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Launch 2020 brings over a dozen UWP apps to the Microsoft Store

Launch 2020 Hero Transparent
Launch 2020 Hero Transparent (Image credit: Yoshi Askharoun)

What you need to know

  • A community of UWP developers just launched twelve new apps and two refreshed apps.
  • The releases are part of the second annual Launch 2020 event.
  • The apps include a UWP file explorer, a client for Instagram messages, a Discord client, and an app for managing GitHub tasks.

The second annual Launch event is this week, and Launch 2020 brings a dozen new apps and a couple of app refreshes to the Microsoft Store. Apps that are part of Launch are made by developers from the UWP Community Discord. The developers in the Discord server discuss app development, the UWP platform, and often help each other improve their apps. They also frequently weigh in for our developer reaction stories.

Arlo Godfrey, the man behind the UWP Community Discord server shared an extensive breakdown of all the apps from Launch 2020. You can check out his blog post and see all of the highlighted apps from Launch 2020 below.


Chaptifier Screenshot

Source: Matthew Peterein (Image credit: Source: Matthew Peterein)

Chaptifier is an app that allows you to add podcast metadata to MP3 files. It's designed to make it easier for podcasters to share their content by adding useful data. You can add chapters, images, titles, comments, and other content to enrich your podcasts. When you create chapters in Chaptifier, they support titles, URLs, start time, end time, and images.

Files UWP - Preview

Files Uwp Screenshot

Source: Luke Blevins (Image credit: Source: Luke Blevins)

This modern file explorer supports tabs and is made with Fluent Design. It works with a mouse and keyboard or touch, thanks to its larger icons and elements. The project is still in its early days, but it's open source and has grown quite a bit since it started. I've been in the beta for this app for a long time and it will be one of the first apps I review from Launch 2020.


Indirect Screenshot

Source: Tung Huynh (Image credit: Source: Tung Huynh)

This is a messaging app for Instagram. It allows you to send and receive direct messages and view and reply to stories. It features Fluent Design language and works well with touch or a mouse and keyboard.


Aurora Screenshot

Source: Valley Software (Image credit: Source: Valley Software)

This app allows you to manage the non-code tasks from GitHub. With it, you can access repositories, issues, and labels, and assign colors to repos and different logins. It supports multiple accounts, so you can open GitHub accounts on different tabs simultaneously.


Quarrel Screenshot

Source: Adam Dernis (Image credit: Source: Adam Dernis)

Quarrel is a Discord client for Windows 10 and now Xbox One. Quarrel was rebuilt from the ground up for Launch 2020. The rewrite focuses on stability and usability. In addition to the stability improvements, the app adds Xbox support, text channel, voice channels, direct messages, group DMs, and more. I've spoken with the developer and Xbox voice support should be improved later this week, as updates are still rolling out.

Brainf*ck# (Preview)

Bf Screenshot

Source: Sergio Pedri (Image credit: Source: Sergio Pedri)

This client for Brainf*ck programming is an interactive console and memory viewer. It has an IDE with syntax highlight auto completion, and custom themes. It's a powerful debugger for developers.

Yugen Mosaic

Yugen Mosiac Screenshot

Source: Emiliano Magliocca: (Image credit: Source: Emiliano Magliocca:)

This app allows you to turn any image into a mosaic. These types of images are popular ways to make images appear iconic and stylized.


Xspot Screenshot

Source: Riandika Lumaris (Image credit: Source: Riandika Lumaris)

You can use this app to get Spotlight images from Microsoft. You can find more about the images on Bing and export images in JPG, PNG, or BMP. It also allows you to set images as your wallpaper

Visual Asset Generator

Visual Asset Generator Screenshot

Source: Valley Software (Image credit: Source: Valley Software)

This tool allows you to create a wide range of assets for a UWP manifest with a single image. It supports transparency and works with bicubic, average, or nearest neighbor resizing.

8 byte

8byte Screenshot

Source: Delaire Damien (Image credit: Source: Delaire Damien)

This client for Byte lets you watch videos you follow, see your daily byte mix, and comment and like videos. You can also use it to follow users and topics.

Swift Browser

Swift Browser Screenshot

Source: FireCubeStudios‬ (Image credit: Source: FireCubeStudios‬)

Swift Browser supports syncing between Windows 10 devices and has Adblocker, Dark Mode, and KeePass built in. You can save websites for offline viewing and use the browser's reading mode to look through text easier.

