. Good that it comes with a cable, but said cable is so short (like two feet) as to be nearly useless. You could plug it into a laptop or something to charge, but I expect most users will replace the cable with one of decent length.

Charging powers activate!

When the Juiced Pad detects a Qi-compatible device and starts sending it power, a magical thing happens. The sides of the pad light up with flickering blue lights. Useful as you can tell that the phone is being charged without having to turn on its screen. Pretty too.

The small size of the Pad made the initial charging of my Lumia 920 a little more difficult than with Nokia's Wireless Charging Plate. The Nokia Plate is phone-shaped, so when you place a phone on it you know it's going to line up with the sensor and start charging right away. Juiced's Pad being smaller, phones like the 920 have to be lined up correctly (as pictured above) in order to start charging. Move the phone around a bit and you'll figure out the optimal position.

Give your phone some juice

Due to AT&T's villainy, I can't charge my beautiful Lumia 1520 with the Juiced Systems Wireless Charger Pad. But a fair number of Windows Phones (including the international version of the 1520) do support wireless charging, a fun and convenient technology.

If you need an extra wireless charger or don't have one yet, the Juiced Pad is a great choice. It looks stylish and sells for $20 less than the Nokia Plate's retail price. The short micro-USB cable that comes in the box disappoints a bit, but as previously established, we all own piles of those cables anyway.

Juiced Systems ships internationally, or you can buy from Amazon and support our site.

