Kerbal Space Program partners with The American Rocketry Challenge for new contest

Rocket Contest
Rocket Contest (Image credit: The American Rocketry Challenge)

What you need to know

  • Kerbal Space Program is a popular rocket-building game on various platforms.
  • The American Rocketry Challenge has partnered with the developer for a new challenge.
  • The game's realistic orbital physics engine allows enthusiasts to build rockets.
  • The contest features $6,000 in prizes for teams who can succeed given the in-game budget.

Kerbal Space Program is a popular physics simulation game that requires you to make rockets and send them to the moon... and bring them back if you're skilled enough. Today, The American Rocketry Challenge announced a new content with $6,000 in prizes to the teams who can send the little Kerbals to the moon and back on a budget.

You can read the statement from the organization below. You can also access more information here if you're interested in participating.

Congratulations! We've been so impressed with your rocketry skills that we're promoting you and your TARC 2020 team to lead a new aerospace company. Well, not an actual company, but one in a video game. Since the 2020 American Rocketry Challenge was postponed, we're partnering with Private Division, publishers of the hit astrophysics and aerospace video game, Kerbal Space Program (KSP), to bring you a new kind of rocket contest with more cash prizes! The Kerbal Rocketry Challenge puts you in the shoes of Kerbals, a race of humanoid green aliens destined for the stars. Using the game's realistic orbital physics engine, you'll be tasked to recreate one of our world's crowning achievements: a crewed lunar landing. But there's a catch – you and your team will act as your own aerospace firm who received a fixed-price contract to make it to the 'mun' and back. Outside of the budget restrictions, you're free to design and run your program as they see fit. You'll receive a free copy of Kerbal Space Program to compete against teams across the country for $6,000 in prizes. And the best part? The game is yours to keep when the competition ends! All team members will receive a free copy of KSP, but you can only submit one design and one flight.

Registration for the Kerbal Rocketry Challenge opens July 13 and closes on July 19. To prevent teams from getting a head start, entrants will receive the official rules in late July and are officially go for launch.



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