Latest ads showcasing Windows 8 are equal parts bizarre and hilarious

Update: The videos are now private. If any of you managed to download them before or have mirrors...let us know. Update 2: Added a 'mirror' link next to the heading for each of the videos. We'll keep you posted. 

Microsoft has been on a roll lately with their video ads for their products. Last week we got that hilarious wedding video for Windows Phone. Last night we saw three videos showing the power of Bing over Google. Here are three more videos for Windows 8.

The ads aren’t in English, but you don’t really need to know what they’re saying to understand what’s going on. Mostly because you won’t know what is going on until you finish the video. Warning, they leave a slightly odd aftertaste in your mouth.

Windows 8 Training Camp: Watermelon (Mirror)

Windows 8 Training Camp: Makeup (Mirror)

Windows 8 Training Camp: Piano (Mirror)

No words to describe what you just watched right? I’m wondering whether these are brilliant or mad. One thing we can agree on, they're better than those Palm Pre ads from a few years back.

Sound off below with your thoughts.

Source: YouTube

Thanks for the tip Derek!

Sam Sabri