It was yesterday that Daniel told you all about the imminent launch of Kaspersky Internet Security for Windows Phone. The announcement came from the Kaspersky Labs at Mobile World Congress. Since Windows Phone is a pretty secure mobile OS, we weren’t too sure what exactly the app would do. Now that it’s available in the Windows Phone Store we have a better idea of what their just released app, Kaspersky Safe Browser, does.

Kaspersky built this app for those that like to frequent unsavory websites. Kaspersky Safe Browser is aimed at providing safe and reliable internet access with protection against malicious websites and phishing websites.

Kaspersky Safe Browser

That’s right, this app is a browser for Windows Phone that allows you to surf the web, but protects you while doing so. Windows Phone is a very secure OS, so an app like this is all that security companies can really do to offer a useful app in the Windows Phone Store. You’ll recall that AVG Technologies has a similar app for Windows Phone called Family Safety web browser, which basically does the same thing.

So maybe give Kaspersky Safe Browser a download from the Windows Phone Store if you’re looking to avoid phishing attacks or fancy a visit to a malicious website.

Thanks for the update Lance_WPCentral!

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