Kinect for Windows version 2 set to launch July 15

Microsoft is preparing to launch Kinect for Windows version 2 by July 15, according to a listing on the Microsoft Store. The new camera for desktops was developed sharing the same technologies as its console counterpart, but comes with some new improvements to boot.

The new Kinect for Windows has higher fidelity with a HD color camera and a noise-isolating multi-microphone array to filter ambient sounds. Other features include Microsoft's proprietary Time-of-Flight technology, an expanded field of view, enhanced skeletal tracking and new infrared. The design of the product itself resembles that of the Kinect for Xbox One, but requires a power supply and hub to operate.

Developers can pre-order the new Kinect for Windows v2 for $199 from the Microsoft Store. It's worth noting that the device does not ship with the SDK.

Source: Microsoft Store (opens in new tab), via: Polygon

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Microsoft please use this to replace the mouse once and for all
  • U can't replace a mouse with a sensor. That's why ppl still buy mouse for work, gaming, etc while buying laptops
  • Of course you can, it amazes me it's taking this long but it is obvious that it will happen.
  • For games like Final Fantasy 14 where I'm using a keyboard and seventeen button mouse to fire my commands, I doubt a kinect sensor will replace that. Gamers still need that mouse for precision and accessibility of high numbers of commands.
  • why can the kinect sensor not replace that.. gamepad could do it. the commands can be fired up by shape (throwing a granade/spell) and selection per voice (Throw granade/equip fireball/fire fireball)
  • Do you seriously expect me to be shouting commands like every 2.5 seconds (I have to use commands every time the cooldown resets). Good luck doing that without waking the parents when it's nighttime. Oh and to use another example. World of Warcraft. I have a druid and am therefore dealing with a stupid number of commands. And shorter cooldown so I would be doing nothing but barking commands.
  • No! Fire a hand grenade not a hand bag! Stupid voice recognition! lol
  • Have you ever used a Kinect?  It may be good enough to replace a touch pad on a laptop (if it were smaller), or expand the functionality of a touch screen, but at the end of the day it is for gestures and is nither fast or accurate enough to replace a mouse of any sort. Personally I want it for desktop because it would be a premium skype camera which is getting more and more important, and because it will have a good mic array.  Outside of that I would be mildly interested in programing some sort of gestures for it.  For example; wave at the computer to turn the screen on, or flip it off to have it turn the computer off, or swipe my hand across to play the next track, etc.  But the idea of using it to replace a mouse sounds like a painful expierence... surely better than v1, but the tech has an extremely long way to go before they get a consumer product that will work nicely.
  • I feel like when coupled with solid voice-assistant technology, the use of gestures would be able to replace the mouse.
  • Can someone please tell me the essence of this?
  • It's being used for medical research so that's a plus!
  • Robotics/Makers
  • It is NSA approved.
  • Cortana for windows integrates with it? :D
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  • Yeah when is Cyan coming to India??
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    I'll do as I please and if you're irritated that's not my problem!!
    And if you feel angry/irritated by this question..Then ye better learn to scroll hipster!!
  • I know, I agree with you. It annoys me too. It's like they have nothing better to do.
  • Wish they'd release an extension cable already.  I havent gotten to use my Kinect yet since I got my Xbox 1.   My Media Closet is to far away. I need about 30/40ft of extension. 
  • Why isn't there any article about a particularly (upsetting) evleaks rumor? Something about Android...
  • First of all its around 3 or 4 am in the states! They are not machines you know. Furthermore they will probably will need to verify and get more info as it is not a small thing that can be swept under the rug with a light article.
  • They should hire some staff in Europe.
  • Perhaps we just feel as though they're not worth covering?
  • Have ye heard about Android Central??
  • You mean, Zumba Fitness World Party, Dance Central etc will be coming to the PC?
  • "Computer on", "Computer on!" "COMPUTER ON!!!", damm it doesn't work.
  • I hope they'll be able to slim it down & incorporate it into the next Surface
  • They made it a special at my birthday 
  • :) even mine
  • Seems cooler!
  • Btw what happened to the leap frog finger tracking thing?
  • yea how exciting, the "possibilities" 4 years later and all it is is a big fancy webcam, doesnt even work as basic control for the modern UI, i dont know what they are trying here, give this toy to devs so they can create useful things and then claim ownership because they used their tech?
  • Hmm... Not really interested unless they implement a Gesture AND Voice recognition Software into Windows that even works while the PC is in Standby or completely Off. After a hard day from work I enter the room and go like: "Power On!" and like Magic the PC will turn on! Feel like listening to Music? "Play Music! - Genesis" and it'll start playing whatever just matches my request. Got your hands covered in cheetos but want to search something that crossed your mind?: "Search Bing! - Kinect" Still got your hands covered in cheetos but want to navigate the Start Screen for an App you don't remember it's Name? Say: "Start Screen" *frantically wave your hand across screen to look for it* then *Point at App* and say: "Open" or while still pointing at it using your Index Finger do a Snapping Gesture using your Thumb and Middle Finger in case your mouth is occupied aswell. Have certain Commands use Verifications like: "Power Down!" Computer Voice asking: "Request for Shutdown received! Yes/Confirm or No/Abort?" - "Yes/Confirm!" Maybe even give it a personality software like Cortana that can manage some more elaborate tasks like setting your Calender entries and talk to you when you're about to forget stuff. Really... Just do something like that and I'm sold.
  • July 15 passed