Kerbal Space Program achieves liftoff on Xbox One on July 15

Squad, the developer behind the popular space exploration title Kerbal Space Program, has announced that the game will arrive for the Xbox One on July 15. This follows the release on the PlayStation 4 on July 12.

Kerbal Space Program puts you in charge of a group of Kerbals, tiny creatures working to venture out into space. You can construct ships, journey forth, and conduct experiments in zero gravity. Flight mechanics make use of realistic physics, meaning your ships will fly (or not) just as they should.

The game comes with three different modes. The first is sandbox, which allows you to create any ship you might desire. Science mode focuses on experiments to advance the Kerbals' knowledge and technology. Career mode lets you control every part of the space program, and you'll participate in missions called Contracts, which earn you money to help upgrade your facilities and more.

Since its launch, Kerbal Space Program has garnered praise from the likes of Tesla's Elon Musk, the B612 Foundation, and even NASA, who helped the developers design an asteroid redirection mission.

Joseph Keller