Kaspersky Safe Browser now available for Windows Phone

It was yesterday that Daniel told you all about the imminent launch of Kaspersky Internet Security for Windows Phone. The announcement came from the Kaspersky Labs at Mobile World Congress. Since Windows Phone is a pretty secure mobile OS, we weren’t too sure what exactly the app would do. Now that it’s available in the Windows Phone Store we have a better idea of what their just released app, Kaspersky Safe Browser, does.

Kaspersky built this app for those that like to frequent unsavory websites. Kaspersky Safe Browser is aimed at providing safe and reliable internet access with protection against malicious websites and phishing websites.

Kaspersky Safe Browser

That’s right, this app is a browser for Windows Phone that allows you to surf the web, but protects you while doing so. Windows Phone is a very secure OS, so an app like this is all that security companies can really do to offer a useful app in the Windows Phone Store. You’ll recall that AVG Technologies has a similar app for Windows Phone called Family Safety web browser, which basically does the same thing.

So maybe give Kaspersky Safe Browser a download from the Windows Phone Store if you’re looking to avoid phishing attacks or fancy a visit to a malicious website.

Thanks for the update Lance_WPCentral!

Sam Sabri
  • For what, p2p websites? It's not like WP has malware or viruses. :/
  • Right
  • That we know of.
  • It's for watching porn. Lets just all agree on that.
  • I do agree +1
  • +pr0n. pr0n is a number, right?
  • Totally agree to it.. :/
  • +1020
  • LOL this guy moving forth
  • Best browser for porn is either "User Agent Switcher" or "UC Browser" lol
  • No, but WP users are likely to be Windows users.  It's not hard to imagine someone downloading something bad and then transferring it to his or her Windows PC at a later time.
  • I would LOVE the ability to download something bad (or good or ANYTHING!) and transfer it to my Windows PC. Please can we have a file explorer???  :(
  • Lol
  • Until then, UC Browser WiFi sharing can tide you over. It's great. :D
  • Is there a missing word in the first sentence?
  • Yeah,Daniel "told" you all, I think.
    Sharp eyes you got there,dude.
  • Sam has corrected it :)
  • Is this the week of ilogical things for Windows Phone ?
  • We always get Danieled.
  • +1
  • Lool xD
  • For now its just a browser for safe browsing. I guess with WP 8.1 as the OS opens up and get more vulnerable, we might see a full Kaspersky Internet security available.
  • I doubt 8.1 is any more vulnerable. All this browser can do is recommend that you not enter personal data in some sites, that's all (which is in fact what it says in the description).
  • Nik , do we really need antivirus on our mobile , that too on most secure mobile OS , even mobile ie have similar feature (use smart screen filter to help protect against unsafe webistes , send do not track request ) in ie advanced settings , so this app is useless for me , it did not blocked google for me XD
  • You most certainly do *not* need antivirus on Windows Phone, as the nature of the platform makes it impossible for viruses to do anything. The only thing that should be able to affect the platform is phishing or data-mining apps, and even then they are detected during app submission and declined. However this Kaspersky app is not anti-virus. It's to help prevent you sharing sensitive data on the internet accidentally. As a consumer you may never use it, however businesses that use Kaspersky may want to deploy it to their Windows Phones because it allows them to manage this sensitive-data profile from a central place; all phones connected to the central server update their protection automatically whenever an administrator makes a change. Pretty handy if -- and probably only if -- your company uses this Kaspersky feature.
  • With 8.1 apps will still run in sandboxes and won't have system level access. So there's really nothing to worry about in the OS.
  • Does it ask to use your location when you install it?
  • Pointless app. It shouldn't be free, they should pay us to download it.
  • Pay us? XD
  • Yes, because this app sends our personalized browsing history to Kaspersky. They might use it for selling it to marketing companies. Or else ;)
  • Lolol
  • Lol
  • Awwww, look at that helplessness..
  • Let's just get more Apps in the App Store so that The Verge can stop giving us low scores on the Ecosystem. I guess this is where this app maybe helps us?
  • The Verge will never stop harping on how WP has no apps.
  • Refresh your memory, Kaspersky :D
  • What are the exact attacks that a "malicious website" can pose to the WP OS or default browser. Phishing is probably some black list. My concern is with the app using background resources or the hazard that the app has the ability or right to connect itself at will to either push or pull a file to keep updated. It seems like an app exception if it can do that, otherwise you'd have a store update every day from this app. That sounds like a concern.
  • I downloaded it because I needed another app in my app list that started with the letter k.
  • Lol
  • Lolz haha
  • I don't have any K's. Hmmmm
  • I only had Kill my music before. After trying this browser, I recommend getting kill my music and passing on this...its useless.
  • I also don't have any K's. This is concerning.
  • I have KAYAK and Kitchen Timer Touch
  • hehe
  • I'm on the market for apps starting with j, k, q, v, and z.
  • J: Jack of Tools, Just Shopping K: KAYAK, Kitchen Timer Touch Q: QDictionary V: VoiceTranslator I'm only missing X and Z
  • I No L, X, Z or the world thing. Hmmmmm, I had Zynga apps, but that sucks.