Paul Acevedo

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • Shaped like an iOS icon...
  • -920
  • Shaped like a symbian icon
  • FYI: Squarcle shape originally came from MeeGo OS
  • +925
  • Can you comment on the quality of the charging pad? Is it very particular about placement? How does the charge time compare to other pads such as the DT-900 or the other pads you guys have reviewed?
  • It's kind of finicky about placement. As for charging time, I didn't take the phone from empty to full charge. Sorry about that. The wireless output is listed as 5W, if that helps.
  • That doesn't really help since everything is 5w.  I haven't seen them list an output but that would depend on the charger you're plugging into it.
  • You can charge the Nokia Plate... by putting it on the Juiced charger. 
  • Compare charging speeds.. Or is it standard on all qi pads
  • My ThinkPad has an always on USB port that can power/charge devices. This would be the perfect accessory!
  • I'm surprised Nokia refused to sell you replacement cords 0.0. I was contemplating in getting several charge stands for round the house, don't think I will now. The juiced wireless charger looks like a perfect fit for the smaller windows phones, I.e the 620.
  • i dont think you need the exact cable they pack with the qi plates, they are just 2mm standar nokia power cables, you can find them anywhere, even though they are inconvinient due to not being USB, the good part is that you get constant, quality power output from it, my previous nokia phones that used that old charging port gave me no problems with charging, it was fast and reliable and it would never damage your phone/batter, USB and its globalization on the other hand... was a pain in the a$$ for the first time, and my N97's battery died because of using no brand chargers(because the one packed in the box as "nokia original" coulnt charge it faster than it discharged from standby)
  • Where would you order one of those from? I might give it a shot.
  • You can get a USB adapter for it! http://www.sourcingmap.com/black-dc-2mm-usb-charger-cable-50cm-for-nokia...  
  • You can get these things pretty much anywhere, you just have to know what you are looking for. http://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-to-2mm-Mini-Tip-Adapter-Cable-For-Nokia-Cell...
  • Crap, $4 so I could use wireless charging in my car ????  F'n A, I am buying one right now... Did not know they made these.... EPIC   This is $2 that you can use your USB cable up to this adapter.... got tons of those larger mini usb cables, going for this one... WIRLESS CHARGING IN THE CAR, HERE I COME !!!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Female-Mini-USB-to-Male-Nokia-Phone-Connector-/130593527985?pt=US_Cell_Phone_PDA_Cables_Adapters&hash=item1e67fb18b1
  • The 620 don't support Qi. It's the only thing it's missing in my book. Not that a little more memory would make me sad though.
  • Does this work with the 1020? I see two metal dots on the back of my phone.
  • No it doesn't. U have to buy a back case for your 1020, since those dots mean that you don't have Qi built-in.
  • Is there a way to convert it with something that's low-profile? I use an amzer hybrid case and really don't want to not be able to still use the case, so I would need an extremely thin solution.
  • Yeah. Actually there is a video how to make 1520 compatible with Qi charger without adding a case. It's somewhere on the WpCentral. It should probably be the same for 1020. Just look for it.
  • Yes but it involves opening the phone and adding the charging wafer in the right place.  You can see the process on youtube.
  • Buy a 1020 charging cover, take out the charging coil and all the circuitry, tape it to the back of your phone with the pins in the right place. Put phone back into whatever case you want. Easy peasy lemon squeezy
  • I'll do that. Will it matter if the case is somewhat thick? Like ~4mm?
  • Hm, u think it has a slower charging speed than the Micro-USB? And is it faster than the Nokia's Qi charger?
  • Wireless charging is only about 10% to 15% slower than wired. honestly I started using one from Anker, about 1 week ago, and I love it. I am going to buy another, I would get this one. You can use the AC adaptor that came with your phone, thats why they typically dont come with the AC adaptor.  It will make your phone a little warm but nothing bad and warm is normal. its super handy, so you dont fumble at 2am in the dark trying to plug in your MicroUSB connector into your phone, because your super tired from staying up late playing TitanFall.
  • Thanks man. Seems good. Will give it a try. Hope they ship it to Ukraine.
  • The Nokia plate charges at 700mah while most plug ins are at 1000mah. So thats 30% reduction. The battery will draw 1000mah max so even if you use a 2100 mah it will charge just as fast as 1000mah charger.
  • Hello there nlm, what I noticed with all the vendors, is that they dont include an AC adaptor, your expected to use the wall outlet charger that came with your phone, you plug it into the Qi plate instead of your phone. that way all the voltages are what they are supposed to be. The Qi plates from all are the same output ranges, they all use whatever your current charger already puts out. ( i hope i made sense)
  • Makes sense, but my point was the Nokia adaptor puts out 700mah which is less than a 10-15% difference than a standard one at 1000mah.
  • May be something to do with when its charging from the onboard battery and not the wall wart. All I can say is, I though these wireless chargers were stupid and why on earth would I need one. Until I got one, and now I am going to get a second one since they're so handy !!!  
  • That low low price seems like a major selling point, should probably emphasize that even more than you already have... Come on, it'll be funny =D
  • Paul, feel free to send me one of your damaged Nokia charging plates; I'm pretty handy with a soldering iron and could use an extra charging option at work.  :)  
  • Found this review on Amazon: "This charging pad works but doesn't attract like it says it does and get really hot but if you are not going to leave it on it overnight this will work for you". What can you say about overheating problem? Is there one? Would it be very hot to charge my 1520 from empty to full charge?
  • The phone gets a little warm, but just to a normal extent.
  • Thanks.
  • What about the size of 1520? Will it be ok lying on this small charging plate? Did you try to charge larger  phones than 920? Just want to know before ordering it from Ukraine.    Thanks
  • Time for a new cat! :)
  • We considered that! But he makes up for his destructiveness in other ways. We use plastic cord protectors on everything now.
  • It is pretty easy to fix a chord a cat chewed thru. Plenty of YouTube vids.
  • He chewed the crap out of them. I could have maybe stitched together like a six inch cord from the remains of any of the original cords.
  • BAD KITTY !!! 
    Noo kitty thats my pot pie !!!
  • Nokia latest charging pad also has a charger that draws power from USB.
  • True. http://www.nokia.com/global/products/accessory/dc-50/
  • ...and its portable with in-built battery, means you can charge off grid.
  • I meant the DT-601 http://www.nokia.com/global/products/accessory/dt-601/ Good to know the portable one also has an USB connection
  • What happens when charging is complete? I bought the cheapest Qi charger I could find on eBay. When the phone gets to 100% it reduces output to the point that the phone thinks it's been taken off the charger. The phone then turn on and makes a sound. It's annoying and could wake you up if charging on your night stand. Other Qi chargers I have tried still output enought power in stand by that the phone knows that it's still on the pad.
  • Sounds like a lesson in why not to buy the cheapest version you could find off eBay.
  • I'm looking for a wireless charger to be placed at the end of my bed and while the light is kind of nicely confirming it's charging, would you say it's too light for a bedroom? How subtle is it?
  • Paul you can find those proprietary Nokia cables in eBay. New and pretty cheap.
    You might want to buy a few extra for your cat :P
  • I really despise att for disallowing the Qi wireless on the Lumia 1520. I hope Microsoft has the determination to stand up to those creeps with their petty power plays.
  • I picked up two white Nokia charging plates recently when AT&T was dumping them for $5. I'm also pretty sure the dt-601 (I think) charges from USB, is a lot smaller and color matched to my cyan 920. Last I saw it was reasonable priced on the Microsoft store website.
  • hey, do you think that dt-601 is more powerful than dt-900 because it has usb? It also says that charger input current is almost 1000 mA higher (dt-601 has 1700 mA), though charger input volume is 7V less than dt-900. Do you understand it and can u compare these two chargers? THanks in advance
  • It's *extremely* finicky on placement, and as I bought it specifically to keep on my nightstand, I'd love to know if there's a way to stop the (admittedly cool) light show....