UWP Community Client

UWP Community Client Screenshot

Source: Joshua Askharoun (Image credit: Source: Joshua Askharoun)

This app is the easiest way to keep up to date with UWP Community projects. You can check out projects in progress and register your projects to get showcased on the app.

Some honorable mentions

Some developers weren't ready to release their apps in time for Launch 2020 but shared about their upcoming apps.

Dynamic Shell

This app will allow people to customize the look and feel of Windows 10. It will support v2 of an AudioFlyout and have the ability to prevent touch swipe gestures from the edges of the screen.

Strix Music

Formerly Spotimo, this Spotify client is getting several improvements. It now uses 30 percent less memory than before and the developer is working on several new features, including a "Zune-esque Now Playing view."

Project Input/Project Screen

Project Input allows you to send your mouse, pen, and gamepad input from one device to another. The developer, Christopher Black, also known as Ryken, will prioritize this after he's wrapped up myTube 4.0.


This app is a UWP IDE for developing .NET applications and games. It's a rich code editor and has a 3D scene view.

Reviews on the way

I plan to review quite a few of these apps over the coming weeks and months. I've been in the beta for some of these apps for a while and have had a fun time testing out their features. Please let me know which apps you'd like to see reviewed in the comments below.

Sean Endicott
Sean Endicott

Sean Endicott is the news writer for Windows Central. If it runs Windows, is made by Microsoft, or has anything to do with either, he's on it. Sean's been with Windows Central since 2017 and is also our resident app expert. If you have a news tip or an app to review, hit him up at

  • Keeping the dream alive! :)
    too bad there are no new Windows Phones to benefit from these apps. :(
  • They're Windows 10 not Windows 10 Mobile Apps.
  • Yeah eventually WM 10 stopped supporting newer UWP versions. Personally I compiled my own UWP app for WM10 too a half year ago but it got trickier and trickier since the feature gap between W10 and WM10 got bigger. I needed to disable quite some features when it was running on WM10 (to prevent crashes because WM10 did not support features like timeline, certain default icons (realized later on fonts were the way to go), certain styles etc.). Aside from some growing minor visual & behavior differences between W10 and WM10 UWP apps because of the newer updates.
    Shame though, I really liked having the ability to use these apps on all my devices natively.
  • this is good
  • new uwp apps are good for uwp platform
  • Keep 'em coming 🤙
  • I am always amazed by this community and the effort they put into this. On the other hand I rarely see anything value to me. Asset builder sounds awesome, but I just gave up Windows phone / mobile development. UWP file explorer looks very pretty, will give it a try, but am somewhat sceptic about whether an independent developer will be able to keep pace with Microsoft. Although there is a good chance that Windows 10 X file explorer will not hit Windows 10. Can't wait to see the production release of myTube! 4 though.
  • Over a dozen UWP apps. That's huge! UWP definitely is not dead. /s
  • It's worth mentioning that these are merely third-party apps.
  • That may not sound like a lot at first, but each app has at least one developer behind it who poured hundreds of hours into their work with help from the community, for the sake of making something worth using.
  • Hey, Arlo! I know you're among the devs behind these. I'm sorry but I didn't mean to bash you all in anyway. Kudos to you and everyone involved who have put everything they had in these projects 👏.
  • It's nice to see there are an enthusiasts who are still making UWP apps. I've made a few simple UWP apps too. I'm just sad and a little bit very angry on Microsoft for killing Windows 10 Mobile. And by killing W10M they killed UWP's main purpose and future. Not a lot of people are using apps on a desktop.
  • And not a single one I would actually use...
  • Now how hard was it for a trillion $ company to get in touch with these other companies and make an official/first-party one for their own app platform/store? #Shame
  • Microsoft does contact companies, but most of the time they say "no", even when large sums of money are involved. I once worked at a place where this exact thing happened.
  • These apps look terrible UI wise. Not designed for desktop use.
  • how exactly are they terrible for desktops?
  • I disagree, they look modern and practical.
  • All the more important Microsoft support the MS Store better.
  • This is awesome. I'm going to try some of these. I'm a new UX designer and I want to work at Microsoft. Hoping I can help create some useful stuff for the future.
  • I am looking to UWP file explorer for my surface tablet. Default file explorer is kind of clumsy with touch at times, but I could not found any file explorers (till this point it seems) that offer the same flexibility and performance.
  • I think Files UWP could be the best app to come out from Launch 2020, but it's still in preview so it's hard to say. If it becomes fully stable and featured then I think it'll be excellent.
  • Doesn't Quarrel violate the Discord TOS?