  • X: Xbox Video or Music.
  • k
  • Kik
  • This did not blocked google for me , useless app.
  • Lol
  • Love it!
  • ^_^
  • You win.
  • YAY :D
  • Haha, isn't that the truth.
  • indeed :D +920
  • +1020
  • Easily the funniest thing I've read today.
  • Now that gave me a hearty belly laugh. Much needed, thanks
  • xoxo
  • DING!
  • What is a "pretty sure mobile OS"?
  • As in "Pretty D@mn sure you won't get no f*ucked up sh!t on yo phone"!!!
  • I wouldn't regard this as pointless. As an employee of a mobile carrier, you'd be surprised how many of the common joes and janes can manange to pick up a virus. 
  • True, but not on WP.
  • What virus has ever been "picked up" on Windows Phone? Phishing, sure... but no viruses in aware of.
  • but how would you open a file in WP? and even if you get to open a file how would it affect system files if apps are sandboxed and encapsulated in their own world?
    WP might have issues like all OS, but virus its none of them for the way it manages apps and app certification and all that. kaspersky is not even that good in Windows Desktop OS. so.... how would they be any better in WinPhone?
  • Just like all technology, hacking and phishing is evolving. The most talented of virus creators and hackers will tell you any device can be affected, it's only a matter of time. To say Windows Phone wouldn't need something like this would be to say that there's a 100% chance that this OS will never be subject to viruses or hacking. It doesn't seem possible because everything has the potential to be eventually. 
  • And when that time comes.. I'll load it. On todays date its useless to me.
  • What is the point though. Windows Phone is like an Apple computer was 5 years ago and doesn't get targeted. Explain why I would need this on my phone? Not like I do anything sensitive on it anyways. This also relies on people using this browser, most people will use IE.
  • i have check link h33t.to bring "Page not available. Please try again later" bring it is funny kaspersky
  • Mmmmm, a visit to a malicious website - i fancy it so much. Thank you Kapersky for protecting me from my bad habits. Now it will be safe to google/bing for all those nude celebs ;-)
    Release a Hello World type app for Windows Phone OS
  • Lol
  • I remember the Wired article about the Kaspersky connection with the KGB. I will probably stay away from this one. And I don't see a need for it at this point. http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2012/07/ff_kaspersky/all/
  • Thanks for the link very interesting read! I'm staying away from this because I don't visit "unsavory" sites.
  • Not sure if Kaspersky is really worried about our security or just wants to collect data....
  • No one has asked the most important question of all "Does it work with Youporn?" lol
  • what about xvideos :-p
  • I just checked and yes it does.
  • Damn this app , why :p
  • I need Tor on windows phone. Now!!!
  • A Nice fast, sleek and simplistic browser that gives added protection. Its a keeper.
  • Why would we need this for our phone again?
  • Is there any actual evidence that this can actually do anything? Sounds like those "Alert! Your PC us infected!" pop UPS.
  • Also f-secure has one safe browser in wp market
  • Will it blend?
  • Is it still based on Trident?
  • Wit?
  • I don't doubt Kaspersky's skills when it comes to security but installing stuff like this is just risk giving up data traffic to another party without gaining anything.
  • If I needed someone to tell me not to surf to a porno site, I'd still be married... ;-)
  • another choise is always nice
  • So, porn.
  • I can see two good uses for this: one is kids mode, as a way of enforcing parental control on children's web browsing, and for corporate users in place of the corporate firewall (although ideally for this you'd be able to deactivate ie)
  • Ok so i tried using it, enabling http redirection, enabling adult content, tried opening unsafe website with http redirection and it blocks automatically. So this one works!
  • Fine. Snake oil! Great. Love it!
  • Simply useless
  • Crap. If enough people report it we might get it delisted from store.
  • Too many people taking the joke and carelessly stating uneeded stuff. Experience tells me: whenever an OS says it's "completely secure" it just happens that there's not enough attention around it to exploit the problems. There are always, and I'll repeat: always ways of creating malware to any sort of device. Admitedly, WP has put quite a front on security layers, measures and features. Which is undoubtely great. But truth of the matter is: there are simply not that many people interested in WP exploits right now just because not many people have WP devices. Don't take it from me though, here are some interesting reads whether you choose to believe them or not: https://www.mwrinfosecurity.com/articles/security-considerations-in-the-... http://www.cyberdefensemagazine.com/vulnerability-in-windows-phone-os-co... And then consider iOS and OSx... I remember a time when Apple cultists and fans where very fast to point out how stable and secure their devices were. Latest news, spike in popularity and lots of people owning Macs and iPhones/iPads proved them wrong. I mean, I guess it's still more stable and malware free then counterparts, but not as perfect as they'd think.
  • Brainless guy: KasperSky
  • Hope we require a anti virus and not a browser
  • Lol
  • Tried it. Meh. It's pretty fast, but you can't long-press to save photos like in IE. That alone will keep me from using it.
  • L
  • Why its illogical? Kaspersky have a big list of malicious, bot infested, infected and phishing websites. IT just improves the already outstanding Security we